Yugioh Children of Prometheus 2: Duel 33 – Death of a Hero

DAY 8 : 3:37 PM : LUXOR

Hassan and his troops gathered together once more, resuming their positions. Hassan said, “All the Ghouls have died or fled. But we have many casualties. Only two hundred of our thousand troops remain. As for duelists,” He paused to count every team that remained, which was barely any. Our heroes and Saints remained, as did Stella and her crew, and only a few more. Hassan was shocked at the gravity of their losses. “Maybe duelists survived in other cities.”

He felt two little dogs tugging his legs. He looked down, seeing the creatures hugging him were not dogs but Rex and Weevil!

“Please don’t leave us!” Rex bleated. “I refuse to die a virgin!”

Weevil bawled like a baby, “I want my mommy!”

“Rex and Weevil survived? The Ghouls got rusty.” Maya remarked, and the Saints laughed with her.

Hassan did not but instead pointed to the top of the hill. “Heishin and his overload are right there. Let’s take them!” He then pointed to each team, giving them strict orders. The Saints were to join him in his capture of the two tyrants while every one else was to stay put, guarded by a faction of his troops. He gestured at Mathias, leader of the Saints, and they marched on.

On top of the precipice, Heishin and Gernand looked at the battlefield below in dismay. They lost. Because the Saints helped their foes. This news bode ill to Heishin in other ways. His private scheme was to sacrifice Maya in the emerald tomb beneath his feet, as Gernand’s apprentice instructed. Only then could he get the Book of Isis and use its powers to dominate Egypt and all the Middle East. But Maya’s massive power stirred, just awakening. And she had friends to defend her who were just as powerful.

Gernand dropped the saucy meats he held in his greasy hands, his gourmet ruined by the Ghouls’ defeat. And his enemies were after his head. He stammered in fear, falling over his stool, and ran as far away as he could. He stumbled down the steep slopes, protected only by the enormous fat in his body, but kept running as far away as he could.

Heishin didn’t bother to run to his aid. Gernand’s cowardice disgusted him so much he was even willing to concede victory to his son; even he was far manlier than his master. He picked up his walkman, receiving a call from Gernand’s apprentice. She instructed him to regroup his forces down the Nile to create a new plan. She would save her craven master then arrive to his camp to aid him.

Heishin accepted her directions. He cast a dark spell over his body, turning himself into only a shadow, then slithered away.

Hassan spotted the obese overlord stumbling his way down the dirt roads that lead to the pharaohs’ tombs. “Over there!” He cried. His crew advanced to seize the tyrant.

Then Gernand’s two strong servants, Matthew and Alexis, dropped on the scene, weakened but determined to defend their master. Matthew summoned his ka, the black dragon Horus, while Alexis summoned hers, the ice dragon Trishula. They threw themselves at the army in a desperate attack.

Their wrath of fire and ice mercilessly destroyed some of Hassan’s men but the Saints conjured a dome of white light to save the rest. Mathias and Ivy stepped into battle, summoning their own ka; Matthew’s own black dragon and Ivy’s chimera dragon of fire and ice.

All dragons threw their breaths at their opponents; the battle ignited! Their columns of fire and ice clashed at a crucible in the middle, smoldering their attacks in a fiery fountain so strong it melted the stone and sand beneath it. All warriors grunted in strain as they pushed against each other in their battle of wills. Matthew and Alexis pushed the Saints on their back foot, gaining a brief advantage. Mathias and Ivy saw the deadly potential their enemies truly had, so they pushed their willpower further. Their dragons destroyed the crucible they created, pushing the blast at their foes. They destroyed the enemy dragons, wounding Matthew and Alexis, and shoved them back by the power of their strength.

The vanquished duelists fled, leaving only Gernand left. Hassan ran after his target in a fury, his troops and the Saints following him, and seized the tyrant. Hassan himself bound his quarry by cuffing his hands and feet. “You are an enemy of the people in Egypt!” He declared to the defeated man. “I, the son of Heishin Mubarak, arrest you for your crimes and hereby jail you until your imprisonment.” With his command, his troops dumped Gernand deep in a nearby cave and stood guard lest he escape.

“We’ll go check up on the duelists.” Mathias told Hassan. All the Saints except Ivy remained.


DAY 8 : 5:28 PM : LUXOR

Heishin secured his troops at a secret location near the Nile bank. Though safe, his military training wouldn’t let him rest. He kept vigilant, always peering over his back in case his son arrived to capture him, or even kill him! – Such a thought was almost unthinkable. – It was a great surprise to him when Gernand’s veiled apprentice caught him completely off guard. She was such a strange creature, like she was able to appear and disappear at will.

His troops aimed their arms at the cloaked stranger but restrained from firing. The apprentice laughed at their fear and Heishin’s worry. She tore her veil and cloak off, revealing a petit Asian woman with long hair as black as the Nile, skin white as alabaster. Her forehead and head were somewhat large which, combined with her small body, made her look like doll.

“Call me Xiaoyi.” She addressed to Heishin. “And you should learn you manners. I fattened your golden cow so you may slaughter her and gain the powers of darkness you so deeply desire.”

Heishin’s assed her words with his tactical mind. He knew exactly what she was talking about. “You got Maya and her team to join the tournament?”

“Exactly. Forgive me if she gives you a little hassle. No docile prey is worth capturing. The stronger she is the more worthy her sacrifice will be to the darkness. Forget Gernand. I will deal with him. From now on, I am in command.”

One of Heishin’s lieutenants laughed at the idea. “You are an unarmed little woman. How dare you defy the will of Allah and make man obey you.”

Xiaoyi gazed at him with a sweet comely smile and coyly whispered a few simple words. Her spell planted a bomb of flame in the man’s heart, which then exploded. The lieutenant set ablaze, vomiting flames, his brain melted in a second. He collapsed into a flaming heap on the sand; he died instantly. Heishin and his troops trembled at the ghoulish sight. Even the dictator knew that whatever powers he had, whatever magic she lent to him, was powerless against her.

“My authority is now unquestioned. Good.” Said Xiaoyi to Heishin. “This is our plan. I rescue Gernand and massacre Hassan’s guards. This will cause the Saints to return. Then we go together to take Maya to the emerald tomb. After you gain the dark powers you want you can do as you please.” The plan sounded good to Heishin. It wasn’t like he could refuse her.

She darted across the desert on her own to free her master. By nature small and agile, she seemed to barely touch the hot bright sand under her feet. In no time she arrived at the cave, confronting the guards at its mouth. “Who goes there?” Cried one of the soldiers, raising his rifle to snipe the small woman in sight. Before he or any of his comrades knew it they were all dead, their bodies flailed to bloody pieces scattered everywhere. Her attack mauled the cave mouth with gashes so large and deep it looked like a dragon attacked it.

Only Ivy remained, barely dodging the dragon’s attack. She could not believe a person with such a strong ka existed. She rushed back to Luxor. She had to warn Mathias and Maximus right away.

She helped her master out of the cave mouth. He didn’t bother to thank her. Instead, he snorted at her. “Well done, I suppose.” He scrubbed dirt from his clothes. “Where have you been, as I have become most suspicious of your whereabouts? I expected you to come aid our Ghouls in battle yet you did not. Did you intend the Ghouls to lose, to suffer the most humiliating defeat in their existence? How can I excuse your deplorable negligence, careless little girl? You cost us any chance we had of seizing the Book of Isis. Very well, for your ineptitude and suspicious motives I will subject you to my worst punishments.”

Xiayi had no time to deal with this old man’s lecture. “Bro, I got somethin’ fresh on ya’.” She deliberately spoke in a crude, simple way just to annoy him. “Don’t be usin’ words with more than three syllables. You aint’ no class act. And you ain’t never gonna’ be no pimp. Look,” She resumed her normal voice. “How many times do I have to rescue you? It would help if you weren’t such a dirty coward.”

Had Gernand not been old, tired, and weakened, Xiaoyi would not have been alive to regret her ridicule of him. He seized Xiaoyi’s head with his giant hand, lifting her two feet in the air. Xiaoyi winced in pain, tempted to defend herself with her powers but refrained to, knowing better than to overpower him by revealing her true strength. Seized by the head, her skull in risk of being cracked like a walnut, she clenched her teeth together to not make a sound. She would never satisfy him by giving signs of pain.

Gernand proceeded to lecture his student. “How dare you resist me, silly little woman. You must have forgotten that I have little preference for women at all. Indeed, stricter colleagues of my generation would have nothing to do with such a vile sex and would not think twice of refusing a cunt no matter how sweet or small. I had male apprentices whose prepubescent sweet asses I perforated in succession from generation to next generation, but who lacked any power to match my own, so I followed the only logical action and dispatched them all.

“Only you had the innate powers to make you worthy apprentice, which persuaded me to take you in my company despite your foul sex and advanced age at thirteen. Indeed, what is a woman? What is a female and what merits does she have, if any? At an instant examination to the male you notice her inferiority, decidedly weaker of body and mind, decidedly lacking in intelligence and innovation. She is naïve and easily manipulated, timorous and cowardly. I say; has woman led any great civilization in history? I say, obviously not.

“Indeed, we see woman has been nothing but enslaved, prostituted, bartered, bought, and sold throughout history. A burden on mankind, but nevertheless man has found ways of dealing with such redundant flesh. The Mongols raped their wives and captives with impunity. The Egyptians locked their wives with chastity belts and subject her to beatings if she stepped out of lines. And the Bedouin tribes in the Sahara would execute all females until only the bare minimum to sustain the race, which they would banish such objects to distant caves, visit them only to make sexual use of them.

“And what is a modern woman? Naught but a child given a license. Do you suppose her heroic or strong in any way? No idea could be more ridiculous. The modern cunt smugly sits in her office built by men, the clerkess writes on Internet tabloids on machines invented by the male sex, sells her childish crafts using men to deliver her products in machines build by men. In all woman you see petulance, childishness, shallowness. But, if I say so, though all women be miserable and pathetic creatures the Western male is not to be blamed for courting women of mongoloid ancestry such as yourself, Xiaoyi, for she is intelligent, at least as much as a woman is capable of having intelligence, docile, and obedient to the master. Her quiet contentedness produces peace in the household for her man and ensures the succession of a next generation of men.”

The tyrant’s voice grew hoarse from expounding his polemical thesis. He threw Xiaoyi on the ground as if she was trash. Though Xiaoyi’s head ached from her master’s grip she took his abuse in stride. If only he wore a fedora things would way funnier. He was edgy as he could be. She even called him Mickey Mouse de Sade in private. But all fun and games would end soon. She had rescued him for the last time, but she planned things far in advance.

Xiaoyi regretted that her white clothes were now dirty but shrugged. What could she do? She spoke to her master, “Heishin still has many troops. I can join him and if we attack smartly we will get the Book of Isis. I promise you. I only need your permission.”

Gernand waved his hand to dismiss her. “Get out of my sight. Your punishment will await you.”


DAY 8 : 7:15 PM : LUXOR

Ra the sun once more descended to the west of the Nile. Maya, Yukio, and Sophia, bruised from their battles today, paused to look at the setting sun. They wondered what they would do after the tournament, whether they won or lost. Yukio thought of finally getting his band off the ground. Sophia thought of where to go after she turned eighteen and left Pegaus. She wanted to do more than duel all her life. As for Maya, she still had no clue. Perhaps she should let go and let fate decide, or at least point in a direction.

Fate indeed found a direction. She had done so long ago. Hassan and Ivy rushed to Mathias and Maximus. “Gernand escaped!” Ivy panted, breathless.

“Crap!” Mathias and Maximus followed Hassan and Ivy down to the Valley of the Kings, leaving the duelists exposed.

Heishin came with troops, guns blazing. Hassan’s remaining troops valiantly fought back but there were too few and they were far too weak. Heishin shot most of them down himself as he had a strong aim since childhood. The duelists had no guards to protect them. They fled in all directions.

Maya tripped on the ground from her extreme fatigue and pain. Yukio and Sophia ran back, trying to protect her. “Go! Go! Leave me! Get out of here!” Maya shouted over the sound of fired bullets. “I’m not worth it!”

Yukio and Sophia shouted in denial, wanting to help their dear friend. But a stray bullet bit Yukio in the calf. He screamed, grabbing his leg. Stella and Willow violently pulled Yukio and Sophia by the arms. “We don’t have time!” Stella shouted as she and her crew dragged two of our heroes away.

“Maya! No!” They cried over the desert.

Heishin threw a black hood over Maya’s head. She squirmed to fight back but Heishin hit her in the stomach in a powerful blow, rendering her still. Maya twitched as suffocation took its toll, blacking her out.


She woke up deep underground, her senses struck by the largeness and glittering wonders of the chamber she was in. The room was huge, a tomb with walls of emerald, guarded by sculptures of fantastic beasts. Maya guessed they were the greatest monsters in all Yugioh.

Heishin towered across the chamber; even distance did not diminish his height. He brandished his black hand, the hand that gave him his powers. “Get up! We will play a dark game.”

Maya realized she didn’t have her duel disk on her. “No.” Heishin rebuked her. “We will play a true dark game, the way it was meant to be played.” He waved his arm, calling forth a massive tripartite monster of three bodies and three elements, one of water, one of air, another of thunder. It was Gate Guardian.

Maya heard a deep gnawing sound behind her. She turned around, seeing a hidden gate slowly open behind her, sucking in air. Behind the door was nothing but blackness.

She toughened her nerves. She had no choice but to fight. She summoned her black, skeletal dragon, ready to fight. But already Maya was faltering. Her body was burned and bruised all over. She was exhausted.

“Attack her, Gate Guardian!” Heishin commanded. His monster fire three deluges from their mouths, one of water, one of air, and one of thunder. They collided together to form a large typhoon that spun its way straight at Maya and her dragon.

“Attack!” Maya struck back. Her dragon fired a beam of white-hot flame. The two attacks smashed into each other. The tug of war was on! But only briefly. Their strengths seemed equal but Heishin’s attack crept closer and closer to her. He slowly gained ground, inch by inch. Maya pressed on with all of her might, as did Heishin, but though she stood strong she slowly gave way, inch by inch. She struggled, squirmed, pushed with all of her might but Heishin’s attack crept ever closer.

Heishin reached the other side. The full force of Heishin’s power and Maya’s own power hit her dragon with their combined strength. The dragon burned and roared, as did Maya, and shattered from the blast. Maya collapsed on the ground, coughing blood. She was done.

The open gate pulled her through as if the darkness behind it caught Maya in its snares. She plunged into the abyss, blackening out while still falling. Heishin could see a faint flashing light deep into the darkness but had no idea what it was. It didn’t matter. The darkness ate its victim. The gate shut in a resounding din.

Mission accomplished. Heishin would’ve jumped in victory if he weren’t old. He too was tired. His rule as Egypt’s dictator was for only two months, but it was already two months too long.

The tomb floor opened, revealing a hidden chamber, where a large golden bull came from the ground. The idol clenched in its mouth a set of thin, unbreakable emerald tablets in its mouth bound together by gold strings. Heishin greedily tore the tables from the bull’s mouth. At last the Book of Isis was his! The darkness granted him the power! It granted him the world!

He opened the emerald tablets, eager to see what dark secrets slumbered within. He saw nothing. All the tablets were blank. Heishin screamed in despair. He threw the tablets at the wall, breaking them into emerald shards.


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