I Spend Too Much Time Playing Duelists of the Roses

The best Decks I ever made without any cheat codes:

Red Ivy
Deck Master: Queen of Autumn Leaves
Deck Cost: 754

3x Laughing Flower
3x Arlownay 
3x Green Phantom King
3x Dark Plant
3x Magician of Faith
2x Nekogal #1
2x Invader from Another Dimension

Normal Spells:
3x Forest 
3x Tremendous Fire

Equip Spells:
3x Vile Germs
2x Electro-Whip
2x Cyber Shield 
2x Malevolent Nuzzler 

3x Mesmeric Control
3x Tears of the Mermaid

The main strategy is to easily churn out many Queen of Autumn Leaves and Rose Specter of Dunn, powering them up to very high levels with many Equip Spells and Forest. You can easily get their ATK to top 3000 and it’s not uncommon for your monsters to top 4000.

But even the weak fusion materials have strong effects. Laughing Flower and Dark Plant can delay your opponent’s monsters by controlling and destroying them. Green Phantom King can give your Queens a little boost. Magician of Faith can reuse Tremendous Fire, both staples among my Decks, allowing you to dish out up to 6000 direct damage.

The six Trap Cards are staples in all of my Decks; they weaken your opponent’s monsters and make them sitting ducks for you destroy them and damage your opponent’s Life.

Pumpking Patch
Deck Master: Pumpking the King of Ghosts
Deck Cost: 757

3x Dragon Zombie
3x Wood Remains
3x Dokuroizo the Grim Reaper
3x Fiend’s Hand
3x Mammoth Graveyard
3x Abyss Flower
3x Dark Plant
3x Magician of Faith

Normal Spells:
3x Wasteland
3x Tremendous Fire

Equip Spells:
3x Dark Energy
3x Violet Crystal 

2x Mesmeric Control
2x Tears of the Mermaid

This Deck is the most complicated. Preferably, you will start out with about two Pumpkings to boost your monsters. Great Mammoth of Goldfine is the most powerful fusion monster you can bring out. With a little patience, you can easily get it over 4000 ATK. Wood Remains is a good soldier, especially if you get many out since they can power up each other, letting you easily top 3000 ATK, and at times even 4000.

I purposefully chose weaker Zombie monsters as fusion materials so I can make more Wood Remains if needed, as well as to fuse with Magician of Faith to and a Plant monster bring out a Pumpking. The purpose is to make the Deck go faster and avoid dead draws by fusing more monsters. Finding out just the right monsters was a struggle and took a long time.

I use a “rule of two” when playing this Deck to avoid a dead hand. If I have two or more Plant monsters in my hand, I use them both to make a Pumpking or use one of them when making a Great Mammoth. The same rule applies to Zombie monsters and Magician of Faith.

The fusion materials have their own uses. Fiend’s Hand can pop an enemy monster. Dark Plant makes Crush Terrain. Magician of Faith recycles Tremendous Fire. Dokuroizo the Grim Reaper is immune to Trap Cards.

Deck Master: Swordstalker
Deck Cost: 756 

3x Swordstalker
3x Muka Muka 
3x Mavelus 
3x Frenzied Panda
3x Hinotama Soul
3x Petit Dragon
3x Time Wizard
3x Magician of Faith
3x Dancing Elf
2x Princess of Tsurugi 
2x Ancient Jar

Normal Spells:
3x Tremendous Fire

3x Mesmeric Control
3x Tears of the Mermaid

The main strategy is to power up Swordstalker and Muka Muka by fusing a lot of weak monsters together to make more powerful creatures. While you should normally fuse with as few materials as possible, this Deck takes an opposite approach. You should fuse as many materials as possible, even if you don’t have to, so you can stack up a big Graveyard to power up your boss monsters. This way, Swordstalker tends to top 3000 ATK while Muka Muka climbs up to 5000 ATK.

I struggled over a long time to choose the right fusion materials so even the fusion monsters easily top 2000 ATK. They are relatively weak but still give the opponent a hard time. Such monsters are: Thousand Dragon, Crimson Sunbird, Punished Eagle, Flame Cerberus, Mystical Sand, Stone Dragon, and Garvas.

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