Dream Diary: Military Coup

I observed and contemplated the Pleiades late one night. All the events that came before were from other dreams, other worlds, other unresolved forces. Those daemons were cast out. New daemons invaded. Everyone was rudely awakened.

I saw a pillar of fire and magma. I assumed it was just a volcano erupting until another volcano erupted and another one. I realized that the fiery explosions that left molten craters on the ground were not chunks of volcanic rock but in fact bombs. I ran back from the garden to my mansion and fled from there.

Elsewhere I immediately became a soldier defending the country from the fearful invasion. I was in a combat plane in a desert. Bombs exploded everywhere and bullets rained down from one side of the desert. I flew back to base, which looked like a castle, to should “WE’RE BEING INVADED!” or something similar. Bullets punctured holes in my plane, then my body, then through my head, but miraculously I managed to still live until finally the plane collapsed and I died.

I was a disembodied third person for the rest of the dream, witnessing the devastating effects of the invasion. The invaders were an army from Mexico, or so I divined it, but they all were white and spoke in American accents. (In retrospect, they may have been from the Texas/Mexico area.) They established a military regime that was extremely brutal and anti-intellectual.

They would regularly punish people by sicking guard dogs on them and other cruelties. I heard one guard tell a recent tale with both mockery and cruelty: A little girl protested about there being no books. The guard threatened her about what would happen to someone who said such things while her family fearfully told her to be quiet. The girl challenged the guard to bring it on and the guard obliged, killing or brutally maiming the entire family.

Many other such cruelties happened but I can barely remember any of them. The entire landscape changed with the invasion. In my dreams beforehand water was everywhere: in a harbor, in an ocean, and later in a Beverly Hills garden. But with the invasion everything changed. All these watery worlds were gone, replaced by a scalding hot desert.

One military officer fled the initial invasion, vowing to bring reinforcements to take back the coup. The officer, Maya, was a woman of her word. She brought back a guerilla army of her own. The last scene was of Maya’s guerilla force charging in the desert to attack people’s homes that were occupied by the army. As the war unfolded, disembodied music was everywhere but it was speaking from a place inside me…


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