Last Immortality Deck

Yugioh BAM Pocket will be cancelled by September 9. This makes me very sad since I will no longer be able to compete with my friends in the Arena. I collected every star in the Story Arc to strengthen my deck and for what? I can’t even log in online anymore. But I did retouch my Deck to make it as strong as I could. All my old Decks gave me around a 4 in 1 chance of winning. But this was not enough for me. But sadly I will never see how powerful my new Deck is.

3x Jinzo – Lord
3x Vampire’s Curse
2x Hieratic Seal of the Sun Dragon Overlord
2x Vampire Genesis
2x Zombie Master
1x Stardust Dragon/Assault Mode
1x Gateway to Dark World
1x Magic Drain

I have 3 Jinzo because my opponents frequently play Spells, especially Permanent Spells that have nasty effects. Jinzo can get rid of them and make itself immune. It can also shut down annoying monsters like Blackwing Aurora that make themselves immune all the time. I hold 3 Vampire’s Curse because my opponent’s are just as likely to play powerful monsters, especially ones like Mermail Abyssleed that can double their ATK over and over again. And it gives you 1500 Life Points.

Hieratic Seal kills DARK monsters, which many players use, and gives me 4000 Life Points for each one. The best tactic to use with it though is to kill your own DARK monsters, triggering their events when you destroy them and gaining 4000 Life Points.

Vampire Genesis recycles Zombie Master, Vampire’s Curse, and itself, giving you 3000 Life Points. Zombie Master then can be used over and over again to recycle my non-Zombie-Type monsters. With Vampire Genesis alone I can create an infinite loop, recycling my monsters with Gateway while killing my opponent off with Vampire’s Curse, but it is my deck’s last offense.

Gateway recycles my Jinzos and Zombie-type monsters, but especially Jinzo since it can’t be recycled any other way. Magic Drain gives me 700 Life Points and taking away my opponent’s 700 Life Points for each monster that dies. It may not be by a lot but it really adds up over time, and is especially useful when I play against other Zombie Decks. Stardust Dragon recycles a monster and Spell each time it attacks, allowing me to use my Spells again if they are destroyed and functioning as a third Zombie Master of sorts.


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