AUTHOR’S NOTE: These are not my words. I merely compiled the writings of the most prominent sidereal astrologers, all who give a thorough explanation of the signs as they really are. The works of Cyril Fagan, Rupert Gleadow, and Alex-Blaire are hardly known to the world. They deserve to have their voices heard. Their writing is invaluable to any serious student of astrology.

Manilius, ASTRONOMICA book 4

Balancing night with the length of day when after a year’s space we enjoy the new vintage of the ripened grape, the Scales will bestow the employment of weights and measures and a son to emulate the talents of Palamedes, who first assigned numbers to things, and to these numbers names, fixed magnitudes, and individual symbols. He will also be acquainted with the tables of law, abstruse legal points, and words denoted by compendious signs; he will know what is permissible and the penalties incurred by doing what is forbidden; in his own house he is a people’s magistrate holding lifelong office. Under no other sign would more fittingly have been born, who in interpreting the law framed legislation of his own. Indeed, whatever stands in dispute and needs a ruling the pointer of the Balance will determine.

SUN IN LIBRA: Oct 18 – Nov 16

It is without question that this constellation which has the pacific Venus as its traditional diurnal regent, produces the most beauty-loving and peace-loving types of humanity….when handling the paint brush, pencil or sculptor’s chisel, they are unexcelled. Their aesthetic sense is pronounced, and it is as decorators, fashion designers, florists, and music-hall artists that they lead the world. The sense of joy and gaiety inherent in their natures finds full expression in the waltz tempo of Johann Strauss and the rousing marches of Sousa who were both natives of this constellation. They are perfectly at home in the elegant art salons of the elite and love to roam at leisure through elegant fashion salons.

The apparent sullenness and taciturnity which one notices often in natives of this constellation is due to the powerful influence of Saturn… Due to the influence of Saturn, which is exalted (in 21 degrees Libra) therein…of all constellations, Librans are cursed with the poorest of [short-term] memories although their powers of recollection remain unimpaired. Unless particularly indelible, the events of yesterday…leave no lasting imprint on the mind and so it is difficult for them to commit anything to heart. Even in the small things of everyday life their absentmindedness is phenomenal.

In this respect they differ greatly from their opposite number, the Sun-in-Aries folk, who not infrequently top their forms by dint of their wonderful memories alone. …Librans are not particularly ambitious or egotistic, being much more interested in others than in themselves. Only rarely can they be induced to talk about themselves and their achievements. Here again they are the reverse of Aries who are only interested in self and family–rarely in others.

Librans are also the world’s greatest Romeos and people soon fall under the spell of their attention. Since Venus is regent of this constellation, it is not surprising to find its natives addicted to all sensuous delights, rarely resisting any temptation coming their way Above all, they are the world’s greatest peacemakers, and they are frequently called upon to mediate in the cause of peace. Some of the most famous peace-makers throughout history were born when the Sun was passing through the constellation Libra. Little wonder it has been designated “the first gentleman of the zodiac.”

It is interesting to note here that Armistice Day, November 11th 1918, occurred when the Sun was in Libra 25 degrees. Leopold III of Belgium’s crime was that he declared peace too soon. Virgil, Liszt, Samuel T. Coleridge, King Edward VII (the “Peacemaker”), Agha Khan (who mediated frequently in the cause of peace), Paderewski and Will Rogers (another ambassador in the cause of peace who said, “I never met a man I didn’t like.”) are typical examples of those who had the Sun in the constellation Libra. Marie Curie, Jonas Salk, Jewaharlal Nehru, Charles Prince of Wales, Grace Kelly, Richard Burton, Katherine Hepburn, Dylan Thomas, Auguste Rodin, Pablo Picasso, Andre Malraux, Dostoevski, Marie Antoinette, Billy Graham, Mickey Mantle.


Those born when the Moon is coursing through the constellation Libra, the diurnal house of Venus, and if there are no planetary configurations at the time, are suave and polished in manner, charming, gentle, and courteous. They move easily, softly and without apparent effort among people, and this is all the more so the case when the malefics are in the background, and are unconnected with the luminaries. People having the Moon in this constellation are somewhat addicted to finery, stylish attire and even ‘fine feathers’- sometimes, excessively so – but in good taste.

Not given to exertion, they tend to be easy-going, and love idling in elegant ease, being prone to dalliance and poetic utterances when the mood takes them. As Saturn is exalted in Libra, those having the Moon in this constellation tend, betimes to be reserved and somewhat despondent… Liable to be pushed aside and ignored by the ruthless and ambitious, they often suffer, at some period of their life, the ‘slings of outrageous fortune.’ Rather than endure the unpleasant consequences of a refusal, women allow themselves to be imposed upon, and, under certain circumstance, may even welcome it. Whilst, at the time of crisis, men sometimes find themselves deserted by their erstwhile supporters, and defenseless, are left to stand to face alone the full brunt of the attack, often being made the sacrificial victim.


There seem to be two aspects to LIBRA, and two types of Librans, corresponding to the symbol of the Balance, and the ruling planet Venus. Venus produces, just as one would expect, people interested in art and beauty, painting and costume and in every kind of elegance, collectors of china or pictures, of antiques and curios of every sort, connoisseurs, and people who take unusual pains to beautify their home. The spirit of competition is not unduly strong, but there is room for plenty of expertise regarding the date and provenance of precious pieces. In Libra, by contrast to Taurus, the love of beauty is not too closely connected with sex; it often appears disinterested and detached, and exemplifies the saying that women dress to please themselves.

The other type of Libran is connected with Venus only as the planet of peace. All its symbolism is concerned with the pair of scales, with fair exchange and recompense, and its aim is to hold the balance. For peace to be preserved everyone must be satisfied, so far as this is simultaneously possible, and so the task of Libra is to reconcile conflicting demands and see that as much as possible shall be granted to all claimants. This sign is thus the ideal or at any rate the typical civil servant, continually occupied in balancing rival claims, and trying to see that strife shall not arise because of unfair concessions or lack of concessions.

Its function is of the greatest social value, but exposes it to a certain amount of obloquy because of the notorious fact that one cannot please everyone. Libra therefore is not always admired; it is accused of weakness because compromise, although often highly desirable, can become through habit merely the easiest way out. Librans should not be troubled by this accusation, which is usually self-interested.

Libra is the type, which is called in to arbitrate when quarrels seem imminent and differences irreconcilable; but correspondingly it is not the type which changes the whole situation by importing into it a new force. It will think of a more sensible attitude than anyone has yet adopted, but it does not invalidate the presuppositions of others or make them no longer tenable.

There is usually a strong contrast between one constellation and the next, but between Virgo and Libra this is not so; both are modest and often artistic, with a desire to please and a genuine interest in others. The scales, after all, are held in the Virgin’s hand, and after Virgo Libra was the sign most generally admired in ancient times–and not without reason, for it is the symbol of fair play, which was even less common then than now. The British, though champions of fair play in the recent world, at any rate in their own opinion, have never been put under Libra, partly because they were supposed to belong to Aries, and partly because the notion of fair play grew out of the realization that law by itself is not enough; laws can be harmful, unreasonable and unjust, but it has taken civilization quite some time to come to this understanding.

Before rulers attained to the stage of applying the law justly and fairly, it was a virtue to have a law and to apply it at all, instead of ruling by capricious and arbitrary anger. Law in fact is a less primitive notion than arbitrary rule, but more primitive than fair play, which shows a growing consideration of the consequences to sufferers from legal action. Libra therefore, like Virgo, has a weakness for the letter of the law when its native lacks energy, intelligence or imagination; but in other cases it will take much trouble to be fair to everyone, and tries very sincerely to understand all points of view.

Statistically Librans do excel in the legal profession. This means that in the tropical zodiac the largest number of them are born under Scorpio, the sign of warfare; and law exists primarily to prevent warfare. Tropical astrologers would justify this by speaking of ‘legal battles,’ with other metaphorical double-talk. But the sign of law has always been Libra; Libra stands holding sword and scales on the roof of the Old Bailey and other legal temples, and the success of a barrister depends on his ability to foresee and sympathize with the point of view of the other side; he must charm and convince the judge and jury with smooth words, not annoy them with aggressive ones.

Scorpio therefore is peculiarly unsuited to the law. Libra on the other hand almost never makes the mistake of unprovoked aggression, and if he does it is invariably due to some other influence in the horoscope. Hitler, for example, had Libra rising, but he was strongly under Aries (Sun) at the same time, and so although he committed unprovoked aggressions, he tried to arrange and time them so that some international document or agreement should appear to condone them.

…In fact, however, Libra is modes and does not feel that authority originates in himself…and so Libra, again like Virgo, but unlike Leo and Aries, does not want to be thought to act in his own name. This is why he would rather take refuge in the text of regulations, and will please everyone as an escape from having to make his own mind up and accept entire responsibility…. But the legal association goes right back to Babylon. This sign is the exaltation of Saturn, and Saturn in Babylon was the planet of righteousness, apparently because at retrogradation it does not wander away making loops to the north and south, as the other planets do, but remains sternly at the same distance from the ecliptic….

But although Libra is often the administrative type, perpetually holding the balance between regulation and regulation, or between regulations and people, at the same time many painters and other artists are born under it, and the love of beauty, order and seemliness is very marked. Being ruled by Venus, Librans are presumably guided at all time by their affections, but less obviously so than Taureans. There is a certain conventionality, except among the more original and artistic types.

Among the famous artists born under Libra there is, of course, no lack of originality. Cezanne’s work was for a long time found shocking, Picasso’s equally, and the Irish painter Francis Bacon sets out frankly to horrify; yet all three were born under Libra. The poets too show that libra is not all conventional harmony, despite the presence among the composers of Johann Strauss and Sousa.

Libra was called by the ancients the fourth and last political constellation, the others being Aries, Cancer and Leo; but whereas the others like to lead, Libra likes to administrate, and is therefore more often found in second place. It is dependable and does not object to routine work. One of its keywords is compromise, and we know that in politics this is the most constructive method. One may also expect from Libra tolerance and indecision (as from Aries intolerance and decision); but this is at least an intelligent fault. Libra has of course tact and social sense, but in speech and writing is sometimes obscure through being too formal or too timid; for formality does appeal to Librans. They excel in law because they can see both sides, and perhaps in business for the same reason, but not in religion and rarely in the learned professions; they often have a bad memory or are absent-minded.

The outstanding Libran quality is love of peace, and the use of compromise to bring it about. A good example of this was Leopold III of Belgium, who lost his throne for having made peace too soon (in the tropical zodiac he was under Scorpio). But the most typical of all Librans was Erasmus, to whom all Europe looked as its peacemaker and who twice failed to bring peace because he was too modest. (The excellent biography by Stefan Zweig also gives a good portrait of Luther as Scorpio plus Leo.) Like Erasmus, Gandhi, the apostle of non-violence, had Virgo rising with the sun and moon in Libra; but in the tropical zodiac both these men had Libra rising with both the lights in Scorpio, and tropical astrologers try to explain this by saying that they ‘fought for peace.’

Sidereal Libra In Depth

For all you are a sparkling social and sociable being you are also deeply serious. You gravitate naturally towards the good the true and the beautiful. Acutely aware of cultural trends and movements you know where you are and how to play it most of the time.

You have a marvelous sense of timing but unfortunately you also procrastinate. This means that you spend a lot of time trying to figure out weather you are procrastinating or exercising your brilliant sense of timing. You are just so naturally nice that members of the opposite sex often mistake your warmth and receptivity for romantic interest. You always look like you have a lot of potential partners but in fact you are not at all easy to match with a potential spouse.

You love conversation and storytelling if the conversation is meaningful and the story carries wisdom. You can do small talk brilliantly but it bores you and you only use it as a device to either get what you want or to lead into more serious territory.

Being extremely well read and possessing a good memory you sometimes don’t let on to the extent of your knowledge, preferring to let the other do the talking. You are a natural practitioner of active listening and employing well chosen questions. It often happens that the verbose other will suddenly realize that they are being humored. That is when you save them from embarrassment by appreciating the one true if obvious thing that they have said. If needed you see no harm in throwing in a little flattery to save the day. You probably wrote the desiderata “Avoid loud and aggressive persons for they are a vexation to the spirit”.

You have a natural psychological sophistication and can hear the hidden meaning in what people are saying or rather not saying. You perceive complexity nuance and context all at the same time. You dislike taking sides because you see the whole situation. This leads some people to accuse you of sitting on the fence. But you know well that most of life’s day-to-day problems solve themselves in time or just simply disappear.

You are a master of strategic delay and avoid a lot of problems simply by postponing them until they are forgotten. You can be found sitting around apparently doing nothing but usually you are thinking deeply about how you are going to do something. You will often jump up at the last minute and get whatever it is done in the twinkling of an eye before lapsing back into your apparent laziness. The fact is you are also really lazy. This is why as time goes by, your life, which can be messy, gets more and better organized. It takes less effort that way.

You show a marked tendency to drift in a quagmire of indecision particularly if you must face something disagreeable or just plain awkward. In this way you appear to be letting life just happen to you and not following any thought out plan for your future. You for instance will put off marriage to any of your many admirers until they all marry other people and you end up alone. If the marriage house in your chart is afflicted then none of them really wanted to marry you, which is why you really didn’t want to marry any of them.

With you everything is in the balance of your existence. With the exaltation of Saturn in Libra you quite like your own company up to a point. You like to read and write you are also a really good artist and designer if you try. And people will buy your work if you go into any of these fields.
You are also well suited to retail sales at the high end of the market place. But you may end up stuck in some boring but secure administrative or executive assistant post.

It is not so much that you actually want to be alone but you want to be left alone. Because of your acute sensitivity to the vibrations of others you may have shut down and become a superficial person. But if you are still intact you will like a deeply intimate relationship with moments of extremely high erotic intensity followed by long lulls and periods of calm everydayness. You should get married.

Because of the current confusion (produced by the “tropical zodiac of signs”) many Libra people think they are Scorpio and mistake their highly developed Venusian eroticism for the raw primordial sexuality of Mars ‘ruled’ Scorpio. But if you are Libra any crudeness or savagery in the sexual realm disgusts and repels you. It is the mythic poetics of romantic love that calls to you. If your chart combines Libra and Scorpio elements then you are an extremely intense sexy creative individual.

Work is your salvation the moment you get your attitude towards it realized in the right way. This means taking pleasure in the task itself rather than dwelling upon what it might or might not lead to. Or what social image or prestige is implied by the current work. When you embrace responsibility you are invincible.

You are naturally over concerned with what people think of you. It is important to think about one of the natural laws of life and it is this. One third of all people love you on sight, one third of all people are indifferent to you, and one third of all people hate you. With your charm and talent it is easy to get the indifferent third to also love you. At that point the third who hate you will plot your downfall. But the two thirds who love you will also protect you. That’s life.

At your best you are a brilliant team player able to get everyone positively motivated and feeling good about getting the job done. Your natural diplomatic skills come into play and you can often get the most unlikely people to cooperate. Your beautiful home can also be a centre of cultural and social life.

Because of your deep seriousness and periodic melancholy the meaning and purpose of life is on your mind. Spiritual meaningfulness engages you and big picture spiritual philosophies that can speak meaningfully and subtly to all aspects of life are your natural home. In the later part of your life you will attain enlightenment by the depth of your understanding.


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