Dream Diary: Reptoids and Caves and Immortality, Oh My!


There are many paths you can take to reach immortality, or at least to travel through all time and space. First you must leave your “dimension” through caves, which “trim” you down somehow. I saw the whittling of a green essence, apparently a person’s soul. From there you reach a harbor “hub world”. Imputing a certain number to take you back to your time and place. At least your experience of it, as each person has a different experience or interpretation. The code is based on your name.

Ex. Ludwig van Beethoven
1 B – 1 at start
3 E – 3 zeroes start

…somehow I reached 3 billion as the number in the dream.

The harbor was not where you began travelling to a dimension. Rather it was where you landed. To go to another dimension you had to travel through more maze-like tunnels (soft, almost mossy, greenish color, wet). Maybe you had to go to another area of the harbor, maybe not. Some experience time travellers used secret portals only they knew in the harbor.

The portal is some form of water, some water you have to jump or fall through. Some portals, at least the “official” ones had escorts. That was how I used mine.

So what was the original world I was trying to escape? It was a stale land, rocks, maybe desert, but always a sickly green fog hue. An old aristocratic family that was dying mostly populated it. The people there seemed to never age yet were always old – yet, there was an inevitable, slow aging, a decline.

How a person in this family is born. The mother lays an egg. The egg hatches, a serpent comes out, and it slowly transforms into an adult. You can even see the phase of the person looking like a lizard person because the metamorphosis is so slow. And the person comes out as a complete adult. But he will quickly age to a sickly middle age soon. Regardless there is much celebration for each rare birth.


Dream Diary: Deceased Actor Wanted


This dream occurred in two worlds, a “real” world and a “fantasy” world, but they told the same story.

I am in the “real” world at my present age of twenty-five years. I am with family, including my dad and X, and many friends, including an old babushka. I fulfill my duties for family friends; and part of my duty and part of my gift giving is creating complex babushka-type toys for everyone. This even pleased my dad someone. The most memorable scene is when I give my toys in a pizzeria.

Later I am in an apartment so large and with so many rooms it could be an entire house. I am with a girl called Kitty who I am very attracted to. We are eager to make love and try to find a private place to do it, but find it hard since every corner of our massive apartment is full of family and friends. We are so eager we run around naked and try to fuck in the presence of other people. Dad and X really don’t like it and I get into huge fights with them.

I am now a middle-aged man, no longer myself but a tragic character portrayed by Gene Wilder. My hair is graying but I still have my youthful charms. I love a girl, who isn’t Kitty, but the dream doesn’t tell me who she and I barely know how she looks like. I try to woo the girl, I think, but I am soon convicted of fraud, truthfully found guilt, and imprisoned.

Then I enter the “fantasy” world, a place full of creatures from traditional fairy tales. In this world I am a character that looks like Jack Skellington from the Nightmare Before Christmas, but I am some kind of evil chaotic being with supreme powers. I use them to create havoc in the entire fantasy world but my plans are stopped and I am imprisoned in a huge castle.

I use my dark powers to escape, barely managing to leap over two huge gates. I spend some time in hiding but use my maximum powers to demolish the prison and many castles. I try to woo back the woman I love, who is the third woman in this dream, but even she hates me and we yell at each other.

I completely cause chaos this time by creating a rift between fantasy world and the real world. So now thousands of real, ordinary people, stumble on fantasy world, causing chaos to all the fantasy dwellers.

I am not satisfied with wrecking only one kingdom so I fly far and wide to search for more. I fly over a huge sea at a blinding speed and skim the side of a massive black forest. I find another castle, another kingdom, and fly to it. But then I find myself flying upward, trying to fly over extremely steep mountains.

Then I am back in the “real” world as Gene Wilder. I am in old age this time. I am completely disoriented, still thinking I am Jack Skellington with godlike powers. I try to conjure up my powers and do fantastic things but in vain. Soon people start pointing and gawking at me. I love the attention, oblivious to my insanity.

An adult woman (sister?) and young girl (niece?) come to pick me up. I escaped from the asylum and now I am being put back in. I am carried out on a stretcher, but sitting up, through a massive church. The adult woman whips my back and I whip my own back, practices of penitence. A priest who I cannot see complains that liberal reforms banned whipping, and now less people are religious and more people are corrupt.