Dream Diary – Extinction of Homo Sapiens


In a dream I saw the fate of the whole human race. 3 billion years from now we are all in the program of a giant supercomputer. At this point humans have long lost flesh and blood bodies. Now they all live in a virtual world, which is a hyper dimension of sorts that encompasses all human states and all areas of human history.

Even this is an understatement as each human in the program is a superhuman that transcends our human understanding. They can create their own dimensions and worlds. Some of these superhumans live alone, pleasuring themselves. Some live as partners or small groups. Others live in whole societies. And they know about each other and can contact each other instantly. They do whatever they like.

Several gods or overlords supervise all dimensions and the supercomputer that runs them all. I notice a woman among them. In this dream she was very dear to me and I saw her many times in many episodes of the dream. She eventually became one of the gods of the supercomputer. And I wonder if I was in the supercomputer throughout the entire dream. Am I in a supercomputer while awake too?

The supercomputer is not their master but it does rule them in a sense. The gods must keep creating better programs in order to sustain the supercomputer and all human beings. If they can’t, the system will crash. Each time the gods create a better program the more it takes the run it, the more difficult it will be to create a better program, and the less time they will have to do so. We humans keep accelerating. This is the dangerous end result.

The computer gives the gods 8.0000037148923654189 seconds create a better program to sustain it and all human beings. The gods can’t and panic. The computer, unable to maintain the gods and all the other human beings deletes them all instantly. Unable to maintain itself, the computer crashes and dies. The entire process takes about 10 seconds. This is the end of our species.


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