Dream Diary: In and out of Egypt


My dream had two episodes last night. In the first episode, I traveled with my dad inside an impossibly large hotel. It was so large it had miniature climate zones inside it. I remember even traveling across an entire sandy bed with my dad just to meet one of my dad’s partners. My dad’s partner was a large and intimidating black man. I don’t know what stipulations he made with my dad but the end result was that we would stay with him and work with him forever.

This distressed me. I tried escaping from the hotel many times and had to frequently waste time talking to my dad. My dad’s partner did not ever try to physically stop me but he cast a menacing shadow everywhere. His shadow was so long that it followed me even after I escaped the hotel. From then on I behaved like a traumatized person. I would grow frightened and angry if I was anywhere near the hotel or if anyone even ate food that came from the hotel. Once I became anxious when I was with my mother and a friend. My mother got mad at me and chastised me for my anxiety, so I ran away from her and went to a place underground.

The second episode took place in Egypt. I was a young prince with another young prince. We went inside a temple to approach a high priestess. We wanted her to transform us or somehow make us superhuman, to either bestow us great power or great knowledge. The other young prince wanted to be something, I didn’t know what, but the priestess found him to be very arrogant. I think he wanted to become a creature of raw power. To punish him, the high priestess turned him into stone and shattered him, obliterating him.

It was now my turn. I wanted to become a Phoenix so I could live forever and, as I recall, so I may experience all of the different perspectives of life and obtain knowledge. I tried to humble but the high priestess still found me arrogant. I desperately apologized to her. She chose to grant my wish, perhaps out of generosity, but she granted me power with a caveat, perhaps out of slyness or cruelty, far more cruelty than she showed the first prince.

I became a phoenix and I received all the world’s knowledge and every insight imaginable. I saw the entire universe in only a few seconds, every dimension in the cosmos opened in front of me. I traveled through space and visited every single star in infinite space. But I also learned horrible truths. I saw the depths of human evil and how absurd and insignificant human life truly was in the grand scheme of things. I saw the innumerable stars of the universe, yes, but I saw the infinite empty space between the stars. The empty space, being infinite, would always be infinitely larger than all the stars of the universe.

After my transformation I spoke to a priest in the temple. We spoke of our conventional knowledge of the universe. The earth lay submerged at the center of a vast cosmic ocean, the Nun, which itself had a distinct, rough spherical shape. The Nun did not have any barrier at its ends, but rather the physical nature of the Nun itself gave it its shape and stopped it from spilling everywhere into chaos.

I traveled with the priest to ancient ruins on a steep, rocky hill. They looked like Greek ruins but we spoke of Assyrian kings. We spoke of slavery and I told the priest how truly evil slavery was. The priest was offended by my idea. Egypt always had slaves and slavery was just because the gods decreed it. It was cosmic order of the universe.

I explained to the priest my enlightenment: Every kingdom saw itself as the center of the universe. Every people believed their gods unique and their empires reflecting eternal truths of the universe. Every king justifies his wars, conquests, and enslavements by the same presumptions. I lost my innocence when humanity lost its innocence to me.


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