AUTHOR’S NOTE: These are not my words. I merely compiled the writings of the most prominent sidereal astrologers, all who give a thorough explanation of the signs as they really are. The works of Cyril Fagan, Rupert Gleadow, and Alex-Blaire are hardly known to the world. They deserve to have their voices heard. Their writing is invaluable to any serious student of astrology.

Manilius, ASTRONOMICA book 4

The folk engendered by the two Fishes, the last of the signs, will possess a love of the sea; they will entrust their lives to the deep, will provide ships or gear for ships and everything that the sea requires for activity connected with it. The consequent skills are numberless: so many are the components of even a small ship that there are scarcely enough names for things. There is also the art of navigation, which has reached out to the stars and binds the sea to heaven. The pilot must have sound knowledge of the earth, its rivers and havens, its climate and winds; how on the one hand to ply the mobile helm this way and that, and brake the ship and spread apart the waves, and how on the other to drive the ship by rowing and to feather the lingering blades. The Fishes further impart to their son the desire to sweep tranquil waters with dragnets and to display on shores which are their own the captive peoples of the deep, either by hiding the hook within the bait or the guile within the wheel. Naval warfare too is of their gift, battles afloat, and bloodstained waves at sea. The children of this sign are endowed with fertile offspring, a friendly disposition, swiftness of movement, and lives in which everything is ever apt to change.

SUN IN PISCES: Mar 15 – Apr 15

The exaltation of Venus (27 deg), Piscis is traditionally said to be the nocturnal house of Jupiter, but here again its characteristics seem more to resemble the influence of Neptune with its insatiable love of sensation and pleasure, its sedulous avoidance of all responsibility, [although these would also indicate Venus] and its attraction for mystery and concealment. The constellation Pisces is the antithesis ofits opposite Virgo which is ruled by the winged Mercury. The most characteristic features of the average Piscean is his placid, easy-going, unruffled, resilient and ingratiating disposition.

Piscean people will welcome strangers with open arms, pat them on the back and make an extraordinary fuss over them as if they were their most cherished friends whom they had known all their lives. And if one does detect a roguish glint in their eyes, one feels they are, at least lovable ‘humbugs,’ so one does not mind being taken in or fleeced by them. No other types are more expert in the art of cajoling, dodging, deceiving and make-believe. They know how to affect an air of injured innocence, and with a twinkle in the eye, pout their lips and shrug their shoulders.

The scions of Pisces like to entertain on a vast scale and indulge their epicurean and sybaritic tastes to the full. They delight in the choice delicacies of the table and the produce of the purple vine. In conversation they are voluble but entertaining, and in business they like to obtain their money in the easiest way possible, and with a minimum of effort. Not infrequently their income is replenished by gambling on the stock exchange or in games of chance.

They absorb knowledge without much difficulty and are adroit in juggling figures to the confusion of business opponents. Bohemian in temperament, they are attracted by all that is theatrical, glamorous, fantastic, colorful, foreign, exotic, mysterious and deceptive. Occultism and spiritualism have a particular attraction for them, and many scions of this constellation develop into mediums.

As we cannot all be geniuses and as it takes a genius to be just oneself, many Pisceans take the easy way out by being other people. Excelling as actors and as mimics, most of them are just pale editions of somebody else. As surprising number of actors, movie and TV stars were born when the Sun was passing through this constellation. They like to venture into foreign lands and explore the unknown, and they delight in thrillers and gangster stories. Oddly enough, they excel in athletics and sports generally. Piscian women make good cooks, nurses and above all, midwives.

Representative are: Paul Verlain, Emile Zola, Algernon Swinburne, Baudelaire, Washington Irving, Ibsen, Tennessee Williams, Amerigo Vespucci, Henry the Navigator, Lorenzo the Magnificent, Dr. Livingstone, Lady Hester Stanhope, Sir Richard Burton, Harry Houdini, D. D. Home (spiritualist), Adolphe Eichmann, George Brent, St Aloysius Conzaga, General Booth, Theresa Neumann, Albert Einstein, Rudolf Nureyev, Vincent van Gogh, Arturo Toscanini, Rimsky-Korsakov, Bach, Joseph Haydn, Johann Strauss, Bartok, Alec Guinness, Marlon Brando, Michael Caine, Jean-Paul Belmondo, Smiley Burnette, Joan Crawford, Spencer Tracy, Betty Davis.

Fagan, (Symbolism)

The craving for subtle sensation distinguishes the psyche of those born when the Moon is in the constellation Pisces. These sensations may be so subtle as not to be obvious to the casual observer, or they may be so quickly cloaked as to escape the most discerning detection. Many celibates in “Holy Orders” having the Moon in this constellation find adequate satisfaction in “Spiritual Communion,” while pious women, being mindful of ‘the sins of the flesh’ treat their marriage as a sacrament in the real, religious sense of the term.

But those who are not influenced by religious fervor may demand of the act of union more than the partner suspects or is capable of giving. Craving and concealment go hand in hand. A “Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde” sort of existence is not unknown to those who have the Moon in Pisces at birth. The writer knows many cases.

A typical one is that of a woman who married a rich man many years older than herself; he was also incapable of satisfying her. So, unknown to him and disguised as a common ‘woman of the streets,’ she used to frequent the public house of a neighboring shipping port, where sailors resort, but where she was unknown. At her birth, the Moon in Pisces had culminated. Also indulgence in acts of sadism or masochism are not uncommon.

Moon-in-Pisces folk appear to make excellent physical mediums, healers and sympathisers; they are adroit in the art of ‘laying on of the hands’ and the like, for they are very psychic. But here the native must be on his guard, as Pisces contains great possibilities for self-deception.


Pisces more typically resembles ‘the average sensual man’; it is we are told, placid, hedonistic, not difficult to please, always looking for enjoyment, a bit of a humbug and not entirely reliable, but essentially kind and good-natured; weak-willed and easy-going, but generous and quickly taken up with the sensation of the moment. Not independent and often difficult to rouse, they are talkative, fond of eating and drinking, devoted to entertainment, parties, theatricals, and amusements.

Many of them are always looking for the easy way out, so work does not appeal to them as such; yet many do work hard whenthey are intelligent enough to understand the need for it, for they are exceptionally adaptable and versatile, and once interested in a job will take great trouble to make it a success. Unlike the restrained but kindly Aquarius, Pisces can be affable but vulgar, and can also be snobbish or too much interested in money. Pleasant to meet but sometimes tricky to do business with, they are yet people against whom it is hard to bear a grudge.

The genial and pleasure-loving temperament agrees well with the rulership of Jupiter, but equally well with that of Neptune, for Neptunians love violent emotions, especially if they are unreal. The supreme Neptunian, born with it on the midheaven, was the notorious rector of Stiffkey, who, having been mauled by a lion in the circus where he exhibited himself, died murmuring, “Don’t miss the evening edition!”

Pisces is always looking for something beyond, perhaps for the reality behind appearances, and therefore has a particular affinity for the arts, religion and exploration. This too agrees with the rulership of Neptune. He feels an invincible attraction to the remote, and that is the common factor between its astronomers, its explorers, its poets, mystics, spiritualists and philosophers–between especially Bishop Berkeley and Einstein, Lady Hester Stanhope and D. D. Home.

Wordsworth’s ‘trailing clouds of glory’ express the same yearning as was felt by Omar Khayyam and Swinburne. Houdini, the handcuff king, was very suitably a Piscean, and so was Casanova, to whom every skirt was a mysterious romance. Holman Hunt exemplifies the travelling urge because he went all the way to Palestine to paint ‘The Scapegoat,’ which he could have quite well done in his back garden. On the other hand there are two members of the list who seem peculiarly unsuitable to Pisces–the hard clarity of Bach and the rationalism of Descartes.

Presumably neither was born with Pisces rising! Both exemplify the importance of ultimate meaning, which is what Pisces, like the rest of us, is after; but neither was content with the remote intimations which are usual with this sign; both must have had Saturn, exceptionally strong.

For Pisces, even more than Cancer, lives a succession of fantasies; hence his outward life may degenerate into an undisciplined chaos, and sometimes he honestly does not know the difference between imagination and fact. A superb example of this was the financier Horatio Bottomley, who never drank anything but champagne, ruined thousands of small investors and doubtless believed every word he heard come out of his own mouth. His biography is a fine example of the illusions that arise when Pisces and Neptune are pushed to the farthest possible extreme–he had Neptune setting in conjunction with the Sun.

Pisceans dislike taking decisions and making distinctions—they prefer to leave everything fluid and trust to luck. They are ingratiating and resilient, but tend to excess, especially in self-indulgence. They are often credulous and undiscriminating; hence they are easily misled and bamboozled, not so much by political ramps—not having too much sense of responsibility they can ignore those–as by unfounded scares, bogus ‘opportunities,’ and too much attention to fortune-tellers and spirit communications.

They love everything mysterious, glamorous, exotic, and sybaritic, but they also have gift for making contacts in many directions, hence they succeed in all professions requiring publicity and imagination, such as journalism, the cinema or theatre, politics and the arts. The Piscean mentality is well expressed in the poets Swinburne and Omar Khayyam, and especially in George Russell (‘AE’), whose works abound in such lines as the following:

When the breath of twilight blows to flame the misty skies,
All its vaporous sapphire, violet glow, and silver gleam
With their magic flood me through the gateways of the eyes;
I am one with the twilight’s dream.

Sidereal Pisces In Depth

We are now living in the Age of Pisces which began in 221.C.E. and will end in the year 2376. C.E.

There is of course an essential you hidden in the silence of your heart and at the back of your mind. Changes moods transformations flights of imagination and shape shifts fill your days and nights. An extremely vivid dreamer you live in the world of imagination and speculation. You alternate between the feeling of absolute solitude and the experience of complete self-forgetting as you blend into and become absorbed by your company and environment. You can make yourself highly agreeable to others by effortlessly turning into them!

Worlds upon worlds open up before you and within you as do abilities talents and interests. So many possibilities exist for you that you may fail to develop any of them beyond a superficial level. In this way you may drift through your youth and fail to fulfill any of the conspicuous potential that others admire so much.

Being multitalented you may pursue almost any line of work or occupation but your strong suits are art music design film and education. You love to spend freely and do not really mind whose money you are spending, your friends tend not to mind this as you are a very generous person.
Because you like to move freely and easily in the world you may dedicate yourself to accumulating a financial fortune. Being restless you are likely to travel a great deal.

You love novelty and change and will own and discard a vast array of gizmos and devices in the course of your life. Once you decide that you want something say a new computer car or boat nothing will do until you have it. You will even go into serious debt to get it. But a short time after you have it you start to notice all the things that are wrong with it. Then you exchange that thing or get rid of it all together. Shortly thereafter you want it back and wish you had kept it, but it is no longer available, or getting it back is going to be an excruciating hassle.You become extremely alert to the return policy of the retailers and suppliers you do business with.

Ultimately, no person, no event, no experience, can make a deep or lasting enough impression on you while it is happening for it to endure. And this is why you are always ready for something new. It’s just the same with people as it is with things. You start to admire some romantic interest and you build that person up to monumental proportions in your imagination. You pursue them with your considerable powers of shape shifting seduction until they let you into their life.

What you really want is never exactly clear though you will say anything and your pillow talk is quite fantastic. An amazing psychic aura develops, you can read each others minds, you are both in the same mood all the time and go through exactly the same mood changes. You feel exactly the same emotion when you listen to music together. Your favorite food and drink is the same and if you do drugs together its just so deep that it defies description but you both really get it. And the sex is just so sensitive intense and prolonged that it turns into a mystical experience.

You tell each other all your deepest secrets and say all those tender terrible unspoken things that you have never been able to say to anyone before. You stay awake all night planning your spectacular future together. You move in together. You make appearances around town with your new love and the whole thing is a huge success. The love affair has filled you with creative juice and new ideas you become immersed in wonderful creative projects.

Now that your energies are going to all these different places your relationship interest begins to subtly wane and pretty soon you are neglecting your significant other because you are totally involved with other things other people. Hardly surprising given how complicated you and your amazing life have always been.

In all probability only one of you two lovers, is Pisces, in which case the not Pisces who has been taking all this for real and staking their life on it is going to get really hurt. Unless it is a Virgo, Scorpio or Sagittarian who is just playing it and sport sexing you? If you have a lot of money even the Virgo means it. But after months of neglect and increasingly unhappy arguments your newfound soul mate starts to see someone else and the whole thing is over. At first you are horrified but then relieved, more relieved than horrified.

In principle this is how you live your life on all levels. You just don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone. You live a lot of your life through a rear view mirror. Because of the exaggerated nature of your life events it is very difficult for you to be present. Of course the only way to be fully present is to abandon all pretense and make believe. You begin to miss your ex-beloved something agonizing. You get melodramatically nostalgic and start looking at all those wonderful photographs missing your lost love and then there is all the sudden guilt and self-recrimination. Probably you get drunk and have a really good cry.

You start hearing about the exploits and great time your ex-beloved is having with their new partner. This drives you crazy. And now you will go into overdrive to get your ex-beloved back. If it doesn’t work and turns into a humiliating hassle you persist for a while, after all don’t you deserve to be humiliated and have to grovel a bit? But if after you have groveled and sent flowers showers of emails and voice mails and even done some disturbingly exciting stalking, your ex-beloved doesn’t start to come around, then and only then do you start to level with your friends and describe all the faults and shortcomings of your ex-beloved. And so it goes. You have already started to think of someone else….

You can be devoutly religious and prayerful. Being a psychological sadomasochist you have a strong sense of sin punishment and forgiveness. If you are too brainy to swallow religion whole then you join the new church of psychologism and can develop the most amazing and intricate narratives to explain your extraordinary existence. If you are too intelligent to fall for psychologism you become a real mystic and can even end up a saint. It was that great mystic Blake who said (by now it’s a cliché but it really applies to you) “The path of excess leads to the temple of wisdom”.

The self of the human individual has grown progressively more receptive, psychic and logical, as a process of personal evolution. The modern human being admires the expansive, generous, positive and intelligent personality. As language has become more abstract, people find that the formal meaning of what someone is saying is only half of what they mean. Pisces is a dual sign. The other half of language is a form of inner listening, which involves a psychic faculty of hearing. This condition is so universal and everywhere the case that most people do not realize that the self listens with a psychic faculty to all of the subtle nuances of voice, mood and vibration coming from the other person.

The progressive receptivity to personalities of all races and cultures is due to the progress of the constellation Pisces into the 1st house of the chart. When Jupiter is well placed in the chart, the native is able to develop the self to a very high degree. The modern cycles of personal development fashions have everything to do with the transits of Jupiter through the Zodiac. Going back to Dale Carnegie’s “How to Make Friends and Influence People” and to more recent self-help books read by millions at a time, we see the Jupiter-ruled influences of the first house.

With the steady unfolding of the mutable water qualities of Pisces in the 1st house, people are increasingly inclined to reject “labels” and insist on the self’s right to change and adapt to circumstances. Peoples’ personalities have become highly changeable and, interestingly enough, people catalyze personal change through self-improvement workshops or through some kind of philosophical or religious conversion.

This need for change extends to the vast numbers of people who travel for personal pleasure, education or out of personal curiosity about foreign countries. The North American and European continents have highly transient populations. In fact, on a world scale, we see millions of people move to another country every year.


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