Yugioh Endgame – Duel 24: Blitzschach

The high mage Anubisius does not sleep but prepares for war for the enemy is coming. He summons his servants to have his war suit ready, and so they equip their master with armor and weapons fit for his tall muscular body. The servants wrap him in a special bullet-proof nanofiber that resembles the white linen for wrapping mummies, green armored plates, and a thick shell to protect his entire back that also functioned as a backpack for storing weapons.

For the final touch, Anubisius dons a jackal mask, now transformed from man to god. What is a god but a man who has thoroughly mastered the natural and human worlds? Mere mortals still trapped in their bipartite reality struggle for survival with the fittest prospering and the weak perishing. The god rules this world as his dominion, an animal so strong it transcended such a kingdom by having no competition.     

With these thoughts, Anubisius grips his Millennium Key so tightly his knuckles pop. “Let the rats and dogs of the animal kingdom come.” He proudly declares. “The battle begins.”

Meanwhile, among the army of Egyptian soldiers and Ghoul criminals, Maya abruptly changes plans. She will take out Anubisius’s army first, burning herself out, then Mathias and Yukio will take over when drones and other reinforcements arrive. Once they burn out, the army can more easily secure the place and trap Anubisius. If the reinforcements arrive early, Maya will need to call her supernatural backup early.

Maya, realizing the trap her enemies prepared for her at the very last moment, tells Hassan, Mathias, and Yukio of the sudden change of plans. They argue with her that dreams are too uncertain a message. “You are as capricious as a tyrant!” Hassan scorns her. “No better than my father!”

Disappointed and worried, Maya brushes off this attack and stalks to a place by herself to meditate for ten minutes, fusing into her Ka, building up in explosive fire until she becomes a dormant volcano soon to erupt from millennia of slumber. If she cannot persuade her comrades to her strategy, she will force them to battle on her terms lest everyone fall into the trap and be destroyed, and – snap! – six blazing wings erupt from her back, two long horns crest her head, her eyes become the color of the dawn sun, and she brandishes a flaming sword. 

She leaps into battle, mowing down the lawn of poppies into a fiery channel. The first group of soldiers wonder if the rising sun is brighter than usual but night falls on them right afterwards. The other soldiers shriek as if they see Satan himself and desperately fire round after round at the wall of fire, all in vain. The bullets miss the lioness entirely or vaporize from the heat surrounding her. Only one bullet makes it, but it harmlessly embeds in her chest vest.

The drones soon arrive to drop missiles at their target, one almost hitting Maya. She dodges to safety at the last moment but the ricochet from the explosion propels her backwards, and she twists in the air, landing on all fours like a cat does lest she break her neck by falling face first. Then she completely commits to the air, forced to deal with more dangerous opponents. 

“What in the Lake of Cocytus is she doing?” Mathias cries in dismay.

Yukio curses in frustration. “I don’t know, but we must help her!” His bond to the mother of his child overrides his reason, and so he uses the same technique Maya did to partially merge into his Ka, No. 39: Utopia in a few minutes. A bewildered Mathias has no choice but to follow him, somewhat merging with own Ka, Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV8.   

Hassan recognizes the situation they are in. The ground attack must not cease and battle must resume immediately. He summons the army of Egyptian soldiers and Ghouls, and they rush to battle. The ground fight is a stalemate of equal bloodshed at first but the scales slowly tip in Hassan’s favor. Yukio and Mathias take to the air to aid Maya in the aerial battle, for she is vastly outnumbered by several hundred drones. 

Whizzing about the sky blooded red from the early sunrise, the three flying warriors seem to flit in and out of existence from one point to another without any moment in between, puncturing one drone after another, like a hive of wasps warding off a rival tribe. With the drones overcome, it is now time to capture Anubisius, duel him, and win his Millennium Item. Time is running out, since the warriors’ halfway form can be sustained for at most fifteen minutes.

Mathias, Maya, and Yukio sunder the roof of Anubisius’s mansion like a crashing meteor, exposing their leader. The terrified Anubisius feels as if stripped naked despite his powerful armor. He fires his automatic guns at them only for the bullets singe to ash from the warriors’ magic aura of fire. He throws several grenades at them but to no avail. Mathias bats one grenade away. Yukio dodges the other grenade, and it kills several of Anubisius’s men on the plantation field below through friendly fire. Maya kicks the last grenade back to him like it is a deadly hacky sack, blowing Anubisius away.

The high mage is reduced to crawling in front of a large chair. Had he not worn armor, the grenade would have killed him. He brandishes the Millennium Key in a last effort to defend himself. Commanding its ancient magic, he attempts to separate the Ka of his assailants from their bodies. The warriors concentrate hard to resist the separation through sheer force of will, but they succeed though with exceeding difficulty, since pulling out a Ka half fused with the Ba is like separating sublime love from carnal desire.   

Mathias, Maya, and Yukio pause to catch their breath, sweat dripping from their foreheads. Maya, being the most greedy for victory and eager to destroy another Millennium Item, whips her flaming sword at Anubisius. The latter considers hiding in a foxhole leading to a vast secret chamber below the plantation doubling as a Momentum Generator.

“Um…” Anubisius formulates a half coherent thought for the approaching Maya. “I’m just gonna let you do your firebending nonsense while I take a vacation and – Look! A dragon!” He points to the sky.

Maya nears Anubisius, intending to cut his fingers off one by one until he duels her. “I’m not falling for that.”

“No, for realsies!” Anubisius pleads, his claim as sincere as his desire to live.  

The man is right. A mighty white dragon with six wings and the power to rival the gods, as bright as the sun in mid day, assaults the three warriors, battering them hundreds of feet in the air. Maria has come to the rescue, her Ka and Ba completely fused as one. With a single shout, Maria decimates Hassan’s army with a terrifying burst stream of destruction. Hassan and a handful of soldiers are miraculously saved by Mathias, who conjures a magical silver shield of dragonhide to protect his comrades at the last moment.

Hassan praises Allah, kissing the ground as he does so, but Mathias falls to the ground all winded out. The cost of defense was too high. The great Blue-Eyes White Dragon prepares for another attack, but Yukio rushes up to her in the air, aiming his blade for the heart. He hopes the medieval fable of a dragon’s weakness being the heart is true, but he never gets to find out since the white dragon bats him away with her wings. The white dragon then prepares for another attack.

A new dragon appears from nowhere, a chimera with the scales of ancient reptiles, the plumage of exotic birds, the gaudy fur of the great cats, and the long face of the apes, another six-winged divine beast with the brilliance of a star. This dragon hits the white dragon in the dead center of her chest with a golden breath of electromagnetic plasma, throwing the white dragon into the horizon and atomizing Anubisius’s mansion in the way.  

The dragon of variegated colors pounces after its rival without a millisecond of rest. The dragons clash in the orange and pink vault above, or do they dance like the wandering stars beyond the planets? They lock burst streams for a moment until their energies violently inflate into a devastating wave that blinds the sun and shatters the earth. All these events take just over a minute. 

Had Maya entered fresh into battle as a dragon she would have lasted a few minutes. But now, already fatigued from warring beforehand, she pushed far past her limit. The feathered dragon collapses on the ground, once more becoming Maya, her naked body gashed, scratched, battered, burned, and bruised.

Yukio rushes to help her up, Hassan following. Mathias briefly ponders, on seeing Maya’s body, if Eve and Serpent were truly one and the same, but the white dragon looming above shatters his reveries. A Ghoul gets a rude idea in his head; he touches Maya’s inner thigh under the pretext of helping her get up. He plans to stealthily grab Maya by the groin when no one is looking, but the pious Hassan, incensed by such outrageous conduct, shoots the Ghoul in the face, ending the lecherous fool’s life.

The white dragon dishes its final onslaught. Yukio conjures a shield of his own, what looks like a white technological marvel from the distant future, and joins Mathias in combat. The two warriors unite into one defense, planted to the ground as a great oak, and together they disperse the white dragon’s lightning torrent. The exhausted beast retreats, flying away to fight another day, vanishing from sight within a second.

Maya, breathing heavily, asks in a hoarse voice, “Where is Anubisius?”

“He most likely ran away.” Hassan answered.

“That cretin!” Maya raves, frothing at the mouth. Smoke might as well billow from her nostrils. “I’ll send that fool back to Fortnite!”

“You’re not even wearing pants.” Mathias teases her.

“I need to destroy that goddamn coward.” Maya insists.

“You need a band-aid and a nappy.” Yukio retorts in good humor. He detaches a small magnetic backpack that miraculously stuck to Maya’s back this whole time. He finds a duel disk inside as well as a small touch-screen device, a device whose function he does not understand, so he decides to ask Maya about it later. Yukio bandages Maya and swaddles her in a blanket while Mathias carries her. 

Two men, one of Hassan’s soldiers and a Ghoul, drags a cowering and shaking enemy soldier before their leaders. “Well, well, look what the cat dragged in.” The Ghouls sneers, thinking himself rather sardonic and clever.

“Wait, how can the cat drag anything in?” The soldier interjects. “There is no ‘in’ out here.”

“Who cares!” The Ghoul draws a dagger to the cowering man’s throat. “Where’s your boss? Your capo with the goofy name? Answer now or I’ll slaughter you like you’re a chicken!”

The man, though shaking, refuses to answer but instead boasts he would gladly die than tell. Yukio orders the Ghoul to stop. He promises the enemy that he would not kill but keep him captive as a prisoner though with reasonable accommodations. He is not a cruel man. “But if you tell me your master’s location, I will let you go. I swear by my blood.” The enemy spills the beans and Yukio releases him, true to his word.

Meanwhile, Anubisius consolidates himself in the secret chamber beneath what used to be his mansion. He really hopes no one finds him. Getting caught in a foxhole is so 2003. Just embarrassing. Next thing he knows, Yukio barges in, making him jump with a start.

“Yo, waddup.” Yukio greets him. “Get ready for the Shadow Realm, big guy.”

Yugioh Journey Through Kemet – Table of Contents


A user from the Pojo Forums named Aarikku suggested I posted a summary and table of contents of my work to make it more popular. I did it for my very first fanfic, Yugioh City of Dreams. Now I am doing it for my second, Yugioh Journey Through Kemet (Both went by different names.) I gave every chapter some revision to make the story better. My writing was much more awkward back in the day.

Edited all chapters. Summary of story here:


Heishin, a power hungry general makes a deal with the Devil to get dark magical powers.

Duel 1

Heishin takes over Egypt. His sissy son, Hassan, escapes.

Duel 2

Maya and Jolene go to a rave dance party in Chicago. They get drunk.

Duel 3

Maya fucks up her exhibition duel the way Eminem fucked up his rap battle at the start of 8 Mile.

Duel 4

Hassan finds Maya in jail, sends her to Iceland. He thinks she’s special because he dreamed about her. Maya and Yukio meet their friendly rival Stella and her teammates. They add a girl named Sophia to their crew to make their own team.

Duel 5 

Matthew makes a deal with the Devil to get magic powers too.

Duel 6

Kaiba and Pegasus host a 12 day tournament in Egypt. Egypt is a dictatorship in a state of chaos, you say? Makes better ratings!

Duel 7

The team goes to Egypt! Maya has her first duel with Seeker, that one guy who used an Exodia Deck.

Duel 8

Maya pwns Seeker.

Duel 9

Maya pwns a pathetic drug addict because she’s cheaper than Mr. Krabs.

Duel 10

Stella and her lesbian life partner Willow duel Yukio and Sophia in a tag team duel. The Saints (Mathias, Maximus, and Ivy), a team of weirdos who love buffalo chicken pizza, call dibs on dueling the winning team.

Duel 11

Sophia feels down because she’s a shrinking violet with self-confidence issues. Her teammates give her a pep talk and she proceeds to decimate her opponents.

Duel 12

The Saints pwn Maya and Yukio.

Duel 13

Pegasus flirts with Kaiba over tea and crumpets. The Saints invite our emo heroes to eat buffalo chicken pizza.

Duel 14

Ghouls turn Assiut into a rave dance party. They kidnap Akira, some annoying Weebo, and Sophia.

Duel 15

Umbra and Lumis, those two annoying Ghouls who are always together, force Akira to duel Maya. Akira is tasteless enough to run Turbo Towers, so Maya makes a quick example of him.

Duel 16

Alexis, Matthew’s abused girlfriend, duels Yukio. Alexis is tasteless enough to run Nekroz, so Yukio pwns her.

Duel 17

Bandit Keith is now a Ghoul. He cheats to beat Sophia in a duel and tries to rape her.

Duel 18

Not every duelist survived the Ghouls’ rave dance party, so the survivors stick together in a village. Maya gets angry and jealous over lily white Sophia getting so much sympathy. Yukio calls Maya a bitch. Maya calls Yukio a failed manchild. All three make up by the end of the chapter.

Duel 19

Yukio duels Weevil, also known as bug boy.

Duel 20

Yukio squashes bug boy.

Duel 21

Maya duels Rex, also known as dino dork.

Duel 22 

Maya tears dino dork a new cloaca.

Duel 23

Sophia duels Mathias, the wannabe walking meme generator.

Duel 24

Sophia turns Mathias into a lolcow.

Duel 25

Hassan grows a pair and goes back to Egypt to give his country back to the people.

Duel 26

Maya and Yukio get down but you can’t see any of it because 4Kids.

Duel 27

Ghouls commence rave dance party #2 in Luxor.

Duel 28

Back in Chicago, two Ghouls invite Jolene and JC to the rave dance party. Jolene and JC say no.

Duel 29

Seeker tries to beat Mathias. Dies.

Duel 30

Maya and Yukio, Yugioh’s best dysfunctional couple by far, duel Umbra and Lumis. They get into a catfight and nearly lose.

Duel 31 

Maya and Yukio divorce… then get back together to pwn Umbra and Lumis.

Duel 32

Keith tries to rape Sophia again. Sophia has enough and rapes him instead.

Duel 33

Heishin kidnaps Maya and pushes her down a pit to get the story’s MacGuffin. Fails.

Duel 34

Maya lies at the bottom of a pit for 3 days contemplating suicide. She decides to be the next Messiah instead.

Duel 35

After escaping a deep, dirty pit, Maya takes a hot bath and gets some well-needed nap time. Hassan, the Saints, and Maya go to Cairo to defeat Heishin. The Saints beat up Matthew and Alexis because those two little prep school shits are more annoying than Jaden is. Maya shoots Heishin in the head.

Duel 36 (Post merged, so it has 2 chapters.) 

Maya feels bad about killing a cruel dictator, an action that saved thousands of lives. Hassan, tired of everyone’s bullshit, sends all duelists to the airport to deport them. Our heroes get back together to get ready for the finals.

Yugioh Children of Prometheus 2: Duel 36 – Where to Now?

DAY 12 : 12:13 AM : CAIRO

Maya stood completely still as if frozen by time, locked in the present. Everything else seemed still. The corpse of the man she killed lay quiet as if made of stone, as if the man was asleep. Maya was so locked in the moment she could only take small bits of information at a time. The burned smell of the fired gun she held. The metallic smell of blood. The broken desk. The split face of her victim. Yes. Her victim. She killed him. Maya could barely accept the fact. She was a murderer. She dropped the gun in disgust, backing away from the corpse, shuddering, and wept in her hands.

Hassan stood in shock, dropping his gun. He could not believe Maya killed his father. He hated her more than anything in the world and wished he had the strength to kill her, to send her to Hell where she belonged. But he realized how pointless it would be, and how pointless it was to wish his father did not die. There was no way for Heishin not to die. If he did not die in battle he would be put to death in a military court for sure. It was pointless to hate Maya.

Maya expected him to lurch back from her in horror at what a monster she was but he didn’t he. He pulled down her hands from her face and hugged. “It’s over.” He said to her over and over again, somewhat like the Maya comforted Sophia. “It’s all over.”

Maya too was relieved it was all over. Except it wasn’t. The finals lay ahead. She preferred to ignore it but if she did she would dwell on her murder but thinking about the finals was worse. She always knew she was a difficult person. Even in high school she would steal from people and damage property but she knew she was a good person who stood for everything right deep down. She never thought she could kill someone like a truly evil person could. But proof of her evil was in front of her.

She was terrified. If she could murder someone what other atrocity could she commit? If God did not exist than everything was permissible and likewise Maya had no limits to her actions. She thought she did and she was a good person who did the right things at the end of the day but she destroyed those illusions with her own hands. In college she could still pretend to be a rebellious teenager and do as she wished. She worked in the adult world, influenced the adult world for many years, but now she had to fully admit she was in that world and understand the heavy consequences she reaped with her actions while in it.

Hassan tapped her on the shoulder. “Let’s go.” He left for the main chamber, Maya silently following him. The building’s center was a horrible mess with soldiers scattered everywhere in bloody heaps and furniture burned into charred splinters. Only a few soldiers were alive, all of them serving Hassan. The winning leader saw the Saints together at a corner, Ivy tending to Maximus’ burn wounds. Mathias gave him a wry thumbs up. We won. Hassan returned the gesture.

He said to Maya, “I’ll bring your friends over here with all their belongings to the Cairo Airport. My troops will guard it with their lives. You will be safe. Your tournament is over.” He radioed his troops with his walkman. “Deliver all duelists throughout Egypt to the Cairo Airport.”

Hassan recognized a crushed corpse as the remains of the senior general. He ran to the corpse and wept fresh tears. The senior general was his private tutor in his earliest years. The man was a second father to him. Now he was died. But Hassan was a man now, a man of his people. He paid his guardian his final respects before escorting Maya to the airport.

DAY 12 : 3:18 AM : CAIRO

Yukio and Sophia greeted Maya warmly at the airport with many hugs. Maya ached inside but refused to tell her friends what bothered her. She didn’t want Sophia, who she loved with all her heart, to hate her. She didn’t want Yukio, her lover, to leave her. Nothing is worse than aching and having friends you can’t reach out to even when you are close enough to touch them. Such was Maya’s state and she resigned herself to it, her first murder weighing heavily in her heart. She had truly grown up.

DAY 12 : 5:13 AM : CAIRO

Hassan’s troops escorted more duelists to the airport. Our heroes noticed Stella and her team and instantly greeted with them. They passed the time recounting their adventures together, trying to put the war behind them. The Saints arrived to the airport, battered and bruised but not broken. Mathias was irrepressible as ever. He challenged our heroes to a pizza battle. Whoever ate the most buffalo chicken pizza faster would win a free Pot of Avarice.

Mathias’ bait was all too tempting. Maximus took it in a second. Their game was on. The buffalo chicken pizza duel began! With Ivy as referee! Our heroes and Stella’s team watched with bemused horror as two grown men greedily wolfed pizza down like hungry children. The contest was fierce but Maximus’ short body didn’t hold up against Mathias’ large one. He excused himself to go to the bathroom.

Everyone laughed at the Saints’ mischief. Even Maya in her terrible state of mind couldn’t stop herself from laughing. Life goes on, even for killers.

Rex and Weevil arrived to the scene too late. A disgruntled Rex complained that if they only went in the army car a few minutes sooner they would’ve seen the entire contest. A disappointed Weevil corrected him, insisting they didn’t have a choice when the Gestapo seized them by force. Weevil finished, “And I might add, you farted in the van! You stink like a skunk! You stunk up the place so bad even soldiers fainted!” And the two dorks kept on quarreling.

Maria’s team and Akira’s team arrived. Our heroes paid them cordial greetings, civil with each other but most definitely not friends. Michael and his team arrived, long disqualified from the tournament, as did other teams that didn’t make it to the finals. Maya those that did, spying her competition. The Saints and Stella were her most obvious rivals, as was Maria, who she wanted to settle things with once and for all. Rex and Weevil somehow made it to the finals, in the first time in their entire career in fact. Would Matthew be there for the finals? She had no idea.

Sophia suddenly spaces out. She stares at one point but doesn’t really look at it. She sees a vision; deep in space an ominous black hole looms ahead, a center of darkness, with debris orbiting it, dangerously close to falling in. She sees three people standing, a family of one woman, one man, and one child looking onward as if ready to brave traveling past the event horizon.

Sophia returned to the airport. Yukio waved his hand in front of her face. “Yoohoo! You here?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.” Sophia replied to him. “I think we have many challenges ahead.”

“Of course we do.” Yukio said. “But no matter what happens we’ll be together. And yes, Maya, I mean it. It’s not a cliché. If we stick together, trust each other, help each other, we can overcome anything.”

Sophia gave Yukio a high five. Maya did not.

Ra, the sun, once more rose to the sky as he always did, driving out the chaos of night and blessing the land with daylight. Yukio reminded Maya and Sophia that details on the finals would be released at noon, when Ra reaches his highest point. It was best to sleep while they could.

Our heroes agreed on it. They created makeshift sleeping bags using blankets in their suitcases and used their backpacks as makeshift pillows. Yukio and Sophia easily fell to sleep while Maya did not, her thoughts still weighing heavily on her. She turned to you, reader, and said, “I don’t know what future lies ahead but I must always face it with courage and take it in stride. I would say something witty right now but I’m out of jokes. More will come in the third novel, that I assure you. May you face any challenges ahead of you with courage, with feet light and head held high. I the way I did. If you need my strength ask and I will give it to you. Good morning.” And Maya fell asleep.

Yugioh Children of Prometheus 2: Duel 35 – Settling in Haran

DAY 11 : 6:18 AM : LUXOR

Our remaining heroes felt great pain over the loss of their friend. Yukio, Sophia, and the Saints, knowing Maya was captures, spend three days looking for her, scouring over the barren deserts of Egypt. They found no sign of her.

Our heroes had no choice but to accept that she died. Mathias suggested they mark a cross over the bank of the Nile overseeing the rising sun. Yukio objected, saying Maya was like JC, an edgy atheist who wanted a violent, glorious death. They met a compromise; Yukio secured a large line leaf over a mound of rocks. The pine leaf symbolized immortality to both the Old and the New faiths, the New indebted to the Old.

Yukio, Sophia, and the Saints made a silent prayer for their fallen friend – which broke as disturbed tourists fled Luxor as if they ran from the plague. “What in Ra’s name?” Yukio asked an American woman fleeing with her little boy what happened. The mother screeched of a dirty, crazy, naked woman running shamelessly across the desert. “I did not pay my health insurance to have my child scarred for the rest of his life!” The soccer mom declared. “I will sue Trafalgar Tours for damages as soon as I return home!”

“Sweet Irish Jesus bless my immortal soul! Miracles do happen!” Mathias pointed at a naked woman caked with dirt laboring her way across the desert, too weak to walk but plodding on as hard as she could. She sometimes stopped to dance with joy in the warm sun.

She rushed towards Yukio and Sophia, they ran after her, embracing each other in gratitude. Their friend was alive! Maya devoured Yukio in kisses and kissed Sophia on her cheeks and forehead. She plucked the pine leaf from the stone mound and tore it to pieces. “I’m not dead yet you idiots!” She collapsed on the ground, almost ready to lose her consciousness.

The Saints dispatched for a medical team while Yukio and Sophia offered her food, which she devoured like a wild animal. They took Maya to have a thorough bath and gave her light, bright clothes so she may be clean again. Nurses and a doctor arrived to put her in bed, test her blood sugar levels, put many bandages on her scratches and burns, and put an IV in her arm. Maya didn’t really care as she easily fell to sleep, resting as a mummy in its tomb.

DAY 11 : 7:34 PM : LUXOR

Maya slept for a total of thirteen hours. During that time Yukio and Sophia planned what would happen in the finals. They decided to meet during the sunset of the twelfth day, which would be tomorrow. They called Jolene and JC, telling them the good news, and rejoiced when they returned good news to them. Jolene recovered in a hospital and returned to JC’s apartment in Chicago. The Ghouls were nowhere to be seen, but neither was Xiaoyi to their puzzlement.

Hassan meanwhile, with the assistance of Heishin’s former general, gathered his troops in Luxor. They planned to invade the capitol building late at night. Hassan humbly requested if the Saints would help them to which Mathias nodded. Heishin had more than an army. He had occult powers too.

Yukio and Sophia, who sat by Maya as she slept, were surprised when she woke from her huge slumber. Maya beaconed for her friends to come closer. “I met God.”

Yukio and Sophia crept to her bedside. “And?”

“She’s black.”

Yukio laughed, nearly shoving her off the bed as he pushed her in jest. “Really?”

“Well, no. He’s really a neck beard who plays World of Warcraft and posts on Reddit. His name is Orochi the Basement Dweller. I swear.” And she spoke of the Yugioh dimensions and how everyone was a character in a five novel series. She turned to the audience, saying, “Hey, you reading this! You know I’m right!”

“Did your head crack when you fell?” Yukio said to her. “Who are you talking to?”

“The audience.”

Yukio threw his hands up in the air. “Whatever. I think you just got stoned and forgot about it.” He and Sophia gave Maya more food to each, which she ate enthusiastically, and briefed her on their plans. While she was asleep they entered their Millennium Item Cards into the Duelist Network database, which told them the location of the finals. At ten o’clock at night sharp, a special jet would arrive at the Cairo Airport. The people at the gate would not accept tickets and would only allow eight duelists with Millennium Item Cards. Only one person per team could come.

Our heroes became gloomy. It meant they would be separated; one of them would go alone to fight the final battle with Matthew, who would be there as surely as the sun rises to the sky. They overheard Hassan speaking with Matthew. They would invade Heishin’s army tonight. Maya started to get up but Yukio pushed her back in bed, saying to her, “Don’t you even think about it. You can’t even control your Ka let alone fight him.”

“But I can, at least when in huge danger.” But Maya’s objections were quickly silenced. Yukio would not let his love risk getting killed again.

Mathias gestured Yukio and Sophia to follow him. He briefed them on the protocol. If they would not fight they would stay in the village, far away from any large cities. Was that understood? The two nodded. Mathias patted them on the back. “Take care.” The Saints, Hassan, and his troops jumped on jeeps and armored vans and began their drive to the capitol.

Yukio and Sophia returned to the small bedroom to check on their friend only to see the bed was empty. Maya sneaked out at the first opportunity. Her IV chord lay on the floor as she had torn it off to escape.

Yukio felt a deep sinking feeling in his stomach. “Oh no.” Why didn’t she ever listen to him? How could one person be so stubborn and perverse? And he thought he was a crazy rock star!

Sophia hugged him. “She did the right thing. She’ll make it. I know she will.”

DAY 11 : 10:45 PM : CAIRO

Heishin sat in the President’s chair in his office, tense as a man in the Hall of Judgment. Matthew and Alexis stood opposite to him across the desk while Xiaoyi oversaw his conduct from behind. Xiaoyi crafted the perfect plan for Heishin to crush his rivals and take his son back to his camp where he belonged. Everything was set. Xiaoyi set a spell on his soldiers so they would strike at the right time.

Meanwhile, Hassan, the Saints, Maya, and his troops descended on the capital. The streets were blocked with cars as usual but no troops or tanks were to be seen. It was too quiet. Hassan saw how Heishin’s reign of terror scarred the city. Entire streets were destroyed, buildings shut down, people lined up for rations even this late at night. He pointed his observations to the Saints and Maya.

The capitol building was unguarded and, as Hassan and company cautiously poked their way inside, deserted too. Things were not good. Hassan steeled his nerves, knowing the conflict that was to come. He ordered the Saints to secure the main chamber while he led the way to the President’s office with Maya by his side. As they stepped into the office, Hassan saw how eerily it represented the oval office, the office of the American President Barrack Obama.

Heishin stood from his chair to greet his son. “It’s been some time since we last met, boy. I salute you for making it this far. But it all ends here. I haven’t come this far to be beaten by a child.” He waved his cursed black hand, a call to battle, and the door behind his rivals slammed shut.

Every door in the capitol building slammed shut. The Saints perked their ears, knowing the battle would begin soon. They were right. Hundreds of Heishin’s troops appeared from nowhere as if they made themselves invisible somehow. The Saints knew they probably did. Now their charm wore off they were ready to strike their quarry down.

Heishin’s soldiers fired their machine guns and the Saints combined their powers to shield Hassan’s soldiers with a dome of mirrors. The enemy’s bullets rebounded, shooting themselves. But the Saints’ advantage quickly ended. Mathias and Alexis appeared, calling forth their dragons of fire and ice once more to break the barrier down by force. The Saints strained their bodies and spirits to hold the barrier but it cracked and later collapsed.

Heishin’s troops resumed the battle, gunning Hassan’s soldiers down. The Saints summoned their own ka. Mathias and Ivy fired at their enemy’s ka together. But Matthew was smarter than he thought. Rather than meeting them head on, Matthew and Alexis grabbed their dragons, then made them dodge the attack, carrying their owners to safety. The Saints’ attack whizzed past their target to break the entrance door to pieces.

Matthew and Alexis struck back, their dragons striking Maximus directly. Maximus summoned his ka, Swordswoman Crusader to block the attack, but the combined strength of two incredible people was too much even for him. Both man and ka were thrown back to a pillar. Maximus crashed to a pillar, his Ka vanishing.

The brutal pair shot their fiery energies at Maximus again. Ivy instinctively blocked their assault on her husband with the magic from her bare hands, but it was too costly. She too collapsed, by her husband’s side.

Matthew sneered at their defeat, “Love conquers all, huh.”

Mathias glared at Matthew, clearly intending to kill him. If Matthew did not believe in love, then he would pay for it. He had a plan. “Horus! Attack!” His dragon ignited its attack of black flames. Matthew and Alexis braced for the attack together. But Mathias didn’t aim at them. He aimed at the ceiling! The vault crumbled, heavy stones and concert hurling down at his foes. Matthew and Alexis jumped away in desperation, barely avoiding their deaths.

Now they were separated. Mathias cruised towards Alexis, taking out enemy troops with ease. He hurled one attack after another at Alexis, who fought back with all her might but could not resist a veteran of battle such as Mathias. His dragon slammed her beast against a hall wall, sending Alexis crashing against the wall too. “Matthew! Help me! Please!” She called out.

Matthew saw what Mathias was up to! He wanted to kill Alexis! He saw a fork in the road. Maximus and Ivy shrunken at his right and Alexis in peril at his left. If he defended Alexis he would take such a heavy blow he might die. Two of his three enemies were sitting ducks. He called for his dragon to attack.

Mathias could not believe it! Matthew was ready to sacrifice his love in the blink of an eye. Actually, he could believe it. He knew selfish prep school kids such as Matthew like the back of his hand. He couldn’t even count the number of them he humiliated in Yugioh. Now his comrades were in danger! He left Alexis to defend them.

Matthew shuddered in immense pain before he could command an attack. A senior general, Hassan’s second-in-command, shot him in the ankle. Matthew roared, his dragon stomped on the general with its clawed foot, breaking his bones and tearing out his organs. Then he saw a comet of black flame blazing his way, a shot fired by Mathias! He dodged the attack.

Mathias bought himself enough time to regroup with his allies and Matthew did the same with Alexis. Ivy used the time she had to heal Maximus and herself a bit. She told Mathias and Maximus her plan. “Now we attack together.”

Mathias and Ivy held each other’s arms and together their dragons of ice and fire threw their attack at the enemy. Matthew and Alexis regrouped and redoubled with their own attack. All four attacks crashed in the middle, battering every soldier around the building, scorching all desks and paintings to ash. Both factions pushed each other with all of their will. Mathias and Ivy fell on their back foot, and tried to push back as much as they could, but this time they could not. Matthew and Alexis did not suffer from fatigue this time. They were too strong at their full power.

Maximus made a bold move. He dashed at the center of all the chaos. “Brother, no!” Mathias called as Maximus disappeared in the flames. Maximus called his ka forth, Swordsman Crusader, and threw her at his opponents, weathering the smelting crucible he was in.

Matthew and Alexis saw a mighty armored woman appear out of nowhere and slice open the hearts of both their dragons. Both sorcerers redoubled in pain, letting go of their concentration. Mathias and Ivy seized their chance, pushing back with all their might. Their attacks collided with Matthew’s and Alexis’ ripping them to pieces and burning the pieces to ashes, throwing Matthew and Alexis against a wall.

The two young adults twitched, coughing blood. The Saints’ spirits soared in victory but not for a long. A wave of pure darkness swept over, picking up the defeated Matthew and Alexis at its center. Mathias saw only the glimpse of a small pale woman with long black hair before she vanished, carrying Matthew, Alexis, and the black waves she summoned with her.

Ivy took the injured Maximus by her side to tend to his wounds. Mathias continued with the battle, sicking his dragon on any enemy soldier he could find. None were a match for him, letting him clear the opposing army with ease. The battlefield was secure.

But the battle was not yet one. Meanwhile, in the President’s office, Heishin summoned his behemoth ka, Gate Guardian, while Maya summoned hers, Deadstar Dragon. The two clashed violently, their attacks striking at the center of the office. Maya and Heishin destroyed the entire office with their fiery wills. Heishin gained ground, inching closer and closer to Maya as he did before. Maya fell back bit by bit. Bent on her back foot she decided it was enough. She doubled her efforts, pushing past the very limits of her will.

Their attacks crashed at the center of the office again but slowly the center moved to Heishin, inch by inch. Heishin struggled back, but no matter what he did Maya steadily advanced towards him, inch by inch. Heishin grunted under the pressure, incredulous. “How! Can! This! Brat! Be! So! Strong!” He looked over his shoulder in terror. “Xiaoyi! Help me!” He begged. But Xiaoyi bailed out of the fight a long time ago and never had any intention of helping him. Maya’s attack hit him, destroying Gate Guardian an entire side of the President’s building.

Heishin crashed on the President’s desk, which splintered and crumbled under the pressure of the duel. He nearly fell off the building and to his death; Maya’s attack was so fierce she blew up a wing of the building to the outside world.

Heishin felt his back break under the pressure. He slumped to the floor, vomiting blood from his mouth. But he was not defeated yet. He reached for a small hidden gun. He aimed at Maya for the kill. – But Hassan shot his hand! He dropped his gun, grabbing his bloodied hand. Maya picked up his gun, pressing the muzzle on his forehead. Could this girl kill him? It couldn’t be!

Maya glared at him below, her eyes broiling with volcanic flames, her frightening face bent into an expression of pure hatred. Hassan lowered his gun, lifting his other hand. He gently murmured to her to calm her down. “It’s okay, Maya. He lost. See how he resigned himself in defeat. He surrendered. I know he hurt you and your friends. He hurt all of us but we’re better than he is.”

Heishin sighed more deeply than he ever did in his life. “It’s pointless, my son.” Tears welled in his eyes. “I failed as a ruler, soldier, father, and a man. I failed Allah but I failed you most of all. I never bothered to understand you, my son. For that I am truly sorry.”

Maya’s hatred was so great Heishin’s words did not move her in any way, and the fallen man knew this. He said to his, “Don’t bother convincing the girl. I knew the moment I looked into her eyes that she was a killer. May I die with honor, whether I arrive to Paradise or Hell.” He looked into Maya’s eyes and saw only the promise of Hell. He looked at Hassan one more time. “I love you, son.”

Maya fired the gun, blowing Heishin’s brains out.



Yugioh Children of Prometheus 2: Duel 34 – The Great Trees of Mamre

Am I alive? I float in blackness, I could not tell – All senses gone. I see nothing, hear nothing, feel nothing. – I smell something; dirt, clogged up my nose, taste it too. I cough in spurts. Dirt and blood come from my nose and mouth. – I feel a terrible pressure over my entire body, and I realize I’m buried under a mountain of rock and dirt at the bottom of a tomb. My ribs are broken. Each breath stabs me in the chest.

I realize I will never leave this place; the pit is my grave. Despair swells in my heart and I shed quiet tears. The world of light is forever gone. I see it, maybe even somehow put things in it, but never touch it again, never bask in the sun’s innocent glow. And despair gives way to a sinking feeling of cold ash. All flame is gone. 

I’m tired of living. I give up. I would take my own life but I can only move my arm at this state. I hold my breath as long as I can to suffocate myself, only to gasp for air. I swallow clods of dirt so I may choke but I cough and vomit it all out. I can’t even kill myself. That is how pathetic I am. I can only lay back to dwell in my gloom.

I am so stupid, to weak to ease my life’s burdens and too timid to end my time on this earth. I once believed in Allah as my mother did, I dropped him, and now I think of the old Egyptian Gods. Did they too send suicides to a lake of fire? Does giving up the will to live and letting yourself die count as suicide? If so to both questions, may the old gods forgive me for my sins. May my heart, good deep down, not betray me in their presence. May Thoth judge my life with dispassion, may Khonsu defend my case as a just lawyer to calm Osiris and the forty-two gods who stand in my trial, may Isis hear my complaints as calm me as my mother and Sophia would, as the burden that crushed me in life is finally lifted in death. 

My name has no worth. I am hated for causing my father and mother grief as a wild, wicked child. I am hated for bullying my little classmates at school as my father hit me and I filled with the rage to hit someone else. I am hated for causing my mother’s death; my antics and pranks weakened her, letting lung cancer take her. I am hated for becoming withdrawn and obstinate, for giving up my musical talents when my father needed them most, for joining crowds from the street my father hated. I am hated for betraying both JC and my father, for not being black enough and not being white enough. I am hated for hurting Sophia, the one I love most, the one I should never hurt.

There is no one I can ever talk to. To whom can I speak? No friends are sincere, families hate each other, and the rare people you meet you can trust will always vanish in due time. To whom can I speak? Evil is rewarded while no good deed goes unpunished; all groups of people are corrupt while too little people are good too few times. To whom can I speak? I can’t trust anyone, and with such good reason, while they can’t trust me, and with good reason. No one can be truly honest with another. To whom can I speak? I will never be able to truly touch another person. The barriers of the physical make being intimate impossible. To whom can I speak? I will always be alone. I will live this way, die this way, be this way for all time. 

I become delirious as hunger pains me and thirst dries me; my mind loses its chains. I travel far in the darkness to some distant star, and I see the truth. I exist in a five novel series, the first two revealed, the remaining three still obscure. I see that my entire life, the entire lives of everyone else, is only one timeline, one dimension in many. The different dimensions reveal themselves to me as infinite branches on a tree.

I can only make out a few of them. One branch is mine; I see the pharaoh Atem’s life three thousand years ago, his journey in the mid nineties and my journey in the two thousands. The rest is dark. I see an alternate timeline, one even stranger than the first; I see Atem’s modern journey, then the pointless duels of a boy named Judai at a Duel Academy, then Yusei battling his rival, Jack Atlas, in a duel while on motorcycles, then Yuya going to a Barian dimension, then Yuya travelling through four dimensions? This has gone too far!

Each of Yuya’s four dimensions is a timeline in itself. The first one I already described to you, the Standard Dimension. The second is an alternate “GX Dimension” or Fusion Dimension, the third an alternate “5Ds Dimension” or Synchro Dimension, and the fourth a “Zexal Dimension” or Xyz Dimension where the mad scientist Z-one defeats Yusei, banishing Synchro monsters. Still there are others. I see a “Dark Dimension” where the archfiend Bakura destroys the Pharoah, shrouding the world in darkness and hellfire. And yet another, a “POVerse Dimension” that, like mine, follows Atem’s journey, then follows the exploits of three Saints; Mathias, Maximus, and James, and later Ivy. Did the Saints I know travel dimensions? And for why? 

To even more insane revelations: I discover all the dimensions I envisioned are titled “Yugioh” in other dimensions, and in those dimensions they’re fictions, franchises created to sell children’s trading cards to stupid boys. Not unlike the way Yugioh cards are sold in my domain. Is there an overlord of dimensions? Yes! I sense a strong guiding force behind all “Yugioh dimensions”. I see a light above the tree. I climb to reach it, eager to see the face of the most sublime being of creation.  

I arrive at a small, dank basement. A fat, foul-smelling man sits behind his outdated computer. He is pale as death, his face covered by blistering pimples and an unwashed beard that looks like untrimmed pubic hair, his unwashed long hair tied back in a ponytail. The beast wears a large black shirt with a ThunderCats logo, drenched in his armpit sweat and dotted with Cheeto crumbs, and khaki shorts. On his feet he wears two thick knee socks and sandals. The basement is as repulsive as the man. His desk is strewn over with empty Dorito backs and empty soft drink cans he peed in to avoid leaving his basement to go to the bathroom. His basement was littered with action figures and other collectibles, but most strikingly with an entire plush collection of My Little Pony toys. And did they have holes in their butts similar to those in flashlights?

This man is Orochi the Basement Dweller. He is our dimensional overlord. Nothing in my life is more horrible than this revelation. Orochi keeps all the Yugioh dimensions as an online game he plays with his friends, all as disgusting as he is. I ponder if I have free will as a kind of NPC or if I am Orochi’s puppet but I did not solve this mystery. Something distracts Orochi from his game. Some random women online criticized him for his sexist views. Orochi tips his fedora, squints his small, mean-spirited eyes, and clenches his small mouth. He throws an invective at her, hammering away at the keyboard with stubby fingers tainted orange.  

So this is my revelation. I turn to you, dear reader, to speak to you for the first time. I am an odd person, I never had an easy life, and I don’t like many morals. I try my hardest to be as strong as I can. You may not agree with what I believe in or my methods but you must at least respect me for my will and effort. You cannot deny those things. I often feel I must justify my actions, justify my entire life, and even justify my existence in some way, even though I’m very good at pretending otherwise. I am brash but I conceal much. How much? Maybe you will find out.

I am almost at the end of my life. I am ready to expire. – A light approaches me, so bright, sweet, and warm. I see her: her body, her face, and her radiant soul most of all. Sophia! I reach out to her with my one free arm but she floats one inch too far away. She sings to me, and at last I understand. I must still fight, if not myself than for Sophia. And for Yukio. I won’t let Sophia be harmed. She will live, not die like my mother did. And somewhere down that path I will be able to fight for myself again and things, I hope, will work out.

Sophia sings to me, hope ignites inside of me. I push against the rock and dirt above me. My body strains and collapses. I am so weak from hunger and thirst. I am ready to give up but I repeat Sophia’s music in my head over and over again, letting the same melody play at different times, letting them collide together. I push against the rock and dirt again, straining with all might. I push – my strength and Sophia’s song swells, doubles over itself again and again as an infinite canon – I never look back.

I pushed just enough rocks out of the way and I slither out from under the ruins. You do not have to be a great person, just a person. I am free.


Maya blindly crawled through a small tunnel, scratching her already battered body terribly. She wanted water more than anything else but she found only ancient dead dirt in her mouth. She pushed through a tiny door and entered.

A whole new chamber opened to her. It was as vast as a cathedral, and alive! Strangely, the entire tomb was full of lush plants and moss, full of the murmur of insects, and in the middle a sparkling wide pool over forty feet wide and thirty feet deep. The pool was so clear you could clearly see the bottom. She saw a large streak of light from high above, light that passed from the surface through an extremely long thin tunnel to light up the entire chamber. This was a “living” tomb.

Before Maya could do anything she felt her body nag her acutely since she had not relieved herself in three days. Seized this pressure more than anything else, Maya relieved herself of her load in a bush. “You, reader, may be offended.” Maya explained to you. “Yes, I soiled an ancient tomb but I would’ve exploded if I didn’t piss and shit just now. The needs of the living are greater than the needs of the dead.” I hope the reader will be mature enough to at least consider her extreme situation.

Done with her absurd philosophy, Maya stripped naked and jumped into the sparkling pool. She swallowed all the water she could while she swam to wash herself clean to the point she almost drowned. Then she saw a chest at the very bottom of the pool. She dove into the deep, only to resurface. It was too deep.

She felt an urgent need to get the chest below at all costs. She had an idea. She tied herself to a heavy stone with a vine, then hurled the stone into the pool. She sank deep down with the stone, untying herself at the very bottom. She seized the chest, which was felt as light as air. Maya dragged herself and her treasure to the surface, bursting on shore, coughing out the water in her lungs.

After a rest, she opened the chest. Inside laid a single book. The cover was blank, made of cheap leather. How odd. She opened it, the pages inside glittering as emerald; perhaps they were razor thin sheets of women emerald? She saw the hieroglyphs inscribed in each page, which could be hieratic text. It was the Book of Isis.

Maya couldn’t believe it. It was hers. Seized by more curiosity, she explored the tomb some more, approaching an open sarcophagus of limestone. No body or coffin lay within. The Book of Isis was the real body, the real find, as it were. But how did Pegasus ever find this place to dispose of his precious book? Maya imagined he didn’t find it at all. He probably at most read a few cryptic instructions of where to dump his Book. He must have found what looked like a dried up well and simply tossed it all the way down here. No one really knew.

She felt the walls of the tomb for a way out, and find one she did. She crawled through another tiny tunnel, then climbed up that tunnel for over thirty feet, then fell down a secret door from the ceiling. She noticed it was the emerald tomb she dueled Heishin. She noticed another tiny door, and crawled through it, reaching the very bottom steps of another tomb.

She climbed up the large but very steep tunnel above, electric lights now leading her the way. The rocks and dirt were very loose. A dislodged stone almost broke her leg. She ascended the one hundred and ninety four meter tunnel, reaching near the surface in the tombs large chambers. She realized she was in the tomb of Seti I, the father of the Great Ramses. She climbed to the surface, meeting the sun’s delightful rays and the sweet air at last, oblivious to all the tourists she frightened. She offered Sophia, or rather the love she felt for Sophia, her thanks.

Yugioh Children of Prometheus 2: Duel 32 – The Final Duel

Keith dragged Sophia by the hair to an arena just for them, a rocky part of Valley of the Kings near a steep cliff. He flung Sophia against the rocky wall, nearly cracking her head, and kicked her duel disk at her.

The scoundrel threw away his Ghouls cloaks, revealing his entire face and body. “Bandit” Keith Howard looked gaunt as if years of torment eroded his body. His small, sharp blue eyes had a vicious hungry look about them while his body was tall and lean with broad shoulders. He looked as a hyena always searching for its next carcass to survive.

Keith said, “I could take you right now and do with you as I wish. I don’t need to duel a little whore like you. But hey, all whores are useless after the thing between their legs.” Noticing the hurt in his prey’s eyes, he took in all the delight such a sight brought him. “But know this, I’m hurting not only you but Pegasus. Once I beat you I’ll cut you up into little pieces and put you in the next dumpster I find. I’ll even send some pics right to Pegasus’ Facebook. He’s gonna’ love that.”

Sophia could not fathom how one person could be so hateful. She could only wonder what horrible thing happened to bend him so out of shape. “Why do you do this?”

“WAAH! Why do you this? WAAH!” Keith jeered at her. “You think I got some complex motive behind all this? I don’t.” He gestured his studded sleeveless jacked and combat boots. “I’m no Hannibal Lecter, kid. I’m the nastiest, meanest motherfucking bad boy you’ll ever want to have sex with. What you see is what you get. Now get dueling before my dick loses patience.”

Sophia had no choice but to beat him in his own deadly game. She accepted his challenge.

Sophia: 8000 || Bandit Keith: 8000

SOPHIA’S TURN: “I activate Future Visions!” A portion of her terrain morphs from the black clouds of a dark game to a celestial realm full of stars. “I Summon Fortune Lady Light and banish her,” A small witch in bright yellow clothes and black tights appears only to vanish through a wormhole. “And Summon Fortune Lady Earth.” A larger, more robust witch appears with dark green clothes and staff to match.”

“I activate Pre-Preparation of Rights to search for my Ritual cards, which I’ll use. Go, Hymn of Light. I Tribute Lady Earth.” Her witch shatters and falls through a painted glass window. “To Ritual Summon Saffira, Queen of Dragons.” The window itself shatter, the pieces come together, transforming into an elegant blue dragon on its hind legs. “I use her effect to draw 2 cards and discard 1.”

This is bad. She has no back row. “Turn End.”

KEITH’S TURN: Sophia’s opponent laughs at her. “You’re the most pathetic girl I’ve ever seen! Didn’t draw the card you needed. Let me help you. Card Destruction!” Both players discard their hands and draw anew. “Now Junk Dealer.” Keith revives Cyber Dragon Core and Proto Cyber Dragon, both rusty and dented. “I now play Infernal Reckless Summon, calling out 3 Cyber Dragons!” Sophia looks on in awe and fear as his three cyborg serpents come into play so easily. “Then Level Equalizer! I make all monsters with the same Attribute and Type the same Level.” His will is done, as all his monsters are LIGHT Machines.

“I overlay my 2 Cyber Dragons to Xyz Summon Cyber Dragon Nova.” Two white metal snakes vanish to give way to a dark one. “And use its effect to revive a Cyber Dragon.” One white snake returns. “And I overlay my Dragon Nova make Cyber Dragon Infinity.” The black snake morphs into an even larger and more dangerous one. “I repeat this twice over. I overlay the rest of my monsters to make 2 Cyber Dragon Nova and 2 Cyber Dragon Infinity!” Two more formidable black snakes appear.

Keith laughs in glee over his creations. “There’s no way you’ll survive this! Infinity, absorb Saffira!” His snake spread its wings, hundreds of tendrils reach out to snatch Sophia’s dragon, but fail to draw her towards it. Keith blinks. “What?”

“My Saffira has to be in Attack Position for you to absorb it.” Sophia states. It is why she Summoned her monster to defend, not attack.

“Shut your mouth, kid!” Keith violently explodes. “I’ll pound you to oblivion! Infinity, destroy Saffira!” His machine obliges, sending Sophia’s dragon to a quick death. “The rest, attack her directly!” His two remaining machines smash Sophia hard against the wall. She tumbles to the hard ground, head first, scraping her face against the sharp rocks. (Sophia LP 8000 à 2600)

SOPHIA’S TURN: She clasps the hurting wound between her eyes, stemming the blood from flowing down her face. ”Here we go again…” Sophia moans to herself, realizing the familiar peril she is in. “The designers should really make a caveat. Like making it so you can Summon only 1 Infinity per turn.”

But at least she has a way to fight back. Her knees tremble against such a heavyweight opponent. Her friends are nowhere to be found. She almost falls to her knees but steels her resolve. No one can help her anymore. Now she must stand for herself.

Fortune Lady Light reappears from a portal. It effectively travelled to the future, which is now. “I shift Lady Light to Defense Position and set 4 cards facedown.” Sophia ends.

KEITH’S TURN: “I Summon Cyber Grater.” An imposing machine sporting drills and grinders appears.

Sophia triggers her trap. “I activate Dark Renewal.”

“Can’t get past Infinity, kid.” Keith reports, his dragon prepares to blast scorchinh heat from its mouth.

“I play Solemn Warning!” Sophia counters, as her Biblical sages appear and call the wrath of Jehovah to incinerate Keith’s monster. Her black coffin of Dark Renewal draws her Lady Light and Keith’s Cyber Grater inside itself, shutting the lid. The coffin vanishes. A tall and aloof witch takes the field, adorned in black robes and tights. “And since Lady Light left the field I Summon Fortune Lady Aeter.” A taller witch of white appears beside the witch of darkness. (Sophia LP 2600 à 1100)

Keith smirks. She wants to play rough? She’ll get it! “Cyber Dragons, kill her Fortune Ladies.” His machines fire two pillars of scorching flames at their targets.

“I play Quaking Mirror Force.” Sophia responds.

“And I chain with my second Infinity.” Keith shouts.

“And I chain with Solemn Judgment.” Sophia reacts. Three Biblical patriarchs appear and smite the second infernal machine. With its obstacle removed, Sophia’s barrier of sand and glass blows over the field, burying Keith’s last monster facedown. (Sophia LP 1100 à 550)

SOPHIA’S TURN: “Now I’ll strike back!” Sophia declares. She has had enough of Keith’s abuses. “Lady Aeter, kill Keith’s facedown!” And her witch burns Keith’s card away. “I use her effect to banish her to Summon Fortune Lady Water and Fortune Lady Mist from my Deck.” Two witches of water take the avatar of light’s place, one more transparent than another. “I draw 2 for Lady Water. Lady Umbra, attack Keith directly!” And her avatar of darkness strikes Keith in the heart with a curse, making the rouge double over. (Keith LP 8000 à 6700)

“I tune Lady Mist with Lady Water to Synchro Summon Samsara, Dragon of Rebirth.” The two fortune ladies replace themselves with an ethereal dragon with no feet. “I set 2 cards facedown. I end my turn.”

Keith glares up at the woman he hates, his eyes burning with anger yet with sorrow. His hands tremble. “Kid, you have no idea what I’ve been through.”

“Excuse me!” Sophia rebukes him with almost as much venom. “I don’t care what you have to say, not after all the crap you put me through!”

“You don’t know what real suffering is like, kid, you who lived in a posh mansion under Pegasus your whole life. But I’ve never had it good. You know, I grew up poor in Texas and had to bake meth to get some cash. But when Yugioh came around I had a chance to make it big, which I did. That’s why I’m called Bandit Keith, because I won all the prizes. But fruity little bitch Pegasus took all that away from me.

“That Michael Jackson asshole kicked me back to the world of crime I tried to get out of. And now, my life is nothing but violence, murder, gambling drugs. Being Matthew’s right hand man as a Ghoul is my last chance, my last chance of a normal life.”

He clasps his shaking hands to get them under control. His eyes dodge left and right and his muscles tighten as if a wild animal stalks him. Sophia almost whispers, “Are you…?”

“Yes, shell shock.” Keith laughs ruefully. He continues to tremble, tense as a screw, in what Sophia knows is a panic attack.

Sophia offers her heart. “I wasn’t always Pegasus’ protégé. My parents died when I was young and I was a baby prostitute, which is why I never have sex anymore.” Sophia concludes more to herself than to Keith. “I only got adopted because I stole a fake Millennium Puzzle Pegasus displayed and solved it before they found me. Pegasus vowed to adopt a child who solved it, who was me.”

Sophia’s story catches even her by surprise. She never tells this deep, dark secret to anyone. Why did she give her heart to the man who is trying to destroy her? “I’m sorry, Keith. For everything.”

Keith relaxes, his episode over. He looks at his hands, contemplating his life over and over again. He sighs in utter sadness. Then he gets mad. He looks at Sophia, then his hands, back to Sophia, back to his hands. He clenches his fists. He wants to strangle her and everything she represented! Pegasus would die afterwards but first he would destroy his heart!

Keith roars, standing tall again. He is so ferocious he takes Sophia completely aback. Sophia’s heart crushes, her sympathy and grief burning into hatred.

Keith laughs at her anger and sorrow. “Good, kid! Get mad! If you wanna’ life, little whore, you’d better hit me with everything you got!

KEITH’S TURN: He slyly takes six cards from his right wristband and puts them on top of his deck. His move is so fast, so slick, not even someone with preternatural sight like Mathias can see it. “Oh boy am I ready for a god draw right now!” He draws. “Whoops, there it is! I play Psychic Sanctity! I toss away my hand and guess five cards!” Which he does. He then draws five cards to inspect them, guessing them all right!”

“You cheat.” Sophia snarls at him in disgust. Her opponent doesn’t even try to hide his dirty ways anymore.

“Blame Kaiba for not installing anti-cheating software. I next play Pot of Avarice.” He returns 3 Cyber Dragon nova and 2 Cyber Dragon Infinity to his Extra Deck to draw 2. “Next, Benediction! You tribute your monster to summon my monster to your field. Now choose!’

“I choose to offer Samsara Dragon of course.” Before Sophia can even react, her dragon vanishes, replaced by a golden giant of a king, Zaborg the Mega Monarch.

Keith explains, “And as you know, you gotta’ destroy a monster and we both toss away our Extra Deck based on its Level.”

“I know the rules.” Sophia says, “I choose Zaborg to kill itself.” Her monster destroys itself in a discharge of lightning. And both players send 8 cards from their Extra Deck to the Graveyard.

“Now things get good.” Keith says. “I activate 2 Elder Entity N’Tiss from my Graveyard. Goodbye, back row!” Sophia’s cards shatter. “And I activate my 3 Novas from my Graveyard, letting me summon 3 Barbaroid, the Ultimate Battle Machine from my Extra Deck!” Three colossus titans appear behind Keith, all with drills bigger than both duelists’ bodies combined. “I play 2 Right of the First Night from my hand.”

This is nothing good to Sophia. As long as Keith has higher Level monsters, Sophia can’t destroy any of them with card effects. And while Barbaroid can’t attack her directly, it can kill her Fortune Lady, winning him the duel.

“Barbaroids, attack!” Keith commands, victory in sight. His machine tyrants lung at the witch to grind it to dust but all attacks glance away. Three female emissaries appear, creating a barrier with their spell. Sophia had activated Waboku just before Keith destroyed it. Grumbling, Keith set a card facedown.

SOPHIA’S TURN: “I activate Pot of Avarice. I can recycle cards too.” And she does so. “I set 3 cards facedown. Come and get me, big guy.”

KEITH’S TURN: “What trap could possible save you? Barbaroids, attack!” His machines lung again.

Sophia repels him, “I activate Crumbling Earth and Turn Jump!”

“Like that’s help! I play Royal Decree! You’re trap is gone!”

“Not if I can help it! Mystical Space Typhoon!” Her little tornado sweeps Keith’s trap away, leaving him fuming. How could she outsmart him again! A large pocket watch floats above the entire field, winding itself and time forward by 3 turns. Sophia’s witch of darkness grows ever more powerful while cracks appear beneath Keith’s titans.

And now it was time! “I release Crumbling Earth!” Sophia’s trap disappears and Keith’s monsters collapse on the fissure below them, weakened, felled on their own weight. “Lady Umbra, counterattack!” The witch struck a fatal blow at one Barbaroid, causing it to blow up. (Keith LP 4300 à 3200)

SOPHIA’S TURN: “My turn! I Summon Fortune Lady Wind and use her effect.” Her witch in bright green appears and takes the assistance of Lady Umbra to obliterate Keith’s two Spells.

“Lady Umbra, destroy the next Barbaroid!” The witch destroys the next Barbaroid. “And with her effect I destroy the last one!” And Keith’s last monster bursts. (Keith LP 2100 à 1200) “I set a card facedown.” Sophia ends her turn.

Keith’s hands and legs tremble, his face contorts into terror, then rage as he fights his inner demons. He resumes his assault! He will tear Sophia down no matter the cost! He tears six cards from his left armband, not even trying to conceal his crooked ways anymore.

KEITH’S TURN: “I set a card facedown and play another Psychic Sanctity.” He discards his hand. Guesses 5 cards and calls them all right. “I play Power Bond and chain it with my facedown Cybernetic Fusion Support.” Keith loses half his Life but it is a small price to pay to banish his dead Machines to summon his most powerful monster ever. (Keith LP 1200 à 600)

“I Summon Chimeratech Overdragon!” A coiling mass, a hydra of metal snakes takes his field. As Keith banished not 10, not 15, but 17 Machines to Summon it, his monstrosity has 17 heads, each with 800 ATK, not doubled from Power Bond to 1600 ATK. The entire creature held 27,000 ATK en masse.

“I play Battle Fusion!” Energy transfers from Lady Umbra to Chimeratech as it gained 3600 ATK, reaching 30,800. “I play 3 Limiter Removal! Each one doubles my monster’s ATK!” His metal beast overloads with power, going on overdrive, almost ready to break down from the immense pressure, its ATK jumping to 246,400!

Keith screams. He lifts his trembling hands to sky as if challenging the sun god Ra himself. “Take all of my hatred, all of my rage, Sophia!”

“Don’t!” Sophia pleads. “Hatred will only kill you! Please, end this duel! I beg you! I’m not saying this because I’ll lose! You won’t life past this turn if you attack! Please, no!”

Keith has none of it. “Chimeratech, attack! Blast her to bits! I WIN!” All 17 heads hurls their hottest white flames at Keith’s target.

“No!” Sophia has no choice. “I play Jauk Dance!” Her trap reveals itself. She banishes Lady Light and Lady Aeter from her Grave. The two ghostly witches of light join the witch of darkness. They raise their staffs together, gathering just enough power to strike back. “Destroy Chimeratech!” The witches receive Keith’s savage attack, accept every ounce of hatred he bottled up inside for the last decade, and throw it back at him. Keith’s monster shatters under its own attack.

Now Power Bond’s other effect kicks in. The burning pieces of Keith’s monsters crash into their owner. Keith’s own hatred smashes him backward unto the dirt. (Keith LP 600 à 0)

Sophia: 550 || Bandit Keith: 0

The duel was done, but hungering darkness surrounding them was not. Keith watched in horror as a bullet muzzle grew out of his right hand. He clasped his hand, desperately trying to steer it away from his head but it was no use. His hand moved by its own will. It pointed to his temple, then fired a bullet. Keith collapsed on the floor dead.

Sophia screamed on horror. She collapsed on her knees, sobbing from seeing a sight so terrible, burying her face in her hands. The deadly magic of the dark game finally ended. The black clouds over Luxor faded away, revealing the fairest, most radiant daylight. But Sophia did not see any such light.

All surviving duelists found her, including the Saints, as well as Yukio, who carried Maya on his back.

“Thank God you’re okay!” Mathias crossed his chest in thanks to his deity.

Maya, who was awake at this point, climbed off Yukio. Both staggered to Sophia and embraced her. The young Sophia buried herself in her friend’s arms, sobbing her heart out. Maya hushed Sophia, holding her like she was her child, saying over and over again, “It’s okay, sweetie… It’s okay… It’s okay…”


Yugioh Children of Prometheus 2: Duel 31 – War Inc.

Team Baby Blast Furnace: 7300 || Team Dynamic Duo: 6700

Umbra desperately rushes over to his bruised comrade. Thanks to their trickery the two Ghouls felt no drills penetrating into their necks but the damage done from their opponent’s attacks shook them more than any foul play could. Umbra slaps the face of small friend, “Wake up, shrimp!” He cries. “Wake up! Wake up!”

Maya laughs, a high, cold, cruel cackle, enough to make even Yukio’s hot blood run cold. She eyes them, grinning like a crocodile about to devour its pray. Yukio always knew Maya was a difficult person; she is hot-tempered, rash, manipulative, jealous, and greedy; but he always knew she was a creature of light at heart. But he didn’t think that a bright light casts a dark shadow. At this moment he finally sees, understands, how dark that shadow could be.

She counts with her fingers in cruel ridicule, “This little piggy went to the market. He got butchered; so this little piggy went wee, wee all the way home. Now tell me where Sophia is, you dorks, or I’ll make you two rue the day you were born.”

Umbra glares at the cruel, spiteful woman, too hurt and afraid to even be angry. Egyptian mythology spoke of a lion goddess named Sekhmet who nearly destroyed the entire human race in a blood-soaked fury. He was agnostic throughout his life but he does wonder at this moment if gods could become people.

He slaps Lumis’ face again. “Come on, wake up, you shrimp! Please don’t die on me! I-“ The grown man, the hardened criminal, cries as a baby. Anything is possible. He whisperers, chokes, “I-I l-love you.”

Lumis gags, wakens, and hits Umbra in the face. “Don’t call me a shrimp!” He berates his partner but Umbra doesn’t mind. He is so glad his partner in crime is safe he hugs him.

“Trouble in paradise.” Maya mutters to herself in disgust. She tells her opponents with a murderous tone, “Siegfried, Rory, this is not the backstage of an Elton John concert. Get on with the duel already, you pathetic cowards.”

Umbra helps his small friend up, which Lumis gladly accepts. They speak to each other, not through secret mics, but face to face. “We have to max out our teamwork to beat them. Nothing can beat us when we work together.”

LUMIS’ TURN: “I activate Kyoutou Waterfront again.” And again his coastal city takes form behind him. “I Summon Kaiju Embryo.” A larvae only half of Lumis’ size takes form and floats in the field, a dramatic contrast to the massive Kaijus.

“So the shrimp forgets how small he is.” Maya taunts him. “Come at me, bro.”

Yukio honestly wonders who the bad guys are. Umbra and Lumis look like angels next to the barbaric tiger next to him.

UMBRA’S TURN: “You’re move will not be in vain, partner. I play Pre-Preparation of Rights to search for a Ritual Monster and Ritual Spell. Next, my Ritual activates; End of the World. I sacrifice my Motley Masked Madman in my hand and Lumis Kaiju Embryo.” The two monsters vanish into a dark void made manifest. “Now arise, Demise, King of  Armageddon.” A terrifying tyrant emerges from the black void; the giant’s head but a skull.

“I pay 2000 Life Points! Demise, blow up the field!” The king swings its ax, carving a blazing gorge on the field, wiping out all monsters in sight but itself. “I banish Masked Madman from my Grave to Summon Melchid the Four-Faced Beast from my Deck, and I Tribute him and Armageddon to Summon Masked Beast Des Gardius!” A fiend of four floating heads fused together appears but soon it and the dark king vanish in black smoke, trading them for a giant scarred beast with three heads.

Maya growls. She knows what’s coming to her.

“Des Gardius, attack Maya!” And the masked beast slashes Maya’s chest, drawing huge amounts of blood. (Team Baby Blast Furnace 7800 à 4500) Maya falls to her knees, grabbing her chest but stands up again. Her face shows nothing but contempt at the two men.

“Talk about a tough cookie.” Umbra grumbles. He ends his turn.

YUKIO’S TURN: “Don’t think I’m a pushover just because I’m nice. You’re still the bullies here, Crabbe and Goyle. I play Foolish Burial, sending Performage Trick Clown from my Deck to the Grave. And since he went there, I Summon him.” A bright red clown jumped to the field with its bright red and orange ball. The clown’s appearance burned 1000 of Yukio’s Life but it’s a price he has no problem playing. Especially since, “I Summon Thousand Blades from my Grave.” The wielder of many swords stands next to the clown.

“I play Xyz Change Tactics. Get ready for a bumpy ride.” He overlays the two creatures to Summon Number 39: Utopia from another universe, quickly evolves it Number S39: Utopia Prime, and finally Summons Number S39: Utopia the Lightning. He pays 1500 Life and draws 3 cards throughout the ordeal.

He faces Maya, stern. He must make his points clear. “I will only work with you if you stop being so cruel.”

“I want Sophia safe.” Maya answers. “Don’t put their lives ahead of hers.” And Maya means it more than ever. Sophia is the most sensitive soul Maya ever knew, an angel; a woman like her long lost mother, but stronger, holding an immeasurable inner light. The two cockroaches across her do not deserve the time of day.

Yukio says, “I understand but you can’t duel with hatred in your heart. You won’t truly win anything. Promise me you will duel with a calm and clear mind. Please trust me.”

Maya sighs, breaths in and out, concentrating on Sophia and the warm, positive light she brings. The poison of her hate leaves but the volcanic anger remains but it sharpens her senses instead of dulling them. “I trust you.”

“Good. Utopia Lightning, clock out Des Gardius.” As his space warrior charges at the black beast, Yukio activates his monster’s effect, doubling its ATK, giving it the power to shatter its enemy. (Team Dynamic Duo LP 3000) But all is not done. The beast’s three heads remain. They dissolve in black mist, mixing together to creating a gruesome mask. The Mask of Remnant snatches Yukio’s monster, putting it in Umbra’s control.

Yukio Sets two cards facedown, finishing his turn.

MAYA’S TURN: She understands Yukio’s strategy. It all makes sense now. Let this be the killing move! “I activate my Set Nanosaur Invasion.” She banishes a card in her hand, letting three red, dragon-like Lizardon tear through dimensions. “And I overlay all of them to Xyz Summon Neo Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon!” The dinosaurs fly high above, merge in a place beyond space and time, allowing a bright blue dragon descend from the cosmic plane to the worldly.

“And I use its effect.” But the Xyz orbs from Umbra’s monsters vanish, not hers! In fact, her dragon absorbs them. “I absorbed 2 Materials, so I can attack 2 more times. You ready, Thing One and Thing Two? Galaxy-Eyes, break them to pieces!” Her dragon charges straight at Umbra’s only monster –

But Lumis acts quickly. He banishes his dead Kaiju Embryo, and before Maya knows it, her dragon vanishes, replaced by Lumis’ Gameciel. Maya’s disappointment is immense. The old sea turtle returned from the grave just to bother her.

Maya’s anger rises but she keeps it under check. “I Set two cards. You’re move.” She holds another risky strategy in store. She took one direct hit too many. Could she endure another one? Hopefully she won’t find out.

LUMIS’ TURN: “I pay 3 Kaiju Counters,” Three stars vanish from the top of the water tower behind him. “To add a Kaiju to my hand.  I Summon Dogoran, the Mad Flame Kaiju.” A lizard burning its own flames emerges behind him.

Yukio points to huge monster in mock horror. “WOOK! IT’S GODZIWWA!”

Lumis chuckles. “You’re racist self-deprecating jokes won’t save you. Not in a million years, I tell you.

“I summon Graydle Cobra.” A new kind of creature joins the arsenal, a grey alien slime taking the form of a snake. “Gradyle Cobra, take out Gameciel.” The cobra clearly is no match for the sea turtle. It gets easily crushed. (Team Dynamic Duo LP 3000 à 1800) But there is a catch, as our heroes suspect. The alien slime does not die. It seizes the huge turtle, stretches around it until it wraps it all around. Possessed, the turtle joins Lumis’ side. “Now Dogoran, attack Maya!” The fire-breathing lizard fires a shot at her.

Yukio counters, “I play Quaking Mirror Force.” The desert sand of Egypt blocks the monsters’ assault as a wall, the overpowers them as a blanket, forcing them facedown.

Lumis Sets a card facedown; his greatest and final trap.

UMBRA’S TURN: “I play Pot of Avarice, shuffling 5 cards from my Grave to my Deck, and drawing 2. And I activate Fulfillment of the Contract.” Umbra loses 800 Life, reviving The Masked Beast. “I’ll make you pay for how you treated my partner! Strike Maya directly!”

The beast gathers all the hatred and sorrow of the world into a dense ball of black energy and blasts it as a beam straight for Maya’s chest. The attack meets her head on, driving her many feet back. She collapses, her burned back on the rough sand. The drills in her bomb collar drive themselves so deep in her neck they nearly paralyze her. (Team Baby Blast Furnace 4500 à 1300)

Yukio recovers from his drills and rushes to her aid. He grabs her in his arms, asking if she is okay. “You shouldn’t have been in this duel. You took too much damage before it even started.”

Maya laughs, joking, “I wouldn’t trade dueling with you for all the coked up Wall St. buttsex in the entire world.”

Yukio chuckles at her black humor. “I love you.”

Maya kisses him in return. “I wanted to get attacked, not just to show my love.” She tries to stand, failing. Yukio helps her up. She makes her way back to the field, wobbling a bit, but strong as ever, her smile truly wicked. “Get ready, Laurel and Hardy. This is your last slapstick. Go, Inferno Tempest!”

Umbra and Lumis gasp in horror as a hellish wildfire swamps everyone’s field, banishing every monster outside the Extra Deck. Maya’s Soul Absorption kicks into overdrive, gorging our heroes up to 20,000 Life!

“I-I set a…” Umbra can’t even finish his sentence.

YUKIO’S TURN: “Witness our power together! I play my greatest trap, Utopia Achieved!!” The team lost all their Life, all 20,000 points until only 10 points remained. “I can play any Utopia monster and attack ALL monsters outside my Extra Deck as Materials!” No less than 22 stars circle the arena before falling through a wormhole. Yukio’s greatest monster, Number S0: Utopic ZEXAL, bursts forth with 22,000 ATK!”

“Prepare yourself, Umbra! Lumis can’t defend you! Utopia, direct attack!” The space warrior flies at him, sword ready to strike the killing blow.

“I defend myself with Mask of Invincibility!” Umbra counters, his mask deflects the massive strike with its two open palms. “We’re safe!”

MAYA’S TURN: “Sure, but for how long?” Maya rejoins. “You’ll go for 22 whole turns without doing anything.” She strikes a predator’s gaze at Lumis. “How long can you last, shrimp?”

Lumis heats white in anger, a temple bulges dangerously on his bald head. But he feels fear, even in this state.

Maya continues, “As Yukio ends his turn, I bring back 3 banished Fish Styx!” Three large, prehistoric fish return. “I don’t draw this turn but during my Standby Phase I bring back 3 banished Dinosaur-Types to my hand. I overlay all three Fish Styx to Xyz Summon Nanosaur Infinity!” Her three fish disappear to reveal a small, fiery orange sentient raptor aiming its two large gums at the Ghouls. “I detach all 3 Materials to Summon my 3 Celestine Ptera from my hand.” The three great pterosaurs once more grace the field.

“And I overlay all of them to Xyz Summon Number 92: Heart-eartH Dragon!” Her monsters fly to their zenith, collapsing together, allowing a large silver dragon to descend. “I activate my trap, Nanosaur Invasion!” She banishes a card in her hand, bringing back 3 fiery, deadly Lizardon to her field. “I overlay 2 of them to Xyz Summon Galaxy-Eyes Full Armor Photon Dragon!” Her great dragon of the stars arrives, but Maya is far from done. She mercilessly continues her rapid evolution, Summoning Number 95: Galaxy-Eyes Dark Matter Dragon, advancing to the massive spider Number 84: Pain Gainer, finally to an even deadlier arachnid, “I Summon Number 77: The Seven Sins!”

Lumis shutters at the sight of such awesome creatures. Never does he feel so small and weak. If only they struck her one more time directly! One more time! But all “ifs” from the past are in vain.

Maya commands, “Monsters, attack!” God of dragons and god of spiders throw their blackest magic, blacker than any Dark Game.

Lumis shouts, “I activate Mask Catastrophe!” 7 cards float from the Ghouls’ Graveyards to the field: Curse of the Masked Beast, Masked Beast, Masked Beast Des Gardius, Mask of Savagery, Mask of Exhile, Mask of Dissipation, even Mask of Invincibility. “I banish every “Mask” card we have to destroy your whole field! Better yet, you can’t counter it!” All their masks fuse into one final mask, depicting a god of all evil, darkness, and chaos in the universe. The wicked mask bursts, shattering every card on our heroes’ fields; every monster, Spell, and Trap gone.

But a small hole in space-time remains on Maya’s field. “You destroyed Heart-eartH dragon, so I can bring it back!” The hole widens to a chasm, her dragon slithers back into play, now surrounded by innumerable stars above. “It gains 1000 ATK for every banished monster in this game!” The stars fall, merging into the godly dragon, making it grow until it dwarves the Egyptian Gods themselves. “90,000 ATK!”

Umbra is struck dumb at such a sight. “T-This can’t be r-real!” Seto Kaiba’s Obelisk the Tormentor, the strongest monster that ever defeated him, was puny in comparison. Lumis desperately cries for his mother to rescue him.

Victory sings through Maya’s entire body. Victory was hers and Yukio’s! But she pauses. Attacking would mean their deaths, wouldn’t it? Her outstretched arm begins to shake. Could she be a killer?

She steels her mind. She is not. Umbra and Lumis would die by their own hands, by the rules of their own twisted game, not hers. She shoots her arm to the sky, the general giving the final salute to her troops. “Heart-eartH Dragon, finish this duel!”

Her greatest monster strikes with its blackest power, blacker than any Dark Game, shattering the Ghouls apart.

Team Baby Blast Furnace: 510 || Team Dynamic Duo: 0

Maya let go. She would have fallen on the ground had Yukio not caught her. Umbra and Lumis recovered, running to each other for comfort. They snapped their bomb collars with ease, displaying their cowardice for the last time.

Yukio scoffed at their craven ways, “Some game of death his turned out to be.”

“Oh, it is!” A voice rang out, low, raspy, depraved.

The two Ghouls huddled together in fear. “Who is that?” Lumis called out, his voice close to trembling.

Our heroes witnessed a fiery shade gather into the form of a man they had never seen before; a large, monstrous, obese man fattened and callous over decades if not centuries of cruel indulgences.

The fiery shade of the man seemed to smirk. He lifted his right hand, putting his thumb down. Umbra screamed, his head inflating as a balloon, the final moments of his life filled with unbearable terror and agony. His head burst in a bloody shower, the large corpse brought to the ground.

Lumis screamed at the ghastly sight. The flaming projection of the fat man thrust his left thumb down. Lumis wailed for his mother in the last moments of his life before meeting the same wretched fate as his dear friend and partner. They would remain together in death forevermore. Our heroes couldn’t even scream. They froze numb witnessing such terror and cruelty.

The burning shadow of the fat man laughed at their foolishness and weakness. He said with finality, “War is a business. If the stock drops you cut your losses and plan the next investment. The wars of the world are but films in a theatre, you fools; the powerful of this world witness the deaths of infantry and generals the way you witness death on television. If Fate bestows you, dear foot soldiers, with her favors this day you may live to discover the true art of war.”

The man vanishes, leaving our heroes alone. Yukio didn’t know how to feel about Maya. He hated her for ending the duel but doubted he ever had the courage to act as she did. Maya didn’t know how to feel about anything. Only Sophia’s safety was clear to her.

The theatre of war around them died down. The smoke cleared, revealing the victors. The Saints, Stella, her crew, Hassan, his superior, and their soldiers all arrived.

“Thank God you are safe!” The Saints said to our heroes.

Yukio gave a fracture of a weary smile. “We had a rough day.” He was right. He and Maya suffered black bruises all over their body. Deranged, Maya called for Sophia one last time before fainting.


Yugioh Children of Prometheus: Duel 29 – Ragnarok! Battle of Titans!!!

Back in Egypt the battle at the village raged on. Many Ghouls bit the dust as Stella eviscerated them with her Yang-Zing monsters. Her teammates behind her just as tough, took away just as many Ghouls. Rex and Weevil tried to hide but were quickly exposed by a gang of Ghouls, but when pushed into combat with no way out the two dweebs suddenly found the courage to fight. The duo struck all the Ghouls surrounding them down with their ace monsters.

But many duelists from the tournament died too. Their bodies littered the sand, tossed by fate with black-robed bodies everywhere. To Mathias, just one dead duelist was too much. He aimed his sight at his opponent, the Ghoul known as Seeker, ready to wipe him off the earth once and for all.

“I suggest you run away while you can.” Mathias advised the Ghoul. “Do you know how many evil henchmen I’ve killed over the decades? If I’m Super Mario, you’re the first Goomba from World 1-1. A lowly foot soldier like you has no chance.”

Seeker gave a smirk so small to be almost unseen but with great slyness. “I doubt I’ll pose much a threat, Saint, but you won’t know for sure until you beat me. Shall we?” He offered his hand almost as if asking Mathias to dance with him. Mathias accepted his challenge.

Mathias: 8000 || Seeker: 8000

MATHIAS’ TURN: He has no idea what devious tricks Seeker has in store but he can’t take any chances, not even with a lowly foot soldier.

“Let’s rock! I Summon Valkyrie of the Nordic Ascendent, banish two Nordic cards from my hand to Summon two Einherjar Tokens.” A fair maiden, ironically more fairy than warrior, descends to play with two celestial beings who were once warriors. “I tune them all to Synchro Summon, Father of the Aesir!” Then the titan god, Odin, arrives; tall, solemn, serene. “I activate Mound of the Bound Creator!” Mathias shouts, and the sand beneath them turned into primeval rock. Four columns rose from the rock, their chains wrapping around Odin. “My turn’s done.” Mathias concludes.

SEEKER’S TURN: “A strong play indeed, my prey. But you are ignorant as all prey are. I, the hunter, have long prepared my net to ensnare you.”

“I play Painful Choice.” Seeker reveals five cards from his Deck, all of the pieces of Exodia!

The move startles Mathias and arouses in him the strongest suspicion. Seeker needs the five pieces of Exodia in his hand to win, not in his Graveyard. What dirty trick could he be planning? Mathias selects one piece, Exodia’s right arm, and Seeker throws the rest away to the Graveyard.

“Well, that was easy!” Seeker grinned as a fox eager to invade a henhouse. “You took my bait, and it only took one turn! I Summon Right Arm of the Forbidden One, and sacrifice it to Summon Exodia the Summoned God!” The golden right arm of an ancient giant appears, then vanished, for the golden giant itself towers over the field, its ATK 5000 for all five pieces were dead and buried. “Exodia, destroy Odin!” Seeker commands, and the Egyptian god smashes Odin’s face. Mathias staggers back from the blow, then falls back even more as his own Field Spell strikes him with lightning. (Mathias LP 6000)

Mathias gasps in shock. There was no way Seeker, a man lowly even among criminals could be that strong!

Seeker is all too eager to see Mathias squirm. “I’ll let my attack sink in. I set two cards facedown and as I end my turn Exodia, activates. I return Exodia’s head to my hand.”

“I too have an Effect. I banish Valkyrie in my Graveyard to resurrect Odin.” The Nordic god rises from the dust of death, towering behind Mathias. “And its Effect lets me draw a card.”

MATHIAS’ TURN: Good! Here was his chance! Exodia’s ATK lowered to 4000. Both gods will kill each other, but Odin can revive itself. “Odin, attack Exodia!” Mathias commands.

The Nordic god casts a blizzard at the Egyptian god with its palm. Seeker springs his trap, “Obliterate!!! I send an Exodia card from my Deck to my Graveyard. I bounce Odin back to your Extra Deck where he belongs!”

“I counter with Cosmic Cyclone!” Mathias declares. A flaming breeze of solar wind disintegrates Seeker’s card, but it damages Mathias a bit as well. (Mathias LP 5000) “Odin, destroy Exodia!”

“I activate Backup Soldier! I return three Exodia pieces to my hand.” His play drastically cuts down his giants strength, allowing Odin to effortlessly topple it. Then lightning from the four pillars struck Seeker, wounding him more. (Seeker LP 5000) But the Ghoul is happy, for since his giant died, he draws three cards, the same number of Exodia pieces in his hand.

Mathias raises an eyebrow. Another puzzling move! Why did Seeker weaken his monster? He knew it! To gather all Exodia pieces! To summon Exodia in its true form! If Seeker did that, he would instantly win the game, but he would need to recover the two last pieces from his Graveyard. He had a plan.

“I play Burial from the Different Dimension, returning three banished monsters to my Graveyard. I then Summon Tomtmork of the Nordic Alfar and use its Effect to resurrect two Nordic monsters in my Graveyard.” A small, black, dark gnome emerges from the ground and strikes its hammer, calling forth two monsters from the grave. “I tune all of them to Synchro Summon Loki, Lord of the Aesir!” All three monsters rose to the sky and the legendary trickster god descends from heaven. “I set a card facedown. I end my turn.”

He then said, “You blundered. I now have 1000 more Life Points than you.”

SEEKER’S TURN: “It doesn’t matter how many Life Points you have! You’re still going down!” The Ghouls shouts in triumph. “Victory is mine. I activate Dark Factory of Mass Production! I return two Normal Monsters to my hand. Guess what they are?”

“I know your plan!” Mathias retorted. “Exodia. But you won’t get them! Reveal trap, Phantom Chaos! I sent a Phantom Knight card from my Deck to the Graveyard and your Exodia piece dies a second death!” Mist rises from Seeker’s duel disk, and takes the ghostly form of a giant’s right arm on the field, then extinguishes. Seeker gasps in horror.

“Your one and only strategy is to gather Exodia. Now Exodia is gone, you have nothing left. Admit defeat.” Mathias says.

Seeker’s horror turns to resentment, then vindictiveness. “Or so you think, Saint. I have more strategies than you realize. “I return my one dead Exodia piece back to my Deck to Summon Exodius, the Ultimate Forbidden Lord.” A lesser form of the ancient giant appears, one with flesh of bronze, not gold. “Next, Card Destruction.” Seeker discards and replenishes his hand. With four Normal Monsters sleeping in the grave, Exodius’ ATK rises to 4000.

“I summon Mokey Mokey.” The tiny square angel pops into play with a poof. “And equip it with Moon Mirror Shield.” The angel shrouds itself with a halo of silver and platinum.


Seeker’s tall, lanky body lurches forward in excitement. “Exodius, attack!” He sends a Normal Monster from his Deck to the Graveyard, the giant’s muscular right arm engorges, pulses with bodily power, and shatters Odin’s body with a single blow. “Mokey Mokey, you’re next! Destroy Loki!” The tiny shimmers within the silver halo, growing so bright it surpasses Loki in strength. Loki fires bolts of thunder from its hand but the light from the Mokey Mokey’s halo bounces it away. Mokey channels the light into a single beam, and incinerates the god as an ant. Then lightening from the four tall towers strikes Mathias twice, driving the Saint to his back foor. (Mathias LP 1900)

“I set two cards facedown. I’m done.” Seeker said.

“But I’m not.” Mathias banishes Valkyrie and Tomtmork, letting Odin and Loki revive. “And I draw a card.”

MATHIAS’ TURN: He doesn’t much going for him but he can take one more gamble. He needs all three Nordic gods to defeat Seeker. But the chances of him drawing the right cards are too low. He says, “I banish Phantom Knights of Fragile Armor from my Graveyard, I send another Phantom Knight to my Graveyard and draw a card.” He hovers his hand above his Deck. Please let this be the right card! He draws.

“Got it! I Summon Summoner Monk and discard a Spell with its Effect to Summon Guldfaxe of the Nordic Beasts!” The Taoist Monk appears, chants its ancient spell, calling forth the flaming steed from the North. “I play Monster Reborn and I revive a monster from your Graveyard.” Mathias issued a command. The duel disks responded, displaying Seeker’s entire Graveyard via hologram. Mathias snaps his fingers. He was lucky! “I revive Ojama Yellow!” The small yellow creature in circus tights appears. “I tune all three monsters to Synchro Summon Thor, Lord of the Aesir!” The three monsters ascended to the auroras above, vanishing. The heavens respond, the god satisfied with the tribute. Thor, the most bellicose of the Nordic gods, crashes into the ground from on high, wielding its hammer in earnest.

Seeker is inconceivably astonished. “I don’t belief it! All three Nordic gods in play!”

“Happens pretty often when I duel. Eating Buffalo Chicken Pizza makes you extra good at strategy like that. I activate Thor, negate Exodius’ Effect.” Thor smashes the bronze god with its hammer, dropping its ATK to 0. “And I activate Odin to protect itself from Card Effects.” The elder god coats itself in shimmering ice.

“Let’s do this! Thor, anesthetize Exodius the old fashioned way! Crack its head with your hammer!” Thor lunges to Exodius.

Seeker declares, “I play my trap, Quantum Crush!” He discards a card. “All monsters will now have 0 ATK.”

“Not on my watch! Loki, use your Effect! Destroy his trap!” And Loki burns the trap away with a bolt of lightning.

Seeker is pushed to his last card. “I play Mirror Force!” Loki strikes a mirror-like wall with its thunderbolt, which bounces the lightning back to the Nordic gods. Loki and Thor succumb to the reflected attack, vanishing, but Odin remains, protected by its divine powers.

“Odin, finish this! Crush Exodius!” Mathias commands. The Nordic God calls forth a blizzard from the North. Exodius struggles against it but falls to the cold, freezing into an ice statue. Odin smashes the ice Exodius, shattering it into millions of shards.

Mathias: 1900 || Seeker: 0

Seeker trembled at the sight of his defeat. He perfectly knew what it meant to lose a dark game. He begged, protesting for his life. “You can’t do this to me! I have a family!”

Mathias only heaped scorn. “Bullshit! You seriously thought you’d get away with activating the ‘I have a family’ card? I’m showing you NO MERCY! You’re going out Mortal Combat style! Odin, FINISH HIM!”

All the holographic monsters vanished except one, the elder Nordic god, which reached out to Seeker as if to grab him. Seeker panicked, he cried in terror, running away from the god as fast as he could. Odin stayed put, calm and serious as ever, and instead fired a beam of pure blue light from its finger.

Seeker stopped dead in his tracks, falling to his feet. Only then did he realize why. He had a gaping hole through his chest. He was too shocked to even speak, his mouth gaping but silent. He collapsed on the sand, dead.

Mathias took a few deep breaths to remain calm and buoyant. It was a surprisingly tough duel. Looking to his sides, he observed Maximus and Ivy finishing their duels together, battling as a couple. They finished off the last Ghouls, Maximus with his swordswoman, Ivy with her fire and ice dragon, then ran to Matthew.

“Thank God you two are alright.” Mathias told them. “I worried you two wouldn’t survive.”

Maximus slapped Mathias on the back. “You thought we couldn’t survive a few evil henchmen? We wipe out mooks like them every other day!”

Ivy said, “But seriously, we are so relieved your OK.” She hugged Mathias and Maximus, who returned her affection.

Mathias looked onward to the battle still broiling beyond. “Let’s hope everyone else makes it out alive too.”


Yugioh Children of Prometheus 2: Duel 28 – Card Violence

Leftie: 8000, Gonzo 8000 || Jolene: 8000, JC: 8000

Jolene glanced at the alley around her, realizing she was in a small open patch of space between two narrow corridors of brick and mortar. She felt like a trapped mouse, knowing there was no way out. She asked Leftie nervously, “And if we win the duel. You’ll let us go.”

“Of course.” Leftie quickly replied. “Duelist’s honor and all that.” While in his heart, Leftie said, “Of course not, stupid motherfucker.” And let his duel disk flare up in a holographic rainbow. The duel began.

LEFTIE’S TURN: He draws. “I summon Performapal Skullcrobat Joker,” a buffoon in white and black stripes twirls prances into play, ready for the opening act. “I use its effort to search for Monkey Board. I activate Performapal Guiturtle and Performapal Monkeyboard in my Pendulum Zones.” A red and blue crystal, capturing the monsters inside them, soar high above him. “Guiturtle lets me draw a card and I use Monkeyboard’s effect to add Pendulum Sorceror to my hand. Next, Wavering Eyes!” His Spell breaks the two crystals above him into a thousand shards. He points at Jolene, and the shards fall unto her as hail. Jolene cries in pain, having not dueled with solid vision holograms in a long time. (Jolene LP: 7500)

JC remains stoic but secretly says to himself, “Hang in there, Jolene. I’ve got a plan to rescue us.”

Lefties smirks at Jolene’s suffering, enjoying the pain of a whit woman unused to street violence. “I use my Spell’s effect to search for Guiding Ariadne, and activate it and Performapal Lizardraw in my Pendulum Zones.” Two new crystals hover above him. “Phase two: Pendulum Summon Performapal Pendulum Sorcerer and Luster Pendulum, the Dracoslayer!” Two beings, a circus magician, and a knight wearing dragon scales bound from the portal between the crystals. “Now Pendulum Sorcer, destroy yourself and Ariadne.” The sorcerer and the red crystal evaporated into smoke. “I search for a Counter Trap, Solemn Warning, and two Performapal monsters with Pendulum Sorcerer.”

“Phase three: activate Perfomapal Jestagon in the Pendulum Zone and destroy Lizardraw to draw a card.” A new red crystal appears while the blue one vanishes. “I tune Luster Pendulum and Pendulum Sorcerer to Synchro Summon Ignister Prominence, the Blasting Dracoslayer.” The sorcerer funnels through a tunnel of green rings and a giant knight with gray scales and a huge sword emerges from the portal created thereof. “And I use its effect to summon Master Pendulum, the Dracoslayer.” And a new dragon-knight appears. “Now my Spell, Clash of the Dracoslayers.” He chose two cards from his deck and randomly chose one, summoning the black dragon-wizard, Vector Pendulum, the Dracoverlord.

“I overlay Master Pendulum and Vector Pendulum to Xyz Summon Majester Pendulum, the Ascending Dracoslayer.” The two monsters open a wormhole, sacrificing themselves to allow a new monster, a dragon-knight riding a white dragon with golden mane, to pass through. “And I use its effect to add an Ariadne, the Absolver to my hand and activate it.” And another blue crystal appears. “Then I destroy it with Ignister.” The large dragon-knight crashes the blue crystal with its sword while returning the monster in the red crystal back into his deck. “And I use Ariadne to get another Solemn Warning.”

JC clasped the sides of his head with hands. “Oh my sweet Black Jesus, just end your turn already! I thought Matthew’s Chaos Deck was bad but this meta deck is so boring it makes me want to punch a cop in the face!”

“If you did, you would die instantly.” Jolene reminds him.


Leftie gives and honest laugh, “From one brother to another, you’re as unfunny as Eddie Murphy in a Disney film, but you did make me laugh bit. Ah… too bad I’m gonna’ kill you.”

Jolene has the impulse the ask, “Why don’t you just kill us now?” But doesn’t dare say it. A children’s card game is their only chance to survive.

Leftie says, “I use Majester Pendulum’s second effect to summon Luster Pendulm from the Extra Deck.” The dragon-knight in white returns to the field from the dimension above. “Next, Hadron Collider.” His Spell destroys Majester Pendulum. “And I replace the Xyz Monster with a monster with a Level equal to its rank in my Deck. I summon Performage Plushfire!” A sentient plushy of a circus torch appears. “I fuse Luster Pendulum and Plushfire to Fusion Summon Dinoster Power, the Mighty Dracoslayer.” The two monsters fuse into one, a dragon-knight in a large and cumbersome blue panoply. “I overlay Dinoster and Ignister to Xyz Summon Divine Dragon Knight Felgrand.” And through dimensional travel the dragon-knights let a knight dragon descend into the world.

Lefties sets two cards, no doubt the Solemn Warnings, as a finish touch. His first turn lock is complete.

GONZO’S TURN: “Leftie already did so much I might as well let you surrender.” Gonzo taunts JC.

JC tolerates none of the nonsense. He barks, “Shut up and make your move or drink bleach.”

Gonzo laughs heartlessly, “Then let me force you to surrender with my own game. I activate Magical Abductor in the Pendulum Zone.” A witch and dark grey robes and a staff of matching colors hovers above, incased in a red crystal. “Next my Spell, Pendulum Call.” He discards a card in his hand to search two Spellcasters in his Deck. Meanwhile, a glowing light, a Spell Counter, surrounds the red crystal. “I summon my own Performapal Skullcrowbat Joker and use it to add a monster to my hand.” His own clown with a crowbar comes into play. “I activate Pre-Preparation of Rights. I add a Ritual Monster and Spell to my hand.” Another Spell Counter appears.

“I activate Dragonpit Magician,” And a blue crystal floats above him, making another Spell Counter spark into life. “I use 3 Spell Counters to add a Spellcaster to my hand.” And the three orbs die away. “Now, Pendulum Summon Summons two Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragons, Xiangke Magician, Oafdragon Magician!” His field floods with four monsters, two magicians, one dressed in a squire’s garb while another looks as a knight, and two red horned dragons with purple bellies.

“Next my Ritual Spell begins, Odd-Eyes Advent.” A stone slab rises from the ground alongside a cultist in black; it seizes one of the Pendulum dragons and slits its throat. The dragon’s blood flows on the alter, lights into flames, the dragon burns to ash and, “I Ritual Summon Odd-Eyes Gravity Dragon!” A new dragon rises from the remains. “I overlay Odd-Eyes and Xiangke to Xyz Summon Odd-Eyes Absolute Dragon!” A horned dragon in ice blue and black scales travels to Earth from the spacetime portal. “My turn’s done. Surrender.”

JOLENE’S TURN: She braces herself for the upcoming battle. She can beat one of them this turn, but Gonzo’s monster has a dangerous effect. “I summon Royal Magical Library.” A tall set of bookshelves rises from the ground but for long.

Lefte pounces on his chance. “Gotcha, girl! I activate Solemn Warning!” Moses and his holy train appear and smite down the heathen library through Jehovah’s judgment. (Leftie LP 6000) “You won’t get Exodia this duel.”

Undeterred, Jolene says, “I activate Soul Absorption.”

“And now for my trap.” Gonzo says, “Gravity Dragon, strike her!” The mystical turquoise dragon smacks her with a fireball. (Jolene LP 7500) “Each time you activate a card, you lose 500 Life Points.”

“I know what it does.” Jolene retorts him. “Soul Absorption saves me.”

“But only when you play Spells. Let’s see how long you last.”

“I will last! I look weak but I’m not! I activate Magical Abductor.” Her own sorceress flew by her side in a red crystal. “Next three Into the Void.” She draws three cards. “Now I use Abductor to search a Spellcaster.”

“But it’s not a spell so Gravity Dragon smacks you.” Gonzo reminded her as his dragon burned her again. (Jolene LP 7000)

Jolene struggles onward. “I activate three Upstart Goblin.” She draws three cards while Gonzo gains 3000 Life Points, much to his delight. “I use Abductor to search another Spellcaster.” She takes another hit from Gravity Dragon. “I play Toon Table of Contents, searching for another one, and another one, then for Toon Cannon Soldier. I activate Thunder Dragon, discarding it and adding two more.” Gravity Dragon strikes her again but she stays strong.

“I gathered three Triple Spellmasters to my hand, so I can banish them to add Card Destruction to my hand.” Gravity Dragon burns her again. “I activate Card Destruction.” Everyone discarded their hand and drew new cards. “I discarded Voodoo Dummy, so I can put it back to my hand.” And she takes another hit from Gravity Dragon. “I activate Magican Mining Stone to discard two cards and add Card Destruction to my hand. I discarded two more Voodoo Dummies, so I put them back to my hand.

Gravity Dragon strikes her twice with two devastating blasts. Jolene falls to ground facefirst, scraping her knees and hands. (Jolene LP 4000) JC rushes to her aid, supporting her on her shoulder. Jolene’s knees tremble a bit, nausea setting in. “I’m not used to being punched around by holographic monsters.” She remarks wryly.

JC agrees,“That’s what Maya and Yukio are for.”

“You gonna’ fight or not?” Leftie demands.

“Keep playing.” JC tells Jolene. “I’ll protect you.”

Jolene gives his idea a nod. “I activate Card Destruction again.” And all players renewed their hands again. “And also Hand Destruction.” Each player discarded and drew two cards. “I use Abductor again to get another Abductor.” Gravity Dragon rears its head again to strike but JC takes the hit, his large, strong body, enduring the blast.

“I activate two Hand Destruction.” Each player renews their hand twice more. “I set a card and play Card of Demise.” Jolene draws three cards. “And I use Abductor to add one more Abductor.” Gravity Dragon strikes again, and JC receives the blast. (Jolene LP 5000) And finally, “I set three cards.”

JC’S TURN: Before he can move, Jolene gently grabs his wrist. “Don’t play much. Trust me.” JC sets two cards.

LEFTIE’S TURN: “Well that was dumb.” Leftie taunts her. “You lost your whole deck and you didn’t get Exodia.”

“I didn’t go for Exodia.” Jolene corrects him. “I play my three cards: two Blasting the Ruins and Magical Explosion! Your PePe deck is almost invincible, but not against this!”

Leftie gasps in disbelief. “Oh SHI–“ But it’s too late. Two ancient buildings tower above him, the collapse burying him the rubble. He receives 6000 damage; so much power in one attack he faints. (Leftie LP 0)

“Now for you, Gonzo! I blast you with Magical Explosion!” An old mage takes its stance in front of her. She directs its attack, and the mage strikes Gonzo with the force of twenty Spells! Gonzo slams on a brick wall but fails to collapse, bruised but still standing. (Gonzo LP 7000)

Jolene shakes her head, “Pendulums, not even once.”

GONZO’S TURN: Gonzo fumes in rage – it shows on his face – but he has enough brains to plan an attack. Jolene is an annoying cunt but he doesn’t need to kill her. She’ll deck out next turn. So, “Gravity Dragon! Absolute Dragon! Attack JC!”

“Activate Trap, Localized Torndo!” Jolene declares, shuffling all her cards back into her Deck.”

Gonzo curses, calling his dragons to pummel a new target, which they do. The dragons strong attacks smack her onto the brick wall, and she falls down, limp. (Jolene LP 0)

JC calls out to her, rushes to aid her, but Gonzo shouts, “Joker, attack him!” The clown smacks JC with its crowbar, forcing back into the fight. (JC LP 6200)

JC’S TURN: “I’ve had enough of you, you annoying damn clown. Now I’m really pissed. Prepare to be annihilated.”

“I play Terraforming to search Revolving Switchyard, then play it.” The small, narrow, dark alleyway expands into vast, bustling train station. “Then I activate it, I discard a card to add a train.” But JC suffers another three strikes from the dragon. (JC LP 5200)

“I summon Knight Express Knight.” A large and rather tall blue knight marches to the train station. “Then activate Switchyard’s other effect. I summon Ruffian Railcar and use Heavy Freight Train Derricrane to summon itself.” A massive red engine and a small but hot-tempered railcar roll to their stations on schedule. “Then I play Infernal Reckless Summon, with Derricrane’s ATK cut in half, I can summon two more!” And two more imposing freight trains take their stations. But once more, Gravity Dragon assaults the player. (JC LP 3700)

“I overlay my three Derricranes to Xyz Summon Superdimensional Robot Galaxy Destroyer.” A robot of unbelievable size falls from the sky, crashing the ground under it. “Galaxy Destroyer, wipe all his Spells!” The titanic robot launches its gauntlets at Gonzo’s two crystals, effortlessly smashing them. “I detached Derricrane, so I destroy Gravity Dragon.” A dark tunnel to the Graveyard opened, a light appears at the end, small at first, but bigger and bigger until the massive train steamrolls the annoying dragon flat, but before it gets to hit JC with one more attack. (JC LP 2700)

JC groans from all the damage he received, but is relieved. “I return Derricrane to my Deck to Special Summon Exodius the Ultimate Forbidden Lord.” A towering giant similar to the forbidden one arrives. “I overlay it with my Knight to Xyz Number 81: Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Super Dora.” A towering black train armed with a massive cannon rolls to station. Gonzo gasps in awe and disbelief. “Super Dora, attack Absolute Dragon! Lock, aim, fire!”

“I use Absolute Dragon’s effect to negate your attack!” Dora states.

“And I use Super Dora’s effect to make it impervious to any effects! Fire!” The superdreadnought cannon blasts the dragon to pieces. “Galaxy Destroyer, take down the clown!” JC commands, and the robot smushes the joker like a bug. (Gonzo LP 3300) JC sets a card, ending his turn.

GONZO’S TURN: “I still have one trick left. I activate Performapal Guiturtle and Performapal Odd-Eyes Unicorn.” Two new crystals appear and he draws a card. “I Pendulum Summon Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon, Magical Abductor, Skullcrowbat Joker, and Dragonpit Magician!” His whole army, destroyed a moment ago, effortlessly returns.

But JC has none of it. “I activate Solemn Warning!” And the wrath of Jehovah annihilates Gonzo’s entire army. JC pays a steep price of 2000 Life Points, but it’s well worth it. JC could barely see a small, wet stain on Gonzo’s pants.

JC’S TURN: “Super Robot, Galaxy Destroyer, finish him with a fatality!” The huge train fires its cannon straight through Gonzo’s gut while the space robot crushes Gonzo’s chest with its rocket fist. The Ghoul crumples to the floor, expired.

Leftie: 0, Gonzo 0 || Jolene: 0, JC: 700

JC gasped for air. Finally, it was over. He didn’t feel this much overwhelming since he dueled Maya four years ago. He turned his attention to Jolene, cradling her in his arms, gently shaking her until she woke up.

Jolene rubbed her eyes, squinting at JC. “Did I get high?”

JC laughed in relief. “No, you were knocked out. I beat the Ghouls. You’re safe. Let’s get you to a hospital.”


Yugioh Children of Prometheus 2: Duel 27 – The Storm Awakens

It was twilight, just before sunrise, the place where sky and earth meet glowing in pink and blue paints. Gernand arrived to the arena where his schemes would manifest; he was so excited he even dared not to hide. But still, he was not fond of traveling these days, and once he cemented his great, massive body on a chair he refused to ever sit up. Neither did he have his small, mysterious apprentice to aid him. She was gone, but Matthew took her place.

Heishin left his office in Cairo to oversee the coming battle in Luxor himself, which was expected, as he was always a military man. He even perched the obese Gernand on top of the steep canyons in the Valley of the Kings just so his ringleader could have a front row seat and be safe from the conflict at the same time. But Heishin held his radio close at hand, ready to enter the fray the instant he would have to.

Gernand snapped his fingers and Heishin’s men served him a massive meal enough to feed ten men: ten cooked ducks, fifteen cups of coffee, five liters of win, and seven dessert cakes. The ogre was all too ready to feast on every morsel, his jaw yawning like the lion’s mouth of Hell, but he did complain how there was not enough food for him.

Heishin thought how he should bring his soldiers in to capture but not kill the duelists, and voices his plan to his overseer, but Gernand brushed it aside: “Why rush things so? Bring the Ghouls to battle first; let them torment their prey in a Dark Game, let the lions toy with the Christians you wish to sacrifice in our makeshift coliseum, play with the helpless animals before sacrificing them to the darkness.”

He brandished a greasy duck drumstick in front of the general, trying his hardest not to eat it so he could use it as an exhibit for his pedagogy. “So many little ducklings meet a grisly end before they can even grow into delicious mallards. All male babies and deformed female babies grown in your modern hatcheries are ground up alive in macerators. Nature is less cruel but nonetheless a most harsh mistress; the little runts die of the cold at night, the ibis, crocodile, and catfish swallow them whole, or they catch a contagion and become weak; the mother banishes the youngster from her brood lest the group suffers from the ills of one individual, and the little one is left to die amongst the elements.”

Gernand noticed Heishin’s patience but couldn’t care less, taking his time to fasten a handkerchief over his neck. “Do you not see the sublime beauty of Nature in this situation? We are the hungry crocodile while the duelists below us are the little ducklings, cast adrift with no old mallard to protect them. They can only huddle together in fear and desperately chirp for their mothers to save them as we clamp our jaws on our victims and devour them.”

Heishin cleared his throat, trying to put a stop to the cruel man’s fantasies. “I kill only when I must, not out of pleasure.” He said. “I only want this battle to be over soon. I am a man of honor. It gives me no satisfaction killing people who are basically innocent and defenseless.”

Gernand smirked at the general’s quaint remarks then gestured to Matthew. “Boy, do not forsake the dark powers my apprentice awakened within you. Maya desecrated your grandfather’s grave four years ago just so she could duel against you and win. She might as well have killed him herself. You’re grandfather confided in Pegasus to help him keep the Book of Isis safe only to be betrayed.” He took only a second to contrive an entire story to lead Matthew astray, “But the old man had the Book of Isis reburied in Egypt just before his death. Help us find the Book of Isis and you will gain all the powers of darkness to kill Pegasus and avenge your precious grandfather’s death.”

Matthew’s blood boiled, his tan face growing red, as Gernand wanted, but Matthew had other thoughts. He knew Gernand was less than trustworthy and, while he did grieve for his grandfather’s death and despised Maya for adding insult to injury, he wanted more than simple revenge. He wanted the truth: about his grandfather’s life, his forbidden dealings, the facts of his death, and, most of all, the Book of Isis itself. What mysteries did such a forbidden text guard? He knew his rivals held the same dark curiosity but he would unlock every secret first.


DAY 8 : 9:18 AM : LUXOR

Maya and Yukio still embraced each other, sometimes planting soft kisses on one another: on the lips, the cheeks, the neck, and chest. Throughout their lives they always felt alone and took it for granted they had no one but themselves to rely on. Even Yukio, who believed in the power of friendship more than anyone else, didn’t realize his own stubbornness and pride. But now both lovers realized they need not be alone, and they were never alone to begin with. They always had each other.

But would that bond last today’s test? They went to the rooftop, still nude, of the white building of clay and mortar to see the sunrise. Pink and blue turned to indigo, then orange, and finally fiery gold with sky blue. It was a beautiful sight but the air felt odd. The couple, especially bellicose Maya, expected a certain static tension in the air, the gathering hum and darkness before the storm, but this day looked no different than any other.

Sophia climbed up to the rooftop, took one glance at them, and covered her eyes and red cheeks in embarrassment, her modesty offended. “Oh my God! Can you two put your clothes on, please?”

“You’re not a little girl, Sophia. Deal with it.” Maya curtly rebuked her.

“It’s not just me. Mathias wants everyone gathered at the square now.” Sophia tossed a cell phone at Maya’s bare lap. Maya read the txt message and gave a sly, even slightly wicked grin. The great battle would test every ability she had and would herald even greater battles to come. She trembled with anxiety of all the wrong things that could happen but at the same time, how could she not tremble with excitement?

All remaining duelists in the tournament gathered in the village square while Mathias, surrounded by soldiers, gave them a briefing. Both Heishin’s troops and the Ghouls would arrive to attack them. The Saints would use their powers to protect the duelists from the crude weapons of guns and bombs but in Dark Games the duelists would only have their wills and wits by their side. All duelists would stay put in a tight group and defend each other. The village would be their fortified position. The battle would take place there.

A young man stood just behind Matthew as a leader – None other than Hassan himself! – Receiving aid from a renegade officer, ready to take Egypt back. Mathias finished the briefing. Every soldier instantly surrounded the duelists, shielding them in a cage of camouflage colors.

The briefing upset Maya. Always when the armies of mighty kings and soldiers fought, in all wars ancient and the modern, innocent people would get caught in the middle and suffer the most. Like the refugees and deformed children of so many drone bombings, the villagers would get in the crosshairs. Matthew ordered the villagers to evacuate but Maya was not reassured.

There was no more time to worry. All the duelists pointed to the rising sun in awe. Did they see a real-life monster soaring among the sunbeams? By Re, it was a mighty dragon of silver and red, Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV8! And flying on its left side was a dragon of deep blue, a moon beside the sun, Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier!

The sight took everyone’s breath away in pure astonishment and wonder, but before they could even blink the black flame dragon hailed a storm of fire and brimstone on the village, shattering the brick huts and buildings into dusty rubble, raging fire engulfing the small streets. Next the ice dragon dove under, flying over the village, beating its wings, and ice joined fire.

“Stay on formation!” Hassan and Mathias said, repeating it over and over again. Soldiers and duelists followed orders, huddling close to each other, buffering themselves as a tortoise shell, bearing the brunt of the fire and ice.

The supernatural storm faded and our tiny army could breath. Then stranger wonders of nature happened. Bright noon blotted into night. Dark clouds shrouded the entire village. Everyone could barely breath, as if a cork was jammed down their throats, and shivered in the cold. Mathias answered their worries with a warning. The Ghouls began a dark game, playing to kill. The only way to beat them was to duel them.

Stella gasped in disbelief, “Dark games are real!?”

Ranks of people shrouded in black cloaks and hoods appeared; the procession of a death cult. Hassan and his superior ordered their soldiers to ready their guns to attack, but of no use. Two Ghouls came out on front, taking off their veils. It was Matthew and Alexis. The queen of Ghouls smacked a card on her duel disk while evoking her dark powers, summoning a massive undead turtle made of skulls: Bone Snapper. Hassan ordered the soldiers to fire but their bullets bounced off the beast harmlessly.

“Bone Shatter Earthquake!” Alexis screamed her order. The huge zombie leveled the ground, shaking the earth, shattering it with such force the entire rebel formation broke. Matthew commanded his dragon to besiege the village with a firestorm, scattering their opponents in a panic. Hassan’s militia tried its best to fight back but was no match for the Ghouls’ dark powers. The duelists defended themselves by summoning their own monsters, something they could do in the dark realm, forcing the Ghouls to duel them.

Maya, Yukio, and Sophia clasped each other’s hands into a chain, desperate to keep each other from separating. Soon they ran into Matthew himself. He pointed at Maya and Yukio, “I finally got you two rats! You’ll pay for desecrating my grandfather’s grave and ruining my dueling career!”

“Fine but leave Sophia out of this.” Maya instinctively shielded the girl from view.

Yukio saw the wicked light in Matthew’s eyes. “Bad move.” He said to Maya, who all too quickly grasped the truth.

Matthew smirked at his rivals. “I was always better than you, always of higher class and quality. My strong Ka will prove my divine rights once and for all! Horus, attack!”

The black flame dragon, silently perched on the ruins of a building like a bird of prey, opened fire without warning, the fiery missile pummeling straight at Sophia. Maya leaped at Sophia, taking the full attack on her back! Everyone; Matthew, Yukio, Sophia, was astonished. “Why isn’t she burned to ashes? Horus, kill her!”

His dragon amped the pressure; breathing down on Maya with more fury and brimstone. But Maya called forth her own powers, awakened by the Saints to do her bidding. Barely a novice, she could still at least summon some of the tough, scaly back of her own Ka to protect her back. But it wasn’t enough. Her skin was burning. She whined in agony. She couldn’t last much longer.

Yukio had to act. He dashed at Matthew, fists raised to pummel him to oblivion. Matthew stretched his hands, the darkness surrounding bellowing at Yukio as a fierce wind, cutting his body like icy, sharp blades. But Yukio kept coming, calling forth his own will, his own power, his own Ka. Matthew’s eyes widened in fear, seeing Yukio plowing through, his warrior spirit undaunted. “HEY, ASSHOLE!” Yukio roared with a strength that would impress Maya. Drawing all his strength, he smashed Matthew’s face, hurling Matthew yards away.

The Horus dragon vanished, its breath stopped. Maya collapsed into Sophia’s arms, the girl weeping at her friend’s suffering. Yukio rushed to help Maya out. Her back, hips, and shoulders were badly burned and she was unconscious. Yukio slapped her face. “Wake up! Wake up, you idiot!”

Matthew clenched his jaw, nearly broken, spitting out blood and, to his horror, two teeth. Matthew seethed at his enemies in resentment. How did they learn to use shadow magic!? He called his strongest henchman, “Your jailbait is here! Get her!”

Maya woke up in a fit, wincing at her burning pains. Her friends hugged her, thankful she was all right, and she did the same with the same relief and gratitude. Sophia and Yukio were also fine.

Their relief was not meant to last. Bandit Keith appeared on the scene, followed by Umbra and Lumis. Keith’s grin was worse than Matthew’s. Our heroes knew they would kill them without hesitation so they gave themselves a fighting chance. They readied their duel disks and challenged the three Ghouls to a duel, knowing a dark game could never be refused.

This irked Keith a bit but he laughed, brushing it off. He gave his toadies a nod. Time for Plan B. He summoned his Ka, Barrel Dragon. The machine locked and loaded the three guns on its head and arms, and fired at heroes with a precise shot. The bullets hit just in front of them, enough to blast them apart from each other.

Keith pounced on Sophia the way a beast of prey attacks a wounded animal, yanking the girl away by the scruff of her neck. Maya and Yukio called Sophia’s name, scrambling to rescue her, but Umbra and Lumis locked two explosive collars on their neck. Lumis pointed his finger at a button. “Duel us, now! One move from you motherfuckers and you’ll be blown to bits, I tell you!”

Maya and Yukio let themselves drop in dejection. There was no way out but to beat those clowns. And to make matters worse, Matthew said, “Don’t think you’re buddies in America are safe. Ghouls are coming to get them too!” He let himself enjoy the thought of their friends being mercilessly killed before letting Umbra and Lumis do their work. He returned to the battle at large, his dragon’s wings blazing.

Meanwhile, the Ghouls cornered the Saints from every direction, challenging them all to a duel. Maximus and Ivy easily took care of all comers but Mathias had an extra opponent to face, Seeker. The squad of Ghouls cleared away, letting their leader begin the deadly game.


“Guys! Guys! Are you there? Guys!” Jolene shouted into the phone, desperate to call her friends but there was no answer. The battle must have begun, but she wanted to know if they were OK. With no answer, she could only imagine the worst.

Loud noises thundered in Jolene’s house as a legion of Ghouls battered her door and smashed her windows. JC grabbed her hand. “Time to go!” They escaped through a back door and ran for their lives. But the Ghouls knew Chicago’s streets far better than Jolene and JC ever could. Soon they were cornered in an alley.

Two Ghouls approached them, wearing frightening clown masks under their hoods, the stuff children’s nightmares were made of. “You can call me Leftie. My partner is Gonzo.” The first Ghoul said in a low, distorted voice; a towering giant next to his short and thin partner in crime. The two Ghouls revealed their duel disks from their cloaks, brandishing them the way apes display their fangs. “I’ll give you two one chance.” Leftie said. “Beat us and we let you go. I’m a man of my word.”

Jolene and JC accepted his challenge. There was no other option.