YUGIOH Children of Prometheus 2 – Duel 20: Raid of the Gods

Weevil: 8000 || Yukio: 5300

“Now that you and your girlfriend stand corrected you will never take me lightly again.” Weevil even dramatically points at an accusing finger straight at Yukio’s face. “Let’s see you get out of this situation.”

Rex hops with joy at the edge of the dirt pit of an arena at the sight of seeing Weevil take the lead. “WOOHOO! Yes! You get ‘em, Weevil!”

Yukio, still smarting from Weevil’s last attack, dusts his shirt as if he was trying to get rid of mountains of hale and frost from it, but, being holograms only, they aren’t there. Perhaps this is why duelists dodge or brace themselves for monster attacks, and maybe even come out with a bruise or two. Gameplay is so intense and the holograms are so realistic their minds make it real. Weevil’s last play was far from the worst think Yukio ever faced, but it was a very decent play – and a shocking one! It came from someone so laughable and weak.

So it is Yukio’s turn to eat humble pie, though he does wish Maya would have her slice since she needs it more. “Weevil, congratulations. That was an amazing play.” Yukio admits.

“You mean it?” Weevil asks, shocked and skeptical. “No one has ever praised us before. If we ever did anything cool people would call us lame anyway.”

“I mean it.” Yukio says. “You’re a worthy opponent.”

Rex is as shocked as Weevil is. “Did he just call us worthy?”

“I think he did, Rex.” Weevil says. “Oh, God!” His eyes start watering. His little heart fills with so many intense emotions he never felt before. “What does this even mean? I don’t understand it.”

“It’s called pride. For once in your life, you feel good about yourself.” And Yukio turns to Maya and says, “See. You’re cynicism about Yugioh is completely undue. This game does bring people together and help us grow as human beings. It’s not just a marketing scheme for wealthy pricks.”

“Pfft! Preach to this, Card Game Jesus!” Maya says and flips him off.

“Up yours where you enjoy it!”

And Sophia once more covers her face in embarrassment. Aren’t they at least five years older than she is? Maximus nudges her in the shoulder and whispers, “Psst! It means they really like each other.”

Yukio says to Weevil, “Anyway, now I’m taking you seriously this means something really big. It means I will fight in my full strength. You want a serious duel? You got it!”

YUKIO’S TURN: “Draw card! I activate The Warrior Returning Alive, retrieving Shadow Mist back to my hand. I Special Summon Heroic Challenger – Assault Halberd from my hand and summon Elemental HERO Shadowmist again.” A bronze-armored hero and a caped counterpart stand together size by size. “I activate Xyz Change Tactics. Each time I summon a Utopia monster I can pay 500 Life Points to draw a card.”

Weevil gasps, “Oh no!”

“Oh yeah! I got a fresh can of Raid! I overlay Halberd and Shadow Mist to Xyz Summon Number 39: Utopia!” Yukio’s heroic monsters collide in a wormhole to form a new hero: a familiar platinum-armored space warrior. “I pay 500 and draw one. I overlay Utopia to Xyz Summon Number S39: Utopia One!” The space warrior adds extra armor to its arms and legs, and even obtains a sword. “I pay 500 and draw one. “I activate Rank-Up Magic – Barian’s Force to replace Utopia One with Number C39: Utopia Ray V!” His space warrior mutates again, growing in size and adding a full exoskeleton of red armor to its arsenal.

“I pay 500 and draw one, and I use Ray V’s effect. Destroy Trishula and damage Weevil equal to its ATK!” Yukio’s massive monster fires its massive clawed fists from its wrists like rockets, cracking the ice dragon’s heads and heart. The dragon’s body breaks into a hailstorm of ice shards, which rain down on a frightened Weevil. (Weevil LP 8000 à 5100) “Since I detached Shadow Mist, I add Stratos to my hand.” Yukio proceeds further. “I activate Rank-Down Magic Numeron Fall! I transform Ray V back into good old fashioned Utopia!” Ray V sheds all its armor, causing it to shatter around him like glass. “I pay 500 and draw one. I overlay Utopia to Xyz Summon Number S39: Utopia Prime!” Utopia adds extra gold to its armor and acquires a huge golden sword. “I pay 500 and draw one. Now I discard a Rank-Up Spell Card to Xyz Summon Number S0: Hope ZEXAL!” A black hole – or was it a white hole? – opens up high above in the sky, and Utopia fearlessly flies through it. Thunder strikes the earth and among the jovial bolts of pure power a golden-haired space warrior wielding a staggering sword comes into view.

Weevil comes close to peeing his pants just looking at Yukio’s new super monster, but thankfully he holds it. “H-How strong is that thing!?”

“8000 ATK!” Yukio boldly declares. “And bigger than anything Maya can make or handle.”

“BOOOOO!” Maya hollars from the sidelines. “Even your mom can handle that!”

“Here I come, Weevil!” – “Phrasing!” Maya interrupts. – “Its time I blow it all out with my ultimate attack!” – “Phrasing!” Maya interrupts again. – “ZEXAL, kill Crimson Blader! End the duel!” Yukio commands. His greatest soldier, surrounding by so many so many orbiting Xyz Materials it almost looks like atom, dashes at Weevil’s far lesser warrior, swinging its huge blade, ready for the attack.

Weevil, at the end of his rope, has one last trick up his sleep. “I activate Xyz Drain!” ZEXAL slashes Crimson Blader to pieces, there mere contact jettisons a blazing radio wave shower engulfing Weevil’s entire field. Everyone, even the stout Mathias and the impious Maya, duck for cover. As the blast fades, everyone is shocked to see Weevil still standing, still in the game. (Weevil LP 5100 à 1900) Weevil seems to sense everyone’s complete surprise, so he quickly explains, “My trap took away 2 of ZEXAL’s Xyz Materials, and since both of them are Xyz Monsters themselves, I can draw two cards.”

“And since ZEXAL had only 6 Xyz Materials when it battled, it only had 6000 ATK. So you survive.” Yukio concludes. The duel is far from over. Yukio has a massive hand and field advantage but at only 1800 Life Points he is in precarious position. Taking Weevil seriously is not about being nice anymore. He needs to survive. “I set two cards facedown and end my turn.”

WEEVIL’S TURN: “I draw a card.” Weevil declares.

“And right after you do, ZEXAL activates.” Yukio counters. His great warrior sends a photon wave sweeping over the entire field, losing 1000 ATK in the process. “You can’t activate any cards this turn.”

“I know what it does. I set a monster and a card facedown.”

“Damn it, Weevil! You were so close!” Rex throws his beaner on the ground in disgust.

Sophia almost jumps for joy in excitement. “Yukio got his best monster out! He bagged this duel! Right?”

“I wish.” Maya shakes her head and replies, “Zexal is powerful but overrated. I mean, just look at it. It looks like a Super Saiyan, so you know how lame it really is. If Weevil is truly smart and not an old joke he’ll work his away around it.”

“You’re scoffing at a monster that had 8000 ATK!” Sophia protests.

“Exactly. Had.” Maya corrects her junior.

“But still, 5000 ATK!”

“It could have infinite ATK and still be lame.”

Shocked, Sophia turns to Maximus who nods in agreement, “ZEXAL can only stop effects during your opponent’s turn, not when it’s your turn. So Weevil can still turn things around during Yukio’s turn. By the way, Maya really is digging into Yukio right now.”

“I heard that!”

YUKIO’S TURN: “I summon Elemental HERO Stratos.” A superhero wearing dark teal spandex and hoisting a jetpack on its shoulders flies into play. “I use its effect to search a HERO monster in my deck. Now, Stratos, attack Weevil’s facedown monster!” The superhero dove straight through Weevil’s card, punching out what looks like a massive cricket.

“You killed Howling Insect, which lets me Special Summon another one from my Deck.” Weevil hastily summons a second cricket.

“ZEXAL, kill the other Howling Insect.” A few seconds and a swift, clean slash of a sword later, the next insect goes down.

“I activate its effect and Special Summon Naturia Butterfly from my Deck.” A pink butterfly with large, sentimental blue eyes flutters into play.

Yukio has no choice but to end his turn.

WEEVIL’S TURN: Yukio activates ZEXAL’s effect as soon as Weevil draws his card, again dousing Weevil’s field in a swamp of photon particles.

“I only have to endure one more turn. Then my best combo will be complete and my mightiest monster will rise.” Weevil thinks to himself. “Just live one more turn.” Out loud, he says, “I set a card facedown. You’re move.”

Out loud, he says, “I set a card facedown. You’re move.”

YUKIO’S TURN: “Hmm. Weevil’s traps can’t be terribly useful. If they were, he would have activated them already, unless, he’s setting up some super combo.” Yukio thinks to himself so intensely he almost mumbles the words out. He can’t let Weevil finish his combo. He has to break him now. “I return Stratos to my hand to Special Summon Nova HERO Bouncer.” The flying superhero disappears, replaced by some kind of superhero from the distant future, its ghostly luminous body almost invisible. “I summon Elemental Hero Stratos again,” The flying superhero reappears. “And use its effect. I pop your middle facedown card.” The superhero hovers above Weevil’s set card and blazes a torrent of fiery wind at it.

“You fell into my trap!” Weevil shouts with glee. “Activate Insidious Infestation! It skips the duel by three rounds!” Time speeds ahead and, to Yukio’s nasty surprise, his monsters are decaying on sight, with maggots chewing through their necrotic flesh. “I forgot to mention my maggots. Your monsters lose 100 ATK and DEF for each turn this card stays on the field, and this card has already been around for six turns.

Yukio shrugs this blow off. “Regardless, Stratos destroys your facedown card.” And surely, Stratos vaporizes it with the fuel from its jetpack.

“And here is my real trap! Underground Chrysalis activates! Thanks to Insidious Infestation, five rounds (read: ten turns) passed by the time you destroyed it, which means I can summon a Level 12 Insect monster from my Extra Deck! Arise, Infinity Great Moth!” Weevil’s facedown card turns out to be a massive cocoon. The flames from Stratos’ jetpack crack it open, and a moth bursts from the chrysalis, a creature so massive it seems to be as large as the Pyramids themselves. Yukio sees – and smells! – something more. With each beat of its wings so wide they blot out the stars, the great moth pollutes the air with a poisonous miasma. Yukio’s two superhero monsters clutch their throats in suffocation, their bodies dissolving in the corrosive atmosphere. Weevil chuckles at a horrorstruck Yukio, “All your monsters lose 400 ATK times their Level or Rank and if their ATK becomes 0, they’re through.”

“YES! YES! YES!” Rex hops and hops again as a tiny adorable velociraptor. “You pulled it off, Weevil! Now you won the duel we can celebrate by going to xhamster.com!” The entire arena falls silent. Weevil covers his face in embarrassment but Rex remains undeterred. “What are you looking, you hypocrites. Everyone goes to xhamster. Even your grandma goes to xhamster.” An unfortunate duelist faints upon hearing this awful truth.

“Don’t celebrate just yet. We’re still dueling.” Yukio reminds Weevil. “I change ZEXAL to defense position and set two cards facedown.”

WEEVIL’S TURN: “Like that’ll help.” Weevil snorts. “Did you also know my moth has 4000 ATK and is unaffected by card effects? Well now you do. The more you know. Infinity Great Moth, get rid of ZEXAL! It’s been a blight on my plans long enough!” His great moth dissolves even the mightiest of Yukio’s monsters with its gale of poison.

YUKIO’S TURN: The pressure is too much. Weevil’s monster is simply too strong. He collapses, one knee on the sand. He honestly doubts if he can go on anymore. He just lost his team an Item Card.

“Don’t give up, Yukio! You can do it!” Yukio hears Maya’s voice and instinctively glances at the sidelines. Maya runs to him and hugs him. “You know no matter how much I talk trash to your face I’ll always believe in you, right?”

Yukio chuckles dryly, “Same here.”

“Uh-oh!” Weevil mocks, “Trouble in paradise!”

“THAT’S MY LINE! MY LINE!” Mathias roars from the sidelines. He tries to bulldoze Weevil over but Maximus and Ivy restrain him with all their might.

Maya ignores the spectacle, saying, “A monster card is only a monster card, no matter how strong it is. It has 4000 ATK? You can easily top it. It’s immune to card effects? So is every other monster in Yugioh these days.”

“But he’s got that infestation card out. My monsters can’t even stay alive as long as it’s out, unless –“ He bolts up, straight as a rocket. “I have an idea.” They hug each other, and Maya returns to the sidelines.

“I set a monster and a card facedown. You’re move.” Yukio says.

WEEVIL’S TURN: “You think a full back row is gonna’ help, cause it’s not. Twin Twister!” Weevil discards a card and two tornadoes storm Yukio’s facedown cards, sweeping away two of them. “My Great Moth, attack Yukio’s facedown monster!”

“Activate Mask Change!” Yukio shouts, I tribute my facedown Bubbleman to summon Masked HERO Acid!” A portly superhero with an aqua-themed costume seizes a mask, puts it on his face, and he transforms into a taller superhero wielding what looks like a large water gun. Except it’s no water gun.

Weevil scoffs, “Big deal! My Great Moth’s poison kills it instantly.”

“Yes, but its effect still goes off.” The superhero acts quickly, close to dissolving entirely. it sprays a wide mist of acid from its gun all over Weevil’s cards, making every card in his back row dissolve, to Weevil’s chagrin. Then the superhero dissolves away.

“No matter! Great Moth, attack Yukio directly!”

Yukio blocks, “I activate Oasis of Dragon Souls! I revive Utopia in Defense Position!” Water bursts from the ground as if from a deep underground spring. Yukio’s space warrior emerges from the water back into the plane of the living, but not for long, as it soon perishes under the great moth’s poisonous storm.

“You escape for now, but on my next turn I’ll finish you!”

YUKIO’S TURN: “You won’t have a next turn.” Yukio smirks, “I figured out how to beat you, yes, even beat your Great Moth.”

“I’d like to see you try.” Weevil scoffs.

“You’ll see. Let me put it this way. You’re the bug!  I’M THE WINDSHIELD! Activate Xyz Reborn! I revive Utopia!” Yukio’s future space warrior returns again. “And I overlay it to Xyz Summon Number S39: Utopia the Lightning!” Utopia upgrades again, donning on blue and white armor this time, its body crackling with lightning. “Utopia, attack Weevil’s Great Moth!” His monster flies straight at the massive beast.

“Ha! My Great Moth’s too strong and it reduces Utopia’s ATK to 900.”

“True, but I detach 2 Xyz Materials, allowing Utopia’s ATK to become 5000, no matter what its ATK was before. Plus it is unaffected by card effects.” Utopia crackles with ever stronger lightning, its entire body blazing a bright platinum color, fierce as a blue-white star. “Utopia, finish the duel!” The space warrior punches deep into the great moth’s gut with such strength and drives through the monster’s whole body and bursts from the other side. The great moth moans as close as an insect can moan, crashing to the ground in a catastrophic blaze as if it is a huge bomber plane. (Weevil LP 1900 à 900)

Weevil cries to the heavens, his whole world gone down in flames, “NO! My bug! My beautiful bug! My precious little butterfly! AHH!” Weevil refuses to go on. He surrenders. The duel is done.

Weevil: SURRENDER || Yukio: 1800

“YUKIO WINS! FATALITY!” Mathias announced, making his voice deep and ominous as the announcer’s in the Mortal Combat games! The entire audience burst into cheers and applause, not for Yukio or Weevil but for both of them and for the spectacle of a duel they just displayed.

Yukio shook Weevil’s hand. “Good game. You dueled extremely well. No one should take you lightly again.”

Weevil smiled, his appreciation beyond words. He reached into his pocket and gave Yukio an Item Card, the Millennium Eye Card.

Rex didn’t feel as good as his friend, but his fighting spirit caught fire. Maya gestured to him, catching his attention. “Your trials aren’t over yet. Tomorrow, we duel. Same time. Same place. Be prepared, because I definitely will.”

Rex accepted the challenge, but warned her that he would completely beat her tomorrow. He patted Weevil’s shoulder and the two left, disappearing into the darkness of the village beyond the firelight. Meanwhile, the restless carnival went on without our protagonists as if Yukio’s duel against Weevil never took place. Two brand new duelists were already jousting each other on the field.




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