Less Conventional Decks

These Decks like to take their time, preferring to wear the opponent down over a long time rather than bludgeon them to death with a hammer.

Dancer’s Strike
Deck Master: Dancing Elf
Deck Cost: 757

3x Dancing Elf
3x Weather Control
3x Leghul
3x Ooguchi 
3x Man-Eater Bug
3x Psychic Kappa
2x Roaring Ocean Snake 

Equip Spells:
3x Insect Armor with Cannon
3x Laser Cannon Armor
3x Power of Kaishin
3x Spring of Rebirth
3x Horn of Light 
2x Megamorph

3x Mirror Wall

This is a poke Deck, the point being to teleport Leghul and Ooguchi to your opponent’s Deck Master to make a direct hit. Man-Eater Bug, Psychic Kappa, and Roaring Ocean Snake are good side monsters that also work with the many Equip Spells in this Deck. Man-Eater Bug pops a monster, Psychic Kappa makes a good scout, and Roaring Ocean Snake transforms the field to its advantage each time it battles.

Dancing Elf and Weather Report are materials to create Dark Witch for a little extra beatdown, and to make the Deck faster. Since many monsters in this Deck are weak, you can take heavy battle damage if you’re not careful. You must heavily rely on Mirror Force to protect your monsters. Since computer opponents are idiots they will keep attacking you, triggering your critical Trap Card.   

Metal Morphs 
Deck Master: Cyber-Stein
Deck Cost: 754

3x Labyrinth Tank
3x Blast Juggler
3x Cyber-Stein
3x Petit Moth
2x Zoa
2x Red-Eyes Black Dragon

Equip Spells:
3x Dark Energy
3x Machine Conversion Factory
3x Horn of the Unicorn
3x Megamorph
3x Cocoon of Evolution
3x Metalmorph 

3x Mesmeric Control
3x Infinite Dismissal

This Deck relies on summoning powerful fusion Machine monsters, Metalzoa and Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon, while powering them up to high ATK. Labyrinth Tank is another boss monster, and it can travel through Labyrinth Terrain. Cyber-Stein transforms the field to Wasteland Terrain each time it battles, Blast Juggler destroys troublesome monsters, and Petit Moth combined with Cocoon of Evolution eventually bring out Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth. 

Of all my Decks, this one is the least consistent. You often won’t have enough Star Power to summon your stronger monsters and your hand will often get clogged with Petit Moth, Cocoon of Evolution, and Metalmorph. You sometimes need to discard cards to keep your Deck running. 

Poison Ivy
Deck Master: Dark Plant
Deck Cost: 754

3x Laughing Flower
3x Greenkappa
3x Eyearmor
3x Kuriboh
3x Petit Moth
3x Dark Plant
3x Swordsman from a Foreign Land
3x Monster Eye
2x Leogun
2x Hinotama Soul

Equip Spells:
3x Crush Card
3x Vile Germs
3x Cocoon of Evolution

3x Mesmeric Control

A different kind of Plant Deck, this one relies on making Crush Terrain and using monster effects over brute force. Queen of Autumn Leaves and Rose Specter of Dunn are still powerful fusions but their ATK is not a priority. Leogun and Hinotama soul fuse into Flame Cerberus, another strong side monster. Petite Moth and Cocoon of Evolution eventually make Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth, which is very useful, both as a forceful attacker and a subtle underminer of your opponent’s monsters.

The various effect monsters fulfill many functions: Greenkappa and Eyearmor mimic the ATK of the strongest monster on the field. Kuriboh insures you from damage when it battles. Monster Eye flips your opponent’s card face-up. Swordsman from a Foreign Land destroys the monster that killed it. Laughing Flower briefly turns your opponent’s creature against its maker. Dark Plant makes Crush Terrain. Hinotama Soul destroys nearby Spells and Traps when it dies.

Devilish Burn
Deck Master: Kryuel
Deck Cost: 754

3x Kryuel 

Normal Spells:
3x Tremendous Fire
3x Ookazi 
3x Final Flame
3x Hinotama
2x Dimension Hole
1x Just Desserts

Equip Spells:
3x Axe of Despair

3x Invisible Wire
3x Bear Trap
3x Eatgaboon
3x Mesmeric Control
3x Tears of the Mermaid 
3x Infinite Dismissal
1x Bad Reaction to Simochi

This Deck has only three monsters: copies of Kryuel, whose purpose is to make burn Spell Cards more potent. When not hitting your opponent with direct damage you take your time setting a field of many Trap Cards to stall them, either by decreasing a monster’s ATK, spellbinding it for several turns, or killing it. Bad Reaction to Simochi counters any attempt your opponent may make to rejuvenate their atrophying Life. Dimension Hole is a last ditch escape if you need it. 

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