I Need a Life – Part Two

Another trio of Decks for my characters: Yifan, Marcus, and Percy respectively.

Deck Master: Roaring Ocean Snake
Deck Cost: 755

3x Roaring Ocean Snake
3x Yamatano Dragon Scroll
3x Petit Dragon
3x Root Water
3x White Dolphin 
2x High Tide Gyojin
2x Catapult Turtle 
2x Zone Eater

Normal Spells:
2x Umi
2x Aqua Chorus 

Equip Spells:
3x Power of Kaishin 
3x Spring of Rebirth
3x Hightide

3x Mesmeric Control
3x Tears of the Mermaid

Yifan’s strategy is to create and power up fusion monsters, mostly Aqua Dragon, Kairyu-shin, and Sea King Dragon. Roaring Ocean Snake is of course a main hitter as well. Most of these monsters also transform the field into Umi Terrain as they battle, which powers them up even more and takes away field advantage the opponent may have. The Deck kills two birds with one stone. Umi and Aqua Chorus are really supplements to rub salt into the wound. Of all Decks, this one produces monsters with the highest ATK.

Some of the fusion materials have uses on their own. Root Water creates more Umi Terrain, Yamatano can transform into Yamadron over time, Catapult Turtle can blast through Labyrinth Terrain, and Zone Eater makes more Umi Terrain.  

Deck Master: Swordstalker 
Deck Cost: 757

3x Swordstalker
3x Muka Muka
3x Mavelus 
3x Yamatano Dragon Scroll 
3x Hinotama Soul
3x Witch’s Apprentice 
3x Time Wizard 
3x Dancing Elf
2x Frenzeid Panda
2x Barrel Rock
2x Princess of Tsurugi 

Normal Spells:
2x Burning Land
2x Darkness Approaches 

3x Mesmeric Control
3x Tears of the Mermaid

Marcus “the Muskrateer” fuses many weaker monsters into strong fusions that top 2000 ATK, all the while powering up Swordstalker and Muka Muka by filling his Graveyard. This Deck is more consistent than the other Swordstalker Deck since it doesn’t compromise with the Magician of Faith-Tremendous Fire engine. It also allows the boss monsters to peak at ludicrously high ATK because of Darkness Approaches, like getting Muka Muka to hit the ceiling with 9999 ATK. Burning Land takes away Crush Terrain and any field advantage from the opponent. 

Deck Master: Rigras Leever
Deck Cost: 754 

3x Rigras Leever 
3x Slate Warrior
3x Soul Eater
3x Jowls of Dark Demise
3x Dharma Cannon 
3x Greenkappa
3x Eyearmor 
3x Change Slime

Equip Spells:
3x Salamandra 
3x Gust Fan
2x Machine Conversion Factory
2x Dark Energy

3x Mesmeric Control
3x Tears of the Mermaid

Percy “the Vagabond” makes use of the unique Immortal monsters. Slate Warrior and Rigras Leever are the primary attackers, with Gust Fan and Salamandra as their respective Equip Spells. Their ATK won’t soar to great heights but they are competent, and take revenge on their killers by making Crush Terrain when they die. 

Soul Eater is the big gun, absorbing monsters in the Graveyard to top 3000 ATK with ease, 4000 ATK on a regular basis, and even 5000 ATK at times. Jowels of Dark Demise is a good tech that steals any powerful monster you can’t kill outright. Greenkappa and Eyearmor copy the ATK of the strongest monster and Change Slime frustrates the opponent by doing a kamikaze on monsters they devoted time and effort creating. Dharma Canon is useful for blasting past Labyrinth Terrain.

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