Dream Diary: Mario & Devils

I had some crazy dreams again. As usual my dreams happened in a series of episodes.

At the very, very beginning of my dreams I was some kind of celebrity or child star. I was with friends and we made up some kind of band for this one show (original word I wrote: presentation). During show time I did OK, nothing terribly good or bad. If my memory serves me well my friends were unreliable so I had to do everything.

In the next dream I was playing a very difficult hack of Super Mario 64 or a new Super Mario game that was very similar. The level had very little ground to stand on, as they were all objects floating on something that looked like water, but it wasn’t really water. Mario would get his but burned each time he touched it like it was lava. It may have been acid. It was a very frustrating level.

Out of the game I would walk down narrow city streets and small crammed shops. It looked like Chinatown. I have no idea why I was walking in a Chinatown-like place.

The last episode of my dreams was very strange. At first I was walking with friends in some kind of video game. We were climbing up a hill, through a forest, and we kept tripping over acorns of a certain color and with names on them or something like that. Whenever we tripped over a particular type of acorn a demon would swoop in and toss us down the hill.

Very quickly the demon transformed the whole landscape. It became like some kind of bedroom with huge proportions. My working desk was like a plateau and the bookshelves were like mountains. A lot of people (my friends?) managed to ascend as angels to the top of the highest bookshelf but I stayed behind on the ground with the demon. I think I was alone but maybe some people were down there with me too.

I would keep climbing up the desk and bookshelves to escape this monster but he kept dragging me back down. At one point he turned into a hurricane of fire, trapping me close to him. One time I managed to steal something from the demon and I managed to climb to the top of the highest bookshelf where all the people who fled him were. I presented the thing to them and told them to hang it in the heavens/ceiling. It was an asteroid or a star. I forgot its name. I was playing a rather Promethean role.

After that incident I became much better at avoiding the demon. I could easily jump away from him to flee him. On my desk I kept having to answer visual riddles where I had to guess the nature of something given nothing but it’s outline and a few objects as hints. The whole aesthetic felt very Super Paper Mario-ish. I woke up when I was trying to solve these riddles.


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