Yugioh City of Dreams – Table of Contents


A user from the Pojo Forums named Aarikku suggested I posted a summary and table of contents of my work to make it more popular. I will do that for my very first fanfic, Yugioh City of Dreams. (It formerly went by different names.) I gave every chapter some revision to make the story better. My writing was much more awkward back in the day.

Table of contents here:

Duel 1
Maya loses to Matthew. Is not accepted to the Duel Academy.

Duel 2
JC, Yukio, Jolene, and Maya form Team Dark Duelists, which focuses on being antimeta and beating bigger teams.

Duel 3
Matthew sets up a rigged test to trick people into losing their money. Maya fights Miguel, a fat loser who eats at McDonalds.

Duel 4
Maya breaks Miguel’s simple Monarch strategy, defeating him.

Duel 5
Maya and her father visit Matthew’s father, CEO of an arms dealing company.

Duel 6
Our heroes challenge Matthew, leader of rival team Shining Crusaders, at Yankee Stadium.

Duel 7
JC is defeated by Phillip, Matthew’s creepy pedophile teammate.

Duel 8
Our heroes go after a big duelist, Cristy, to get street cred.

Duel 9
Our heroes lure Cristy to duel Jolene.

Duel 10
Jolene beats Cristy, which attracts other rogue teams to join their cause.

Duel 11
Lawyer Jones Dupre wants to make a deal with Team Dark Duelists.

Duel 12
Our heroes sign a contract with Dupre.

Duel 13
JC beats Arifa, a rogue duelist who implores JC to use reason and fairness instead of aggression.

Duel 14
Xiaoyi beats Jolene, calling her a sycophant who only wants to be a cool rebel.  

Duel 15
Yukio defeats Phillip, striking a huge blow against the Crusaders.

Duel 16
Our heroes eat cookie dough and smoke pot.

Duel 17
Maya’s dad acts like a dick again.

Duel 18
Maya and Jolene raid the grave of Matthew’s grandfather. They get some awesome rare cards.

Duel 19
Miguel steals Maya’s cards to get revenge. Yukio beats the living s*** out of him.

Duel 20
Matthew and his Crusaders raid New York. Maya OTKs Alexis, Matthew’s informant.

Duel 21
Maya duels Greg, Matthew’s right hand man.

Duel 22
Maya beats Greg. Team Dark Duelists rises to the pro level.

Duel 23
Matthew and his dad have dinner with Maya and her dad. Maya’s dad gets drunk.

Duel 24
JC turns Team Dark Duelists from a small rebel team into a big, corrupt team. Jolene joins JC. Our remaining heroes take issue with this.

Duel 25
Jolene gets her Life up to 20,000. Maya beats her anyway. Jolene rejoins the team, making it a trio. JC is sent to jail for his crimes.

Duel 26
Dupre gives JC one more chance if he crushes his former friends.  They go to Chicago where the Nationals will take place.

Duel 27
Quarterfinal round: Maya defeats JC. Feels really bad about it.

Duel 28
Semifinal round: Maya and Yukio have a great duel for fun, as the game should be played. Maya comes out on top.

Duel 29
Flashback: Xiaoyi, local stoner high on LSD, messes with Maya’s mind again.

Duel 30
Final round: Maya nearly OTKs Matthew.

Duel 31
Maya overkills Matthew with his own monsters. Then she burns his best cards with a lighter to add insult to injury.

Duel 32
Our heroes celebrate and part ways. Maya makes amends with JC. She goes to face her uncertain future.


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