Dream Diary: Dad, Cops, and Otters

The people I dream of the most:
Beethoven’s music

My entry into Dream World was rough this time. I lay in a position bad for my neck while listening to Rubinstein’s Ocean Symphony. I also had a stomach flu, which was so bad I threw up earlier yesterday. So naturally the stage was set for bad dreams, or last least weird dreams. My dream came in four stages, four lands, and all of them were cold, wet, and snowing in the dead of winter. All four lands blurred together in some form or another, as you will see. It was a big adventure and took a while for me to recover from it.

The Ocean Symphony

In the first land I was working at a place that looked like bar or a cabin and I was going to school. At the job a flock of bats escaped. Apparently I had to catch the bats and put them away. I found the bats but did not catch them and did not put them away. At school I did research and turned in papers. I also played with wooden blocks and I used them to create great, miniaturized landscapes.

– – In a mini-land, I even played in a landscape that could have been mine like in a video game (Super Mario 3D World to be exact). I was racing against some guy that looked like Anakin Skywalker. –

My passion with the wooden blocks got partly in the way of my schoolwork but I handled it just fine. The real problem was with dad, whom I think drove me in between school and work. He seems to often argue but I can’t remember what it was.

A worse episode happened with mom. I was with her and some people who were somehow involved in the school. We were checking my email. A spam mail popped up. I wanted to get away but mom pushed my hand and made me click on it, whether on accident or on purpose. The spam mail seemed to open up a virus because a swath of expletives and bigoted statements appeared on the screen and I had a hard time closing them. Mom spent the whole day yelling at me as if I wanted to have spam mail and I opened the spam mail on purpose. It was a long, bitter fight, and it didn’t end.

The second land was different. I kept shifting perspectives among different American drivers. They were angry at each other for some reason. In one instance, a man felt so wronged by another man he flipped his car on top of the other man’s. The second man’s car completely crumbled under the weight of the first man’s car, killing the second man. I was both men, the first man in his rage first, and then the second man dying.

At another moment, I was with a band of people running from someone. We seamlessly swam through lakes as if we were flying through the water and leapt from rocky hill to rocky hill. Our souls were imprisoned in small, strange objects that looked like clamshells… yet we still walked and talked as if we had human bodies.

We placed our clam bodies (apparently our souls formed ghostly human forms) and used them to summon dark spirits to guide us. Three apparitions appeared: Darth Maul, Darth Vader, and Darth Sideous. Sideous chastised Vader or suspected him or treason. I’m not too sure. Sideous gave his advise, which I can’t remember at all, and faded away. We then tried to repair the clamshell body of one of our gang, Harley Quinn, since it broke during the summoning. She could still walk and talk to us as usual, but she was technically dead…

In the third land, I was with many friends in a huge arcade. The arcade was big as a museum and had many strange games inside. One of the games was a kind of multiplayer mini-bowling game. Each player sat at a table and had ten small bowling pins in a small valley. Each of the players tried to roll mini bowling balls over the table’s hills and into the valleys, knocking the other players’ pins.

Strangely enough, Beethoven’s music played in my head. It was a score in The Creatures of Prometheus and the dramatic crux in the entire work. It was the part where Apollo teaches the first man and woman the arts and sciences. I kept humming this tune in my head.

– – In another mini-land I was actually in a game, a kind of computer game. At other moments I was in the arcade playing the game. In the arcade I was playing some kind of Yugioh video game while in the game I was trying to collect rare Yugioh cards while not getting noticed by some god-like creature in the game that looked like Beerus. (In yet other instances, I was with a group of people who tried to the god in some kind of game but he kept blasting us away with his power. I even became Beethoven in one instance, using my music as a power to blast away the god’s barrier.) In either case, I was with Dueling Logs, a guy who makes YGOPro movies on YouTube. He kept urging me to quit the game and leave but I didn’t listen. –

The arcade eventually closed but I was one of the last people to leave. I traveled with a few other people through the arcade, trying to find an exit, but the arcade was like a labyrinth. My dad parked his car outside, waiting to pick me up.

In the fourth land I saw a large tub in the streetwalk, filled with cold water, outside in the city in the dead of winter. All the people who died in the second land reincarnated as animals like otters and ducks. A cop took the animals out of the tub and gave them to another cop to carry them away so they could become pets.

At this place I met Hua, a girl I’m close to in Waking World. We went out on a date, walking together and talking to each other. We went to a museum but it was snowing even inside. We had a good time. Hua revealed to me she was bald and only wearing a wig. She took the wig off and asked me if I would still love her even if she were bald. I struggled with my feelings but eventually said yes. I was being honest.

As we were leaving the museum we went to the atrium, which was full of massive dinosaur fossils. Hua was amazed and impressed, as was I, and I kept showing her more and more fossils to impress her more. Beethoven’s music came back, but it was a loud, towering music. I couldn’t tell the name of the music but I knew it was Beethoven.


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