YGO BAM Immortality Deck Again

Vampire Genesis
3x Vampire Lord
3x Vampire Genesis
2x Jinzo – Lord
2x Hieratic Seal of the Sun Dragon Overlord
2x Stardust Dragon / Assault Mode
1x Blackwing – Aurora the Northern Lights
2x Raigeki

Fixed the problems with the deck, so I am better able to fight immunity monsters. Raigeki is strong, because it can kill immunity monsters early before they can activate their abilities. Stardust acts both as a Zombie Master, bringing back monsters, and a Neo Aqua Madoor, bringing back Raigeki. Blackwing – Aurora has been a thorn on my side for half a year now, so why not add him in the team. He protects himself with immunity and can grow very strong, very fast.


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