Dream Diary: Bowser, Evangelion, and Stuff

Dream Diary may very well become a series since I apparently have disturbing dreams a lot. They tend to happen most often after I go to sleep around 4am, especially if I’m very tired beforehand, like me writing a 30 page paper for grad school. When I have such dreams I tend to drool and sweat intensely. I tend to not have one dream but many dreams. I tend to spend a lot of time on one “subject” or dream before spending a lot of time on another “subject” or dream. There may or may not be a common theme unifying them all together.

In this morning’s case there was. All the dreams seemed to happen in the same places: a very tall building with many floors long, wide staircases, the sea surrounding the building, city streets, and subways underneath the city streets. Basically, my dreams took place in two locations.

Two dreams happened in the tall building. In the first I was with my dad. One of the floors was a community of all Serbian people. I am Serbian myself but I felt alienated, immature, and judged because I never learned to speak Serbian (because of my dad) and I never really identified with Serbian people too much. The floor of Serbian people was a buffet with trays of Serbian food everywhere.

The main action of the dream happened in a top floor. I was with my dad and a Serbian woman who was supposedly a math teacher. In waking life I am perfectly capable of multiplying large numbers but I completely struggled in the dream. My dad criticized me harshly and demeaned me for my inability, and I was yelling and crying because of this. The yelling and crying was less because of something he actually said but from anticipating what he might say. In waking my life my dad was abusive towards my mother, my older sister, and I so anticipating more horrible behavior from him is not ludicrous. The female teacher was kinder to me, and accepted my excuse that today I just forgot how to do math.

I switched to another dream. The dream took place in the same tower, but it was heavily themed around Neon Genesis Evangelion, a show that I’ve known for the last seven years. In the dream I was Shinji and my first companion was Kuwarou. I don’t know what I did with Kurawou but it may have had something to do with sending a red Unit into the sea. Kurawou left and I had a new companion, Asuka. These were more memorable since Asuka and I constantly caused mischief. We would go purposefully provoke the demons in the building and run away from them. It was fun and frightening at the same time. The demons were, strangely enough, Rez and Bowser. Strange.

I barely remember the third and fourth dreams. I changed location, to the city streets and subways beneath. In the third dream I went inside a house and furiously destroyed one of the newer game consoles. (I am generally dissatisfied with where video games have gone in the last ten years. I prefer the older games, especially Nintendo games.) The rest of this dream I tried to cover up my act. I felt like someone would be very mad at me for what I did. In the last dream I tried to meet a high school friend of mine and later tried to leave my situation by taking the subway. Both quests went unresolved.


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