Yugioh Duelists of the Roses Decks (No Cheats)


I can’t leave well enough alone, as usual. I keep tinkering with my Decks, trying to make the most powerful low cost Decks that I can. I consider a Deck low cost when it’s cost is 757 or below. I want to face any opponent in the game without having to change my Deck, ever.

Deck Master:
Queen of Autumn Leaves
(powers up Plants, extended range, spellbinds Dragons, destroys Rocks)

Deck Cost:

3x Laughing Flower
3x Arlownay
3x Green Phantom King
3x Magician of Faith
3x Dark Plant
2x Nekogal #1
2x Invader From Another Dimension

Normal Spells:
3x Forest
3x Tremendous Fire

Equip Spells:
3x Vile Germs
3x Cyber Shield
3x Electro Whip

3x Mesmeric Control
3x Tears of the Mermaid

AUTUMN LEAVES is possibly the best Deck because it can churn out the most powerful monsters the most quickly. The Deck centers on bringing out Queen of Autumn Leaves, Rose Specter of Dunn, and Nekogal #2, and powering them up with as many Equip Spells as possible. I used to use Rain of Mercy but I took it out because it was too slow and made the Deck less consistent.

Yet none of my monsters is merely fusion fodder. Each has its own use. Laughing Flower controls enemy monsters. Green Phantom King powers up his Queen. Dark Plant makes crush terrain when destroyed. Arlownay, Nekogal #2, and Invader From Another Dimension have decent stats in crush terrain. Magician of Faith revives the wonderful Tremendous Fire; I could inflict 6000 direct damage in theory.

The Equip Spells power up Plant and female monsters, meaning the best monsters I create. Mesmeric Control and Tears of the Mermaid are low cost Traps but still strong. They’re cheap but they really do their job.  

Deck Master:
Pumpking, the King of Ghosts
(powers up Zombies, extended range)

Deck Cost:

3x Dragon Zombie
3x Shadow Ghoul
3x Armored Zombie
3x Mammoth Graveyard
3x Wood Remains
3x Rainbow Flower
3x Griggle
3x Magician of Faith
3x Dark Plant

Normal Spells:
3x Wasteland
3x Tremendous Fire

Equip Spells:
3x Violet Crystal

2x Mesmeric Control
2x Tears of the Mermaid

PUMPKING PATCH centers on bringing out Pumpking and Great Mammoth of Goldfine, so I have a lot of Plant fodder and Mammoth Graveyard to go with the Zombies. I use only 3 Equip Spells, so I use Pumpking to power up my monsters instead. I like to take my time when playing with this Deck, letting the Zombies grow to their greatest potential. In theory, I can get my monsters to 9999 ATK and DEF, the maximum, but that takes too much time.

Deck Master:
(full graveyard slot coverage)

Deck Cost:

3x Swordstalker
3x Curtain of the Dark Ones
3x Time Wizard
3x Ancient Jar
3x Magician of Faith
3x Kuriboh
3x Dancing Elf
3x Dark Plant
3x Swordsman From a Foreign Land
2x Wicked Dragon With the Ersatz Head
2x Petit Dragon

Normal Spells:
3x Tremendous Fire

2x Spellbinding Circle
2x Shadow Spell
2x Mesmeric Control

WARRIOR’S VENGEANCE is the hardest of the three Decks to play, but also the funnest. I like using the most fodder monsters as possible to make strong fusions, which puts more monsters in my Graveyard, which powers up Swordstalker. I can easily get Sworstalker to exceed 3000 ATK and during long duels it is not uncommon for the vengeful warrior to reach 5000 ATK.

The strongest fusions are Thousand Dragon, Mystical Sand, Stone Dragon, Rose Specter of Dunn, and Dark Elf. They can hold out against most enemy monsters since they equal or breach 2000 ATK; no mean feat. The other fusions Bean Soldier, Celtic Guardian, Dragoness, and Mystical Elf are strong in crush terrain.  

Most of the fodder monsters have their own uses. Curtain spellbinds enemy monsters. Time Wizard transforms a weaker Dragon on the field to Thousand Dragon. Ancient Jar locks spellbound monsters in an eternal prison. Magician of Faith lets me reuse Tremendous Fire. Kuriboh makes a good scout. Dark Plant makes crush terrain. Swordsman destroys the monster that kills it.


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