YGO COP 2: Duel 8 – Gunbound Fight!

Seeker: 8000 || Maya: 8000

Seeker’s Turn: “I’m a bit disappointed. Going by your reputation, I thought you’d pull a strategy a little more interesting than Evolzars. Granted, it’s not a dime a dozen like Shaddolls, but really?”

“Good.” Maya says to herself. “Let him think that for now.”

Maria, who stands on the sidelines, cannot take the tension anymore. “Please, Maya, beat him and get the Blue-Eyes White Dragon card back.”

Maya is slightly irritated that her train of thought is disturbed but keeps herself restrained. “Don’t worry. I’ll get it back for you. But for what? So you can go back to your passive aggressive and holier-than-thou attitude? I hate it to break it to you, but you’re no “Maiden With Eyes of Blue”. You’re more of a high school alpha bitch who thinks she’s a purity sue.”

“I’d love to hear you two argue but we have a duel to conclude.” Seeker interrupts. “Now if you excuse me, I’ll proceed to turn the tables on you as I have always planned. I activate my set card, Release Restraint Wave. I destroy Amulet of Ambition to destroy all your face-down spells and traps.”

“No!” Maya says in shock as Mokey Mokey’s eerie amulet vaporizes into a thundercloud, which strikes and destroys Maya’s set cards. She had Solemn Warning and Dimensional Prison face down. How would she protect herself now?

Seeker seems to have read her mind, for he says, “There’s absolutely nothing you can to prevent my onslaught. I activate Mage Power to increase Mokey Mokey’s ATK by 500. Now, my creature, destroy Laggia!” Mokey Mokey, glowing with a red aura from Seeker’s latest spell, crashes into Laggia as meteor. (Maya LP 8000 → 7200) “What will you do now? The field advantage is mine!”

Maya’s Turn: “He is right.” Maya thinks. “He does have the advantage now. I have to use less conventional strategies to beat him. Evolzar’s are an interesting strategy, but also fairly well known. I need to pull of something he wouldn’t expect. Let’s see… what can I exploit?” She examines her opponent’s field and has an idea. “His biggest weakness is relying too much on equip cards to power up a weak monster. He concentrates his energy on one target. Yes, it is a pretty tough target, but if I can get rid of it, his options are drastically reduced.”

Maya draws her next card. She can’t do anything this turn.

Seeker, unable to help himself, chuckles loudly and rudely, his lips spread wide in his characteristic smug grin. “Can’t play anything this turn? There is absolutely nothing you can do to deny my victory. I am unbeatable now just as I was unbeatable with Exodia in the past.”

“Was.” Maya shoots back. “I set a card facedown.”

Seeker’s Turn: “For a loudmouth you don’t have much recourse, do you. You’re wide open for a direct attack!” Suddenly, his grin is turned upside down, for he noticed Maya had a clever smirk of her own. “What’s so funny?”

“Oh, nothing. You sure seem overconfident. How do you know I don’t have a deadly trap that’ll turn the game around next turn? You’re as dense and smug as JC himself. You make a perfect first opponent, really.”

“I’ll cut that smirk off your face with my next attack. I summon a second Mokey Mokey.” A second marshmallow-shaped fairy joins its twin. They look exactly the same, as if they were mass-produced. “Attack her directly, my monsters!” Both Mokey Mokeys crash into her. The first one, weak without any equip cards, bumps into her with little force, but the second one strikes at her so hard as to knock her down. (Maya LP 7200 → 3700)

Maya’s Turn: Just as she looks at her newly drawn card, she figures out a way to make Seeker’s very ace monster work against him. She only needs one turn to set things up. “I activate Fossil Dig, adding a Dinosaur-Type monster from my Deck to my hand and summon Nanosaur #1!” A velociraptor with superhuman intelligence and fiery orange skin, equipped with two rocket launchers on its back, pounces into play. “When Nanosaur is Normal Summoned, I can banish a weak monster from my deck. Next, I flip my facedown: Macrocosmos. From now on cards are banished instead of going to the Graveyard. Nanosaur, destroy the weaker Mokey Mokey!” Nanosaur fires two rockets from the launcher, blasting the fairy to ashes. (Seeker LP 8000 → 6600)

Seeker’s Turn: “Ha! A futile gesture at best! I summon Mystic Piper and sacrifice it. Yes, it’s banished instead of going to the Graveyard, but I still get its effect.” A piper in gaudy clothes prances on stage, plays his tune, and vanishes. Seeker draws his first card, a Level 1 monster, so he draws another card. “Mokey Mokey, finish off that annoying raptor.” Mokey Mokey crashes into Nanosaur in its usual style. (Maya LP 3200 → 2200)

“Nanosaur is banished, which triggers its effect. I can take the card I banished by its effect, Tour Guide from the Underworld, and add it to my hand.”

Seeker remains unfazed, just like when he beat Maria. “Going for another Evolzar? That won’t help you a bit.”

Maya’s Turn: “My turn!” She pauses a while, almost as if she drew something bad. Even Maria, wanting nothing more than to win back her Blue-Eyes, becomes pessimistic. “You should accept your defeat. Face it, Maya, decks and archetypes are meant to be a certain way. Dinosaur-Type monsters are by nature slow beasts with dumb muscle. You use dinosaurs win with brute strength. No amount of imaginative antimeta dueling will change that.”

Maya’s only response is to give Maria a twinkle of a smile. Though her lips seemed benign her eyes gleamed with a tiny fire of mischief. “You’re wrong. I summon Tour Guide from the Underworld and use her effect summon a low level Fiend-Type.” A humanoid woman with red hair dressed as a train attendant appears in play, as does Scarm, Malbranche of the Burning Abyss, a black-winged fiend with monstrous red claws. “I overlay the two to Xyz Summon Leviair the Sea Dragon.” The two fiends vanish a black hole, which bursts in light, summoning a mythic sea dragon capable of breathing fire. “I detach a Material to bring back Rescue Rabbit.” The sea dragon uses its fiery breath of life to bring back Maya’s old Rabbit with its characteristic hard hat.

“Still trying to summon Evolzars? That won’t work. Nothing can stop me.” Seeker scoffs.

“Oh really! I banish Rescue Rabbit to Special Summon two Zsa Zsim from my Deck.” The rabbit disappears again to be replaced by two feathered, swift-legged dinosaurs. “I overlay both Zsa Zsims to Xyz Summon Lightning Chidori.” The two dinosaurs fall into a new black hole, giving rise to a spirit bird made of lightning. “And I detach 1 Material to bounce Mokey Mokey to the top of your deck.” To Seeker’s horror, the chidori shocks Mokey Mokey, making it disintegrate into a few sparks that then leap on the top of Seeker’s deck holder.

“Your Mokey Mokey was powerful monster but now he is nothing more than a dead draw. You’re very ace monster is now a liability. Levaiar, attack him directly!” The sea serpent delivers a different dose of flame, now destructive, to burn its opponent. (Seeker LP 6600 → 4800) “Lightning Chidori, now its your turn!”

“Hold on! I activate Rainbow Kuriboh from my hand.” Seeker’s bright, multicolored little creature flies around Chidori, wrapping a rainbow rope around the creature, binding it still. “Your attack is stopped in its tracks.”

“What a waste. I set two cards facedown and end my turn.”

Seeker’s Turn: He draws his Mokey Mokey, except now it can’t do anything. His blood rushes through him in anxiety, but he still has some confidence. He still has one trick left up his sleeve. “I summon Kurivolt.” Another tiny, cute creature, this time colored black like a battery and containing the electrical potential of one, appears. “I detach 1 Material from your Lightning Chidori to summon another Kurivolt, and then use its effect to detach 1 Material from your Levaiar to summon another Kurivolt.” With his spoken word, the orbs of light surrounding Maya’s monsters fade and two more battery-like creatures appear.

“I overlay all three Kurivolts to Xyz Summon Lion Heart!” All three creatures disappear in a black hole to make way for an armored warrior with a glorious gold mane. Lion Heart, attack Chidori!” The lion-mane warrior pounces at the chidori, which shoots lightning bolts back in an epic struggle. “I detach a Material so you’ll take all the battle damage!” Seeker shouts amid the chaotic noise, his monster losing an orb in the process.

The field explodes in a brilliant dance of blue electric bolts, but only for a few seconds at most. When the field clears, Seeker only sees his monster groan in agony as its shocked and burned body crumbles into ashes. “What? How did this happen? What did you do?”

In the distance he sees the trick Maya pulled up her sleeve. “When you monster attacked, I activated Breakthrough Skill, negating its effect. It dies and you lose Life Points.”

Seeker, once smug as content as a Cheshire cat, can only express morbid horror. (Seeker LP 4800 → 3000)

Maya’s Turn: “You like overkills, don’t you? Let me show to one of my own. Since I control two monsters, I Special Summon Quetzalcoatlus,.” A pterosaur so huge it held an imposing presence despite its size diminished by the holographic systems to fit inside the field soared up into the sky. “With its summoning, I activate my set Inferno Reckless Summon. I summon two more Quetzalcoatlus.” The ground broke beneath them as if the gates of Hell themselves were opening, unleashing two more giant pterosaurs.

“You chose to have a duel between thieves. I will show no mercy. All my monsters, finish him off!” The dimensional sea dragon Levaiair fired another destructive breath at Seeker while the three Quetzalcoatlus swooped just above him, driving him down to the ground with the force of their wingbeats.

Seeker: 0 || Maya: 2200

The duel was just over but already Maya was on his throat. “Give Team A Capella, Haga, and Ryuzaki their decks backs immediately!”

Seeker pulled himself up shamefully from the ground but still had the nerve to grin in his usual conceited way. “Sorry, dear. You fought well, but there is no way I’m giving you the spoils of the hunt. We’re out of here. Ghouls, retreat!”

None of the Ghouls made it very far for the security force of the Cairo museum seized them. Seeker made a hopeless dash for an exit but one of guards hit him in the stomach making him collapse like a rag doll.

Maya jumped on him. She took her duel disk off her arm and jammed it on his throat. Now she was literally on his throat. “Tell me who are your bosses? Why are you in Egypt? What are you trying to get? I want answers!”

Seeker tried to laugh it off but the force Maya put on his throat forced him to gag. “I’m not telling anything. You can’t make me talk.”

Maya added on to the pressure, pushing the duel disk’s blade deeper. He was almost suffocating and bleeding. “Ready to talk now?”

“A-Alright!” Seeker could barely hack out the words. Maya lifted the pressure just enough so he could talk. “We’re just a bunch of fragments around the world. Heishin just commands us Egypt Ghouls. We want to sabotage this tournament and take the ultimate rare cards.”

Maya put the pressure back on his throat. “Not good enough. Heishin is just a pawn. Who does he work for and what do the Ghouls really want?”

“I-I can’t breath! I’m gonna’ die! I gonna’ die! ALRIGHT! I’ll tell everything!” Maya let up the pressure again. “Heishin made a deal with some guy named Gernand. So did a rich kid called Matthew. Both of them exchanged their loyalty to him to be bosses of the Ghouls.”

“Good! Keep talking! Who is Gernand and what does he want?”

Seeker no longer wanted to cooperate. He reached for his pocked knife and slashed through Maya’s dark gray dress, cutting her left thigh. Maya cried out in pain. She didn’t think at this point. She only reacted. She smashed Seeker’s face with her duel disk, scattering a few of his teeth from his mouth. It took two Cairo museum guards to get her off of him.

Maya managed to grab a walkie-talkie from Seeker’s hip as she was forced away from him. She then turned it on. Someone on the other side of the line asked for Seeker’s status. Maya instantly knew who it was. “Matthew Carter, it’s your old friend, Maya. I’m in on your game. I’m going to kill you.”

A guard confiscated the walkie-talkie, then gave all of Seeker’s Millennium Item Cards and Decks to Maya and her team. They had received orders from Heishin not to interfere with tournament participants except only in the most extreme cases. Since Maya defeated a Ghoul, who they were on the lookout to arrest anyway, Maya was entitled to all the spoils. Even a corrupt dictator like Heishin needed to pretend to be honorable in public, with no association with crime syndicates whatsoever.

Maya handed Maria and her team back their decks and Millennium Item Card, and did the same for Haga and Ryuzaki. Maria couldn’t understand the decision. “Why are helping me? You hate me.”

“Yes, but you lost unfairly, in a way. I actually want to duel you in the finals. And, to be honest, I actually like you a bit. We could have been acquaintances, maybe even friends, if our situations were different.”

“Yeah, ‘friends’.” Haga joked to his friend, Ryuzaki, who joined in on the fun by saying, “You think we should a camera in their bedroom to see what happens?”

Maria’s pale cheeks boiled red. “OH MY GOD YOU PERVS! I can’t believe Kaiba let the Two Stooges into this tournament!”

Haga and Ryuzaki, dubbed the Two Stooges throughout the dueling world, were a laughingstock. Long ago in the distant past, they were national champions of Japan and formidable in their own right, but after repeatedly failing one big tournament after another, they degenerated into everyone’s favorite punching bag. Sponsors let them into prestigious tournaments only to laugh at them losing horribly.

They definitely looked like laughingstocks. Haga was a snotty, bug-eyed man who looked perpetually fifteen years old. The fact that he wore grotesquely large eyeglasses, a long-sleeved puke-green shirt, and wore his hair in a Beatle’s Haircut only solidified his status as the world’s biggest dork. Ryuzaki was hardly any better, wearing a dirty green jacket and a red beany cap that both looked centuries old.

“Speaking of getting a room, how long have you two been living together, eight years now?” Maya asked Haga in a mocking tone. “Maria and I have it for each other? Girl, you and Ryuzaki are the Will and Grace of Yugioh.”

Yukio laughed a bit. Even Haga and Ryuzaki chuckled, even though they were the butt of the joke. Sophia gazed at everyone attentively but kept quite. Apparently, she had a gentler sense of humor.

“But seriously, aren’t Malik and Bakura Will and Grace?” Yukio said.

Maya playfully threw her hands in the air. “Why not both?”

Rolling her eyes, Maria disappeared with her team. Haga and Ryuzaki ran off to a hotel where it would be safe. Maya presented Yukio and Sophia with her spoils, the Millennium Ring Card. Two down, five more to go.


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