Yugioh Children of Prometheus: Duel 29 – Ragnarok! Battle of Titans!!!

Back in Egypt the battle at the village raged on. Many Ghouls bit the dust as Stella eviscerated them with her Yang-Zing monsters. Her teammates behind her just as tough, took away just as many Ghouls. Rex and Weevil tried to hide but were quickly exposed by a gang of Ghouls, but when pushed into combat with no way out the two dweebs suddenly found the courage to fight. The duo struck all the Ghouls surrounding them down with their ace monsters.

But many duelists from the tournament died too. Their bodies littered the sand, tossed by fate with black-robed bodies everywhere. To Mathias, just one dead duelist was too much. He aimed his sight at his opponent, the Ghoul known as Seeker, ready to wipe him off the earth once and for all.

“I suggest you run away while you can.” Mathias advised the Ghoul. “Do you know how many evil henchmen I’ve killed over the decades? If I’m Super Mario, you’re the first Goomba from World 1-1. A lowly foot soldier like you has no chance.”

Seeker gave a smirk so small to be almost unseen but with great slyness. “I doubt I’ll pose much a threat, Saint, but you won’t know for sure until you beat me. Shall we?” He offered his hand almost as if asking Mathias to dance with him. Mathias accepted his challenge.

Mathias: 8000 || Seeker: 8000

MATHIAS’ TURN: He has no idea what devious tricks Seeker has in store but he can’t take any chances, not even with a lowly foot soldier.

“Let’s rock! I Summon Valkyrie of the Nordic Ascendent, banish two Nordic cards from my hand to Summon two Einherjar Tokens.” A fair maiden, ironically more fairy than warrior, descends to play with two celestial beings who were once warriors. “I tune them all to Synchro Summon, Father of the Aesir!” Then the titan god, Odin, arrives; tall, solemn, serene. “I activate Mound of the Bound Creator!” Mathias shouts, and the sand beneath them turned into primeval rock. Four columns rose from the rock, their chains wrapping around Odin. “My turn’s done.” Mathias concludes.

SEEKER’S TURN: “A strong play indeed, my prey. But you are ignorant as all prey are. I, the hunter, have long prepared my net to ensnare you.”

“I play Painful Choice.” Seeker reveals five cards from his Deck, all of the pieces of Exodia!

The move startles Mathias and arouses in him the strongest suspicion. Seeker needs the five pieces of Exodia in his hand to win, not in his Graveyard. What dirty trick could he be planning? Mathias selects one piece, Exodia’s right arm, and Seeker throws the rest away to the Graveyard.

“Well, that was easy!” Seeker grinned as a fox eager to invade a henhouse. “You took my bait, and it only took one turn! I Summon Right Arm of the Forbidden One, and sacrifice it to Summon Exodia the Summoned God!” The golden right arm of an ancient giant appears, then vanished, for the golden giant itself towers over the field, its ATK 5000 for all five pieces were dead and buried. “Exodia, destroy Odin!” Seeker commands, and the Egyptian god smashes Odin’s face. Mathias staggers back from the blow, then falls back even more as his own Field Spell strikes him with lightning. (Mathias LP 6000)

Mathias gasps in shock. There was no way Seeker, a man lowly even among criminals could be that strong!

Seeker is all too eager to see Mathias squirm. “I’ll let my attack sink in. I set two cards facedown and as I end my turn Exodia, activates. I return Exodia’s head to my hand.”

“I too have an Effect. I banish Valkyrie in my Graveyard to resurrect Odin.” The Nordic god rises from the dust of death, towering behind Mathias. “And its Effect lets me draw a card.”

MATHIAS’ TURN: Good! Here was his chance! Exodia’s ATK lowered to 4000. Both gods will kill each other, but Odin can revive itself. “Odin, attack Exodia!” Mathias commands.

The Nordic god casts a blizzard at the Egyptian god with its palm. Seeker springs his trap, “Obliterate!!! I send an Exodia card from my Deck to my Graveyard. I bounce Odin back to your Extra Deck where he belongs!”

“I counter with Cosmic Cyclone!” Mathias declares. A flaming breeze of solar wind disintegrates Seeker’s card, but it damages Mathias a bit as well. (Mathias LP 5000) “Odin, destroy Exodia!”

“I activate Backup Soldier! I return three Exodia pieces to my hand.” His play drastically cuts down his giants strength, allowing Odin to effortlessly topple it. Then lightning from the four pillars struck Seeker, wounding him more. (Seeker LP 5000) But the Ghoul is happy, for since his giant died, he draws three cards, the same number of Exodia pieces in his hand.

Mathias raises an eyebrow. Another puzzling move! Why did Seeker weaken his monster? He knew it! To gather all Exodia pieces! To summon Exodia in its true form! If Seeker did that, he would instantly win the game, but he would need to recover the two last pieces from his Graveyard. He had a plan.

“I play Burial from the Different Dimension, returning three banished monsters to my Graveyard. I then Summon Tomtmork of the Nordic Alfar and use its Effect to resurrect two Nordic monsters in my Graveyard.” A small, black, dark gnome emerges from the ground and strikes its hammer, calling forth two monsters from the grave. “I tune all of them to Synchro Summon Loki, Lord of the Aesir!” All three monsters rose to the sky and the legendary trickster god descends from heaven. “I set a card facedown. I end my turn.”

He then said, “You blundered. I now have 1000 more Life Points than you.”

SEEKER’S TURN: “It doesn’t matter how many Life Points you have! You’re still going down!” The Ghouls shouts in triumph. “Victory is mine. I activate Dark Factory of Mass Production! I return two Normal Monsters to my hand. Guess what they are?”

“I know your plan!” Mathias retorted. “Exodia. But you won’t get them! Reveal trap, Phantom Chaos! I sent a Phantom Knight card from my Deck to the Graveyard and your Exodia piece dies a second death!” Mist rises from Seeker’s duel disk, and takes the ghostly form of a giant’s right arm on the field, then extinguishes. Seeker gasps in horror.

“Your one and only strategy is to gather Exodia. Now Exodia is gone, you have nothing left. Admit defeat.” Mathias says.

Seeker’s horror turns to resentment, then vindictiveness. “Or so you think, Saint. I have more strategies than you realize. “I return my one dead Exodia piece back to my Deck to Summon Exodius, the Ultimate Forbidden Lord.” A lesser form of the ancient giant appears, one with flesh of bronze, not gold. “Next, Card Destruction.” Seeker discards and replenishes his hand. With four Normal Monsters sleeping in the grave, Exodius’ ATK rises to 4000.

“I summon Mokey Mokey.” The tiny square angel pops into play with a poof. “And equip it with Moon Mirror Shield.” The angel shrouds itself with a halo of silver and platinum.


Seeker’s tall, lanky body lurches forward in excitement. “Exodius, attack!” He sends a Normal Monster from his Deck to the Graveyard, the giant’s muscular right arm engorges, pulses with bodily power, and shatters Odin’s body with a single blow. “Mokey Mokey, you’re next! Destroy Loki!” The tiny shimmers within the silver halo, growing so bright it surpasses Loki in strength. Loki fires bolts of thunder from its hand but the light from the Mokey Mokey’s halo bounces it away. Mokey channels the light into a single beam, and incinerates the god as an ant. Then lightening from the four tall towers strikes Mathias twice, driving the Saint to his back foor. (Mathias LP 1900)

“I set two cards facedown. I’m done.” Seeker said.

“But I’m not.” Mathias banishes Valkyrie and Tomtmork, letting Odin and Loki revive. “And I draw a card.”

MATHIAS’ TURN: He doesn’t much going for him but he can take one more gamble. He needs all three Nordic gods to defeat Seeker. But the chances of him drawing the right cards are too low. He says, “I banish Phantom Knights of Fragile Armor from my Graveyard, I send another Phantom Knight to my Graveyard and draw a card.” He hovers his hand above his Deck. Please let this be the right card! He draws.

“Got it! I Summon Summoner Monk and discard a Spell with its Effect to Summon Guldfaxe of the Nordic Beasts!” The Taoist Monk appears, chants its ancient spell, calling forth the flaming steed from the North. “I play Monster Reborn and I revive a monster from your Graveyard.” Mathias issued a command. The duel disks responded, displaying Seeker’s entire Graveyard via hologram. Mathias snaps his fingers. He was lucky! “I revive Ojama Yellow!” The small yellow creature in circus tights appears. “I tune all three monsters to Synchro Summon Thor, Lord of the Aesir!” The three monsters ascended to the auroras above, vanishing. The heavens respond, the god satisfied with the tribute. Thor, the most bellicose of the Nordic gods, crashes into the ground from on high, wielding its hammer in earnest.

Seeker is inconceivably astonished. “I don’t belief it! All three Nordic gods in play!”

“Happens pretty often when I duel. Eating Buffalo Chicken Pizza makes you extra good at strategy like that. I activate Thor, negate Exodius’ Effect.” Thor smashes the bronze god with its hammer, dropping its ATK to 0. “And I activate Odin to protect itself from Card Effects.” The elder god coats itself in shimmering ice.

“Let’s do this! Thor, anesthetize Exodius the old fashioned way! Crack its head with your hammer!” Thor lunges to Exodius.

Seeker declares, “I play my trap, Quantum Crush!” He discards a card. “All monsters will now have 0 ATK.”

“Not on my watch! Loki, use your Effect! Destroy his trap!” And Loki burns the trap away with a bolt of lightning.

Seeker is pushed to his last card. “I play Mirror Force!” Loki strikes a mirror-like wall with its thunderbolt, which bounces the lightning back to the Nordic gods. Loki and Thor succumb to the reflected attack, vanishing, but Odin remains, protected by its divine powers.

“Odin, finish this! Crush Exodius!” Mathias commands. The Nordic God calls forth a blizzard from the North. Exodius struggles against it but falls to the cold, freezing into an ice statue. Odin smashes the ice Exodius, shattering it into millions of shards.

Mathias: 1900 || Seeker: 0

Seeker trembled at the sight of his defeat. He perfectly knew what it meant to lose a dark game. He begged, protesting for his life. “You can’t do this to me! I have a family!”

Mathias only heaped scorn. “Bullshit! You seriously thought you’d get away with activating the ‘I have a family’ card? I’m showing you NO MERCY! You’re going out Mortal Combat style! Odin, FINISH HIM!”

All the holographic monsters vanished except one, the elder Nordic god, which reached out to Seeker as if to grab him. Seeker panicked, he cried in terror, running away from the god as fast as he could. Odin stayed put, calm and serious as ever, and instead fired a beam of pure blue light from its finger.

Seeker stopped dead in his tracks, falling to his feet. Only then did he realize why. He had a gaping hole through his chest. He was too shocked to even speak, his mouth gaping but silent. He collapsed on the sand, dead.

Mathias took a few deep breaths to remain calm and buoyant. It was a surprisingly tough duel. Looking to his sides, he observed Maximus and Ivy finishing their duels together, battling as a couple. They finished off the last Ghouls, Maximus with his swordswoman, Ivy with her fire and ice dragon, then ran to Matthew.

“Thank God you two are alright.” Mathias told them. “I worried you two wouldn’t survive.”

Maximus slapped Mathias on the back. “You thought we couldn’t survive a few evil henchmen? We wipe out mooks like them every other day!”

Ivy said, “But seriously, we are so relieved your OK.” She hugged Mathias and Maximus, who returned her affection.

Mathias looked onward to the battle still broiling beyond. “Let’s hope everyone else makes it out alive too.”





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Yugioh Children of Prometheus 2: Duel 28 – Card Violence

Leftie: 8000, Gonzo 8000 || Jolene: 8000, JC: 8000

Jolene glanced at the alley around her, realizing she was in a small open patch of space between two narrow corridors of brick and mortar. She felt like a trapped mouse, knowing there was no way out. She asked Leftie nervously, “And if we win the duel. You’ll let us go.”

“Of course.” Leftie quickly replied. “Duelist’s honor and all that.” While in his heart, Leftie said, “Of course not, stupid motherfucker.” And let his duel disk flare up in a holographic rainbow. The duel began.

LEFTIE’S TURN: He draws. “I summon Performapal Skullcrobat Joker,” a buffoon in white and black stripes twirls prances into play, ready for the opening act. “I use its effort to search for Monkey Board. I activate Performapal Guiturtle and Performapal Monkeyboard in my Pendulum Zones.” A red and blue crystal, capturing the monsters inside them, soar high above him. “Guiturtle lets me draw a card and I use Monkeyboard’s effect to add Pendulum Sorceror to my hand. Next, Wavering Eyes!” His Spell breaks the two crystals above him into a thousand shards. He points at Jolene, and the shards fall unto her as hail. Jolene cries in pain, having not dueled with solid vision holograms in a long time. (Jolene LP: 7500)

JC remains stoic but secretly says to himself, “Hang in there, Jolene. I’ve got a plan to rescue us.”

Lefties smirks at Jolene’s suffering, enjoying the pain of a whit woman unused to street violence. “I use my Spell’s effect to search for Guiding Ariadne, and activate it and Performapal Lizardraw in my Pendulum Zones.” Two new crystals hover above him. “Phase two: Pendulum Summon Performapal Pendulum Sorcerer and Luster Pendulum, the Dracoslayer!” Two beings, a circus magician, and a knight wearing dragon scales bound from the portal between the crystals. “Now Pendulum Sorcer, destroy yourself and Ariadne.” The sorcerer and the red crystal evaporated into smoke. “I search for a Counter Trap, Solemn Warning, and two Performapal monsters with Pendulum Sorcerer.”

“Phase three: activate Perfomapal Jestagon in the Pendulum Zone and destroy Lizardraw to draw a card.” A new red crystal appears while the blue one vanishes. “I tune Luster Pendulum and Pendulum Sorcerer to Synchro Summon Ignister Prominence, the Blasting Dracoslayer.” The sorcerer funnels through a tunnel of green rings and a giant knight with gray scales and a huge sword emerges from the portal created thereof. “And I use its effect to summon Master Pendulum, the Dracoslayer.” And a new dragon-knight appears. “Now my Spell, Clash of the Dracoslayers.” He chose two cards from his deck and randomly chose one, summoning the black dragon-wizard, Vector Pendulum, the Dracoverlord.

“I overlay Master Pendulum and Vector Pendulum to Xyz Summon Majester Pendulum, the Ascending Dracoslayer.” The two monsters open a wormhole, sacrificing themselves to allow a new monster, a dragon-knight riding a white dragon with golden mane, to pass through. “And I use its effect to add an Ariadne, the Absolver to my hand and activate it.” And another blue crystal appears. “Then I destroy it with Ignister.” The large dragon-knight crashes the blue crystal with its sword while returning the monster in the red crystal back into his deck. “And I use Ariadne to get another Solemn Warning.”

JC clasped the sides of his head with hands. “Oh my sweet Black Jesus, just end your turn already! I thought Matthew’s Chaos Deck was bad but this meta deck is so boring it makes me want to punch a cop in the face!”

“If you did, you would die instantly.” Jolene reminds him.


Leftie gives and honest laugh, “From one brother to another, you’re as unfunny as Eddie Murphy in a Disney film, but you did make me laugh bit. Ah… too bad I’m gonna’ kill you.”

Jolene has the impulse the ask, “Why don’t you just kill us now?” But doesn’t dare say it. A children’s card game is their only chance to survive.

Leftie says, “I use Majester Pendulum’s second effect to summon Luster Pendulm from the Extra Deck.” The dragon-knight in white returns to the field from the dimension above. “Next, Hadron Collider.” His Spell destroys Majester Pendulum. “And I replace the Xyz Monster with a monster with a Level equal to its rank in my Deck. I summon Performage Plushfire!” A sentient plushy of a circus torch appears. “I fuse Luster Pendulum and Plushfire to Fusion Summon Dinoster Power, the Mighty Dracoslayer.” The two monsters fuse into one, a dragon-knight in a large and cumbersome blue panoply. “I overlay Dinoster and Ignister to Xyz Summon Divine Dragon Knight Felgrand.” And through dimensional travel the dragon-knights let a knight dragon descend into the world.

Lefties sets two cards, no doubt the Solemn Warnings, as a finish touch. His first turn lock is complete.

GONZO’S TURN: “Leftie already did so much I might as well let you surrender.” Gonzo taunts JC.

JC tolerates none of the nonsense. He barks, “Shut up and make your move or drink bleach.”

Gonzo laughs heartlessly, “Then let me force you to surrender with my own game. I activate Magical Abductor in the Pendulum Zone.” A witch and dark grey robes and a staff of matching colors hovers above, incased in a red crystal. “Next my Spell, Pendulum Call.” He discards a card in his hand to search two Spellcasters in his Deck. Meanwhile, a glowing light, a Spell Counter, surrounds the red crystal. “I summon my own Performapal Skullcrowbat Joker and use it to add a monster to my hand.” His own clown with a crowbar comes into play. “I activate Pre-Preparation of Rights. I add a Ritual Monster and Spell to my hand.” Another Spell Counter appears.

“I activate Dragonpit Magician,” And a blue crystal floats above him, making another Spell Counter spark into life. “I use 3 Spell Counters to add a Spellcaster to my hand.” And the three orbs die away. “Now, Pendulum Summon Summons two Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragons, Xiangke Magician, Oafdragon Magician!” His field floods with four monsters, two magicians, one dressed in a squire’s garb while another looks as a knight, and two red horned dragons with purple bellies.

“Next my Ritual Spell begins, Odd-Eyes Advent.” A stone slab rises from the ground alongside a cultist in black; it seizes one of the Pendulum dragons and slits its throat. The dragon’s blood flows on the alter, lights into flames, the dragon burns to ash and, “I Ritual Summon Odd-Eyes Gravity Dragon!” A new dragon rises from the remains. “I overlay Odd-Eyes and Xiangke to Xyz Summon Odd-Eyes Absolute Dragon!” A horned dragon in ice blue and black scales travels to Earth from the spacetime portal. “My turn’s done. Surrender.”

JOLENE’S TURN: She braces herself for the upcoming battle. She can beat one of them this turn, but Gonzo’s monster has a dangerous effect. “I summon Royal Magical Library.” A tall set of bookshelves rises from the ground but for long.

Lefte pounces on his chance. “Gotcha, girl! I activate Solemn Warning!” Moses and his holy train appear and smite down the heathen library through Jehovah’s judgment. (Leftie LP 6000) “You won’t get Exodia this duel.”

Undeterred, Jolene says, “I activate Soul Absorption.”

“And now for my trap.” Gonzo says, “Gravity Dragon, strike her!” The mystical turquoise dragon smacks her with a fireball. (Jolene LP 7500) “Each time you activate a card, you lose 500 Life Points.”

“I know what it does.” Jolene retorts him. “Soul Absorption saves me.”

“But only when you play Spells. Let’s see how long you last.”

“I will last! I look weak but I’m not! I activate Magical Abductor.” Her own sorceress flew by her side in a red crystal. “Next three Into the Void.” She draws three cards. “Now I use Abductor to search a Spellcaster.”

“But it’s not a spell so Gravity Dragon smacks you.” Gonzo reminded her as his dragon burned her again. (Jolene LP 7000)

Jolene struggles onward. “I activate three Upstart Goblin.” She draws three cards while Gonzo gains 3000 Life Points, much to his delight. “I use Abductor to search another Spellcaster.” She takes another hit from Gravity Dragon. “I play Toon Table of Contents, searching for another one, and another one, then for Toon Cannon Soldier. I activate Thunder Dragon, discarding it and adding two more.” Gravity Dragon strikes her again but she stays strong.

“I gathered three Triple Spellmasters to my hand, so I can banish them to add Card Destruction to my hand.” Gravity Dragon burns her again. “I activate Card Destruction.” Everyone discarded their hand and drew new cards. “I discarded Voodoo Dummy, so I can put it back to my hand.” And she takes another hit from Gravity Dragon. “I activate Magican Mining Stone to discard two cards and add Card Destruction to my hand. I discarded two more Voodoo Dummies, so I put them back to my hand.

Gravity Dragon strikes her twice with two devastating blasts. Jolene falls to ground facefirst, scraping her knees and hands. (Jolene LP 4000) JC rushes to her aid, supporting her on her shoulder. Jolene’s knees tremble a bit, nausea setting in. “I’m not used to being punched around by holographic monsters.” She remarks wryly.

JC agrees,“That’s what Maya and Yukio are for.”

“You gonna’ fight or not?” Leftie demands.

“Keep playing.” JC tells Jolene. “I’ll protect you.”

Jolene gives his idea a nod. “I activate Card Destruction again.” And all players renewed their hands again. “And also Hand Destruction.” Each player discarded and drew two cards. “I use Abductor again to get another Abductor.” Gravity Dragon rears its head again to strike but JC takes the hit, his large, strong body, enduring the blast.

“I activate two Hand Destruction.” Each player renews their hand twice more. “I set a card and play Card of Demise.” Jolene draws three cards. “And I use Abductor to add one more Abductor.” Gravity Dragon strikes again, and JC receives the blast. (Jolene LP 5000) And finally, “I set three cards.”

JC’S TURN: Before he can move, Jolene gently grabs his wrist. “Don’t play much. Trust me.” JC sets two cards.

LEFTIE’S TURN: “Well that was dumb.” Leftie taunts her. “You lost your whole deck and you didn’t get Exodia.”

“I didn’t go for Exodia.” Jolene corrects him. “I play my three cards: two Blasting the Ruins and Magical Explosion! Your PePe deck is almost invincible, but not against this!”

Leftie gasps in disbelief. “Oh SHI–“ But it’s too late. Two ancient buildings tower above him, the collapse burying him the rubble. He receives 6000 damage; so much power in one attack he faints. (Leftie LP 0)

“Now for you, Gonzo! I blast you with Magical Explosion!” An old mage takes its stance in front of her. She directs its attack, and the mage strikes Gonzo with the force of twenty Spells! Gonzo slams on a brick wall but fails to collapse, bruised but still standing. (Gonzo LP 7000)

Jolene shakes her head, “Pendulums, not even once.”

GONZO’S TURN: Gonzo fumes in rage – it shows on his face – but he has enough brains to plan an attack. Jolene is an annoying cunt but he doesn’t need to kill her. She’ll deck out next turn. So, “Gravity Dragon! Absolute Dragon! Attack JC!”

“Activate Trap, Localized Torndo!” Jolene declares, shuffling all her cards back into her Deck.”

Gonzo curses, calling his dragons to pummel a new target, which they do. The dragons strong attacks smack her onto the brick wall, and she falls down, limp. (Jolene LP 0)

JC calls out to her, rushes to aid her, but Gonzo shouts, “Joker, attack him!” The clown smacks JC with its crowbar, forcing back into the fight. (JC LP 6200)

JC’S TURN: “I’ve had enough of you, you annoying damn clown. Now I’m really pissed. Prepare to be annihilated.”

“I play Terraforming to search Revolving Switchyard, then play it.” The small, narrow, dark alleyway expands into vast, bustling train station. “Then I activate it, I discard a card to add a train.” But JC suffers another three strikes from the dragon. (JC LP 5200)

“I summon Knight Express Knight.” A large and rather tall blue knight marches to the train station. “Then activate Switchyard’s other effect. I summon Ruffian Railcar and use Heavy Freight Train Derricrane to summon itself.” A massive red engine and a small but hot-tempered railcar roll to their stations on schedule. “Then I play Infernal Reckless Summon, with Derricrane’s ATK cut in half, I can summon two more!” And two more imposing freight trains take their stations. But once more, Gravity Dragon assaults the player. (JC LP 3700)

“I overlay my three Derricranes to Xyz Summon Superdimensional Robot Galaxy Destroyer.” A robot of unbelievable size falls from the sky, crashing the ground under it. “Galaxy Destroyer, wipe all his Spells!” The titanic robot launches its gauntlets at Gonzo’s two crystals, effortlessly smashing them. “I detached Derricrane, so I destroy Gravity Dragon.” A dark tunnel to the Graveyard opened, a light appears at the end, small at first, but bigger and bigger until the massive train steamrolls the annoying dragon flat, but before it gets to hit JC with one more attack. (JC LP 2700)

JC groans from all the damage he received, but is relieved. “I return Derricrane to my Deck to Special Summon Exodius the Ultimate Forbidden Lord.” A towering giant similar to the forbidden one arrives. “I overlay it with my Knight to Xyz Number 81: Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Super Dora.” A towering black train armed with a massive cannon rolls to station. Gonzo gasps in awe and disbelief. “Super Dora, attack Absolute Dragon! Lock, aim, fire!”

“I use Absolute Dragon’s effect to negate your attack!” Dora states.

“And I use Super Dora’s effect to make it impervious to any effects! Fire!” The superdreadnought cannon blasts the dragon to pieces. “Galaxy Destroyer, take down the clown!” JC commands, and the robot smushes the joker like a bug. (Gonzo LP 3300) JC sets a card, ending his turn.

GONZO’S TURN: “I still have one trick left. I activate Performapal Guiturtle and Performapal Odd-Eyes Unicorn.” Two new crystals appear and he draws a card. “I Pendulum Summon Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon, Magical Abductor, Skullcrowbat Joker, and Dragonpit Magician!” His whole army, destroyed a moment ago, effortlessly returns.

But JC has none of it. “I activate Solemn Warning!” And the wrath of Jehovah annihilates Gonzo’s entire army. JC pays a steep price of 2000 Life Points, but it’s well worth it. JC could barely see a small, wet stain on Gonzo’s pants.

JC’S TURN: “Super Robot, Galaxy Destroyer, finish him with a fatality!” The huge train fires its cannon straight through Gonzo’s gut while the space robot crushes Gonzo’s chest with its rocket fist. The Ghoul crumples to the floor, expired.

Leftie: 0, Gonzo 0 || Jolene: 0, JC: 700

JC gasped for air. Finally, it was over. He didn’t feel this much overwhelming since he dueled Maya four years ago. He turned his attention to Jolene, cradling her in his arms, gently shaking her until she woke up.

Jolene rubbed her eyes, squinting at JC. “Did I get high?”

JC laughed in relief. “No, you were knocked out. I beat the Ghouls. You’re safe. Let’s get you to a hospital.”