Bakura Anime Deck


It’s no secret by now that Bakura is one of my favorite duelists ever. He appeals to me because he is a very devious strategist who manipulated opponents into triggering near unbreakable locks and because he changed decks throughout the series. He used a disruption deck in Duelist Kingdom focusing on low-level effect monsters, then an occult deck in Battle City that used Destiny Board, and finally a zombie lock deck that decked out opponents.

Below, I brought together the best elements of all his decks into one great deck, one he might use if he ever returns on screen, which is unlikely to happen but cool to imagine. Here, Bakura uses a deck that focuses on three strategies: 1) disrupting opponent’s plays by discarding cards from their hand and deck 2) controlling opponent’s plays with occult cards that draw strength from the graveyard and continuous burn cards 3) fodder fiend monsters to fill up the graveyard and reviving cards. Sadly, I had to leave Destiny Board out since it’s too impractical for the deck to function. Bakura still can deck out and burn opponents though.

Cards with a star* on them are cards Bakura never used in the series but I added them because they compliment the strategies of his new deck. There are only six such cards, keeping the integrity of Bakura’s style intact. The deck includes 3 Morphing Jar and 3 Dark Spirit of the Silent even though Bakura only used 2 of each in the series because it is very likely Bakura held 3 in his deck as they would fully compliment his strategies.

Deck Disruption:
3x Morphing Jar
3x Morphing Jar #2*
1x Card Destruction*
1x All-Killing Death Card
1x Multiple Destruction

1x Jowgen the Spiritualist
1x Diabound Colonel
1x Dark Necrofear
1x Dark Ruler Ha Des
1x Puppet Master
1x Deathcalibur Knight
1x The Dark Door
1x Dark Sanctuary
1x Change of Heart
1x Chain Energy
1x Pot of Greed
1x Graceful Charity*
1x Spirit Shield
1x Cursed Twin Dolls
3x Dark Spirit of the Silent
1x Fearful Earthbound
1x Zoma the Spirit
1x Skull Invitation*
1x Just Desserts

1x Portrait’s Secret
1x Headless Knight
1x Gross Ghost of Fled Dreams
1x Earthbound Spirit
1x Spear Cretin*
1x Spiritualistic Medium
1x Monster Reborn
1x Premature Burial
1x The Shallow Grave
1x Ectoplasm


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