Bakura Survival Deck – 7 Trails to Glory

Yugioh 7 Trails of Glory is a 2005 game I played obsessively for the last 11 years. In the Mystic Land, where you get to right against Marik, Dark Bakura, Dark Yugi, and the Ghouls, no card limits or ban lists exist. The dark world and its temple of the dead are a fun playground to try out all sorts of crazy decks with little limitations.

I love playing survival duels and creating decks specialized for survival duels. For those who don’t know, survival duels are when you duel one opponent after another without losing, challenging yourself to go as far as you can. The trick is to create a deck that keeps giving you more life points so you don’t wear out over the marathon while still able to kill your opponent.

3x Morphing Jar
3x Magician of Faith
2x Jinzo
2x Maha Vailo

3x Pot of Greed
3x Graceful Charity
3x Upstart Goblin
3x Card Destruction
3x Raigeki
3x Harpy’s Feather Duster
3x Monster Reborn
3x United We Stand
3x Mage Power
3x Sebek’s Blessing

Side Deck:
3x Magic Jammer
3x Ring of Destruction
2x Spear Dragon

The deck honors Bakura, who uses a Piercing Damage Deck with Maha Vailo and many equip spells. The deck calls back Bakura’s Duelist Kingdom days, when he played a Disruption Deck using Morphing Jar. It is my favorite video game deck ever created, simpler than the Marik Deck, but deadlier and more consistent.

The strategy is to use United We Stand and Mage Power to pump up monsters like Maha Vailo to huge attacks. Then I deal damage with them, allowing me to use Sebek’s Blessing to heal myself by that amount. I take extra care to not finish off my opponent with such a strong monster so I can gain life points first. I reserve the killing blow to a second, weaker monster. Because I have Maha Vailo and so many equip spells, I have great control over how strong I can make my monsters grow. I usually make my monsters just under 8000 ATK but I can easily make them surpass 10000 ATK if I choose to. Jinzo gives the deck an extra boost by negating my opponent’s traps because I don’t always draw Harpy’s Feather Duster when I want.

Upstart Goblin makes the deck more consistent and, by giving my opponent 1000 life points, I give myself more room to use my direct damage and Sebek’s Blessing combo. Card Destruction and Morphing Jar exist to kill Seeker’s Exodia deck by forcing him to discard Exodia pieces. I faced many problems with Seeker in the past. He is the only opponent who seriously threatens my winning streak, so I took extra precautions so I could finish him for sure. Since I use so many equip spells, I tend to empty my hand, so Morphing Jar helps replenish it.

Magic Jammer exists for normal duels. It’s the best trap to use against Ghouls because they use so many spell cards in one turn, so Magic Jammer helps disrupt their strategies. Ring of Destruction is a good second trap. Unlike Mirror Force, you can activate it almost whenever you like, can avoid being nullified by a Heavy Storm, and it deals damage to your opponent. Spear Dragon is in case Jinzo clogs the deck too much, and it is a monster Bakura uses in the game.


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