The Perfect Girl?

This morning I saw a video from The Scene, which popped up on my Facebook feed. The people from The Scene asked Megan, an interior designer, what her “perfect guy” would be like. They even dropped an entire questionnaire on her so she could describe the qualities she wanted in a man in detail. A few days later, the people from The Scene found a “perfect guy” for her. She really seemed to enjoy the first date.

I then decided, “Why not make my own list?” We often think of women as picky and matchmakers while we think men screw everything that moves, but this really isn’t the case. Many men are choosy and considerate about what woman they want to be in a relationship with, even what woman they want to have sex with, and I’m no exception. Here is my list:

22 to 30

Body type?
Curvy or thin

Intelligent, generous, kind, strong-willed, creative

watching horror movies, reading philosophy books, blogging, discussing politics and philosophy, playing video games

Wants kids?
Not at the moment

Drinking habits?
Drinks occasionally or none at all

Smoking habits?

Domestic duties?
More than happy to share chores
I especially like to cook

Cats or dogs?

Confidence (1-10)?

Don’t care

5’0’’ to 6’3’’
Pretty lenient here

Body hair?

Left leaning

Times of having sex per week?
Oh dear… um, 3… I guess

Married before?
I don’t mind

Believes in monogamy?
Yes or no is fine

Goth, punk, or hipster is a plus but not a necessity

Don’t mind

Does drugs?
Weed or other “light” drugs is fine

Link to video here: