Who’s Afraid of Cultural Marxism? Nazis, mostly, as this roundup of terrible “memes” reveals

It fucking annoys me how Nazis appropriate Beethoven for their bullshit. Beethoven’s appearance is so idealized paintings hardly capture how he really looked like. The man was 5’3” and so dark-skinned he was called The Spaniard. Thayer, Beethoven’s best 19th century biographer, said Beethoven resembled the Moor more than Haydn, who was mistaken for being black when his employer first met him. If those Nazi imbeciles actually met Beethoven they would heap on him all of their racism and bile.

BTW Beethoven was a massive Social Justice Warrior. He was pretty big on all those “decadent” Enlightenment and French Revolution ideals of freedom and equality. Writing an opera about a woman who saves her imprisoned husband and pulls a gun on the villain helps with the whole feminism/progressive department too.

we hunted the mammoth

How the opponents of so-called Cultural Marxism see the world How the opponents of so-called Cultural Marxism see the world

Every once in a while, a hostile commenter wanders into the discussion here nattering about the evils of “Cultural Marxism.” One stopped by last night, prompting another commenter to ask what exactly this Cultural Marxism was, anyway.

I responded by saying the term essentially meant, at least to most of those using it, “the Evil Jews But We’ve Learned We Can’t Just Say That Publicly Outside of 4chan and Stormfront Without People Realizing We’re Basically Nazis.” 

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