Dream Diary: Weird Stuff and Heroism

I had many dreams where I was at Ecole Classique, my old high school, and in this dream I was there again. Strange this is when I am at Ecole in my dreams the place hardly looks like the Ecole I actually went to. It always looks cleaner and more professional. The classes are more advanced and I sometimes even struggle in them. Sometimes I meet a few classmates in my dreams but usually I meet teachers and staff a lot more.

Anyway, I was to attend some kind of seminar in the school, in a room with many comfortable white sofas. However, the meeting wasn’t until noon and I woke up at around 8am so I had a lot of time to kill. So I kept visiting a friend in his small apartment on occasion. He wanted to apparently turn the refrigerator into some kind of building for miniature people. We did so. – The fridge inexplicably became more like a wooden cupboard in the process. It’s a dream, dude. – We finished but then decided we wanted to change it. We wanted to make the cupboard twice as thick to house more people but sacrifice some of its height. It was extra work but we did so.

I kept going back and forth between checking up on the seminar and helping my friend. At around 12pm I finally stayed at the seminar because it began already. I was a little bit late. I have no idea what the seminar was about. I knew my old headmaster, Mr. Sal, was there, complete with a fedora and suit.

Then I became a third person viewer, a floating invisible eye, like the camera recording a movie. Most of the time I am in this state. Anyway, I was a third person viewer and I watched the bumbling antics of Darth Maul and Savage Oppress. For those not familiar, they are two zabrak brothers from the Star Wars: The Clone Wars series that try to create a criminal empire but are stopped by Palpatine, the reigning Dark Lord. I don’t remember too much except Anakin, Ahsoka, and Yoda stop them in a white, sterilized building.

Somewhere along the way I ended up in a campus library, except this campus was in the Dark World, an “evil” world ruled by the dark side of the force or something like that. I became a first person actor in my dream again and I tried to run away from this world. I ran in the city streets, meeting all sorts of “evil” people. They were simply a little aggressive and cynical, though. Nothing more.

Now I become Disney’s Hercules going on adventures. I go with a bunch of companions to slay the hydra. I killed it before, using only a sword, and even then it wasn’t too hard. Now it would be breeze, especially since I had a chainsaw of all things. – The hydra lunged at me and with the chainsaw I cut straight through its face in the middle, then sliced the head from the body. So my companions and me killed the hydra easily.

I am still Hercules and this is the final and most important scene in my dream. A queen and king came. The queen was on a sled with her baby. She said the tiny child was sick. I decided to make that child smile. I took something from a tree and went over to the child so it could see my face. The infant beamed up at me. The queen thanked me dearly. She said the child in its illness lost all hope. I made that child smile for the first time since forever and I gave it a ray of hope.


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