The Big Red Gay Racist Dragon

My little sister forced me to play with her with I created a story with her toys. Red is a big red gay dragon who is racist to all other dragons. He is 500 years old and ran away from home when he was 18. When he was around 200 years old he married a female dragon but his partner died giving birth to a white dragon. When his son, Whitesand, was 18, he ran away. Since then, Red has been grumpy, bitter, and racist. He voted for Dragon Trump just to piss off all the dragons that aren’t white even though he is a red dragon; a minority.
One fine day he killed and ate many nonwhite dragons while capturing all their land, claiming, “It feels good to be white.” But Bumblebee, the last bumblebee alive, stopped his rampage because of the abandoned baby Owling. Red and Bumblebee decide to marry and adopt Owling into their gay family. Later they adopted the baby flamingo Flammy. Bumblebee became the mommy-daddy while Red became the daddy-daddy.
So Bumblebee stayed at home while Red had to find and kill things to bring food home for his family. Red found it hard at first because, as he confessed, he was a deadbeat dad who hadn’t been responsible for centuries. But he managed. One day he met his son, Whitesand. He always considered his son to be a disappointment because his son dropped out of dragon college instead of becoming a dragon doctor or dragon lawyer.
But in time they forgave each other. Red took Whitesand to his new family and Whitesand took Red, Bumblebee, and their kids, to see his adopted family. Whitesand’s adopted family was an emo panda named Guns ‘N Roses and a Chinese dragon named Chow Yun-fat. Red used to be really racist against Chinese dragons because one Chinese dragon kept pestering him to eat the dragon’s dumplings until he ate him. But now, Red overcame his bigotry and accepted Whitesand’s family.
Whitesand then introduced Red to every family in the Green Plains, a realm where abandoned and runaway beings could make foster families together. They met the mommy giraffe, Jazelle, and her son, Gaffy. The two giraffes fled from an abusive husband. Red, Bumblebee, and their two kids, moved to the Green Plains and lived as a happy family. Owly, Flammy, Gaffy, and even Whitesand got good jobs and, like their parents, earned decent money and lived as good people.

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