Yugioh Capsule Monsters Coliseum Monsters Lineup


Yugioh Capsule Monsters Coliseum, released in 2004 for the PS2, is one of my favorite games. Back in middle school I was a strong player but not as strong as I could have been. When I went to college I put my video games away but since grad school I slowly picked up my games again. I am no longer a depressed preteen but a depressed manchild, but age and living in my mother’s basement made me a bit smarter. Watching someone do a speedrun with the game gave me a new goal, so I worked hard over the past few months to create the best capsule monster army I could with most of my monsters at max levels. Maybe one day I will organize a Capsule Monsters tournament and compete with other players.


Symbol Element

First Line Infantry
5 x Kuriboh
3 x Steel Scorpion
5x Kaminarikozou
5x Needle Ball

These monsters are very weak, but since my Thunder Symbol is at max level and all of these monsters are Dark and Thunder, they are extremely powerful. All of them can kill almost any monster my opponent can throw at me with one attack. Plus they take very little AP to summon and use. In most of my games against the CPU I never have to bring out any more of my army.

Kuriboh with max level can create a shield around one of my monsters, allowing it to withstand one attack, no matter how strong, without taking any damage. With 5 Kuribohs I can protect almost all of my monsters. Steel Scorpion is a monster that takes extremely little AP to summon, just in case I need another monster on the board and I barely have enough AP. Kaminarikozou can move 3 spaces while Needle Ball moves across the board in a quirky way, like a knight in chess, which makes it more unpredictable.

As a rule, most of my monsters in the lineup can either move more than 2 spaces or attack more than 2 spaces. No monster that can move or attack only 1 space was included in my lineup. Such monsters, even if very strong, are cumbersome. Your opponent can all too easily kill them with monsters with a greater range of movement or attack.

Second Line Infantry
2x Ryu-Kishin
2x Shovel Crusher
2x Tyhone
1x Feral Imp

These monsters are a bit more powerful. Ryu-Kishin and Shovel Crusher are Dark and Thunder respectively. They move in a straight motion as a rook in chess, but have great movement and attack range. Tyhone is the same except it is a Wind type, which is the third best element to have after Thunder and Dark, the types that benefit most from a Thunder Symbol. Wind monsters tend to have excellent movement ranges and a strong defense, meaning they can withstand more attacks.

I dislike monsters with such straightforward movement and attack ranges, since they are so easy to predict and block, but I can’t have all of my chess pieces be knights and bishops. I am unsure if I should have only 2 copies of each monsters and not more, but they move on the board the same way and benefit from my Symbol to almost the same degree. Feral Imp is the odd monster; I use it for Effect, which increases the darkness on a board. This benefits my Dark monsters while crippling my opponent’s Light and Earth monsters, types of monsters that can give me the most trouble.

Front Line Cavalry
2x Ryu-Kishin Powered
2x Oscillo Hero #2
2x Tripwire Beast
2x Two-Mouth Dark Ruler

These monsters are even stronger but need more AP to use. Novice players often try to play monsters of the highest level only to learn they can barely manage their army as a concise unit. Most boards in Capsule Monsters simply don’t give you enough MP or AP to use such powerful pieces. After you choose all the monsters from your lineup to play on the board it is ideal to have around 120 MP remaining. Front Line Cavalry monsters are mediocre in the big picture but even they take up a chunk of MP and AP to play them.

Ryu-Kishin Powered is like its progenitor in every way but a bit stronger. Oscillo Hero #2, Tripwire Beast, and Two-Mouth Dark Ruler are Thunder monsters that move diagonally as bishops and carry a strong punch. Two-Mouth Dark Ruler also has an effect that decreases the light on a board; it has a similar job as Feral Imp.

Backup Cavalry
2x Lesser Dragon
1x Winged Dragon Guardian of the Fortress
1x Parrot Dragon
1x Harpy Lady Sisters

These monsters are all Wind type and strong to various degrees. Their strong defense and great movement range make a good backup for my main attackers. Lesser Dragon is like a Front Line Cavalry monster except a Wind type. Winged Dragon has an average movement range but can attack up to 4 squares away, making the monster a sniper in my army. Parrot Dragon and Harpy Lady Sisters are high-level monsters that can move 4 squares.

Main Big Guns
1x Kaminari Attack
1x Cyber Saurus
1x Pumpking, the King of Ghosts
1x Tri-Horned Dragon
1x Summoned Lord Exodia

These monsters are extremely powerful but cost so much AP I rarely ever play them. But they’re still very strong Dark and Thunder types, especially since they benefit from my Symbol. Summoned Lord Exodia is my strongest monster; it’s such a heavy hitter I own it more for show than use, but in the time I do need it, it is very hard to kill.

Backup Big Guns
1x Javelin Beetle
1x Crimson Sunbird
1x Meteor B. Dragon
1x Performance of Sword
1x Gaia the Fierce the Knight

These monsters are heavy hitters, like the Main Big Guns, but they’re of other types. Javelin Beetle is a Wood type but has incredible HP, movement range, and attack range. Crimson Sunbird and Meteor B. Dragon are Fire types, move many squares, and inflict heavy damage as Fire monsters do. Performance of Sword and Gaia the Fierce Knight are Earth monsters, which have very strong defense and a lot of HP but tend to be very slow, most moving only 2 squares and can’t attack far away. But there are exceptions; Performance and Gaia can both move or attack up to 3 squares. They benefit as other Earth monsters do but don’t suffer the usual drawbacks.


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