AUTHOR’S NOTE: These are not my words. I merely compiled the writings of the most prominent sidereal astrologers, all who give a thorough explanation of the signs as they really are. The works of Cyril Fagan, Rupert Gleadow, and Alex-Blaire are hardly known to the world. They deserve to have their voices heard. Their writing is invaluable to any serious student of astrology.


Who can doubt the nature of the monstrous Lion, and the pursuits he prescribes for those born beneath his sign? The lion ever devises fresh fights and fresh warfare on animals, and lives on spoil and pillaging of flocks. The sons of the Lion are filled with the urge to adorn their proud portals with pelts and to hang up on their walls the captured prey, to bring the peace of terror to the woods, and to live upon plunder. There are those whose like bent is not checked by the city-gates, but they swagger about in the heart of the capital with droves of beasts; they display mangled limbs at the shop-front, slaughter to meet the demands of luxury, and count it gain to kill. Their temper is equally prone to fitful wrath and ready withdrawal, and guileless are the sentiments of their honest hearts.

SUN IN LEO: Aug 17 – Sep 16

Shamash, the Sun was assigned as regent of Leo. As the Sun is the significator of the ego, Leo symbolizes egotism, pride, vanity, regality, splendor, sumptuousness, magnificence, parades, showmanship, ostentation, display, and lust for glory, honor and renown. Unlike the Cancerian, who largely relies on his vivid imagination to make himself a hero, the Leonian, however humble or obscure his birth, takes it for granted that, in one respect or another, he has been born a monarch, and is destined for high honors.

The Leonian’s faith in himself is immense. At heart, he is convinced he has a divine mission to perform, and only he can do it. Is he not the chosen one? Rarely is he an agnostic, much less an atheist. For the most part, his faith in the Supreme is unshakable, and the existence of an afterlife a verity to him. Allying himself to the prophets of yore, conviction and loyalty are astonishing. There is a story told about Napoleon I, a native of this constellation. When made Emperor, many journalists and would-be biographers sought an audience. Wishing to flatter him, they asked him from which great kings he was descended. The Emperor glared at them for a moment and then rapped, “Gentlemen, I am the first of my line. Good morning!”

The principle fixed star in this constellation is Sharru, or Regulus, ” The Little King,” in Leo 5deg06′ which is at the end of the “Sickle.” Many men of outstanding eminence were born when the Sun was in conjunction with Regulus, such as Alexander the Great, & Napoleon I. Among others born with the Sun in regal Leo, mention may be made of: Albert, the Prince Consort, King Baudouin, Sir Roger Casement, Emperor Claudius, Charles de Foucauld, Count d’Orsay, Madame du Barry, Emperor Frederick William I of Germany, Llewellyn George, Czar Ivan IV, Emperor Franz Josef of Austria, Emperor Karl Josef of Austria, Lavoisier, Lorenzo the Magnificent, Louis XIV the Sun King, Louis XVI, Ludwig II, Princess Margaret, Queen Elizabeth I, King Peter II, Cardinal Richelieu, Lafeyette, Crown Prince Rudolf of Austria, King William IV, Lyndon B. Johnson, William Howard Taft, Huey Long, Sir Walter Scott, Stowacki, Joann Wolfgang von Goethe, Orville Wright, T.E. Lawrence, Dorothy Parker, John Varley, D.H. Lawrence, Ingrid Bergman, Leonard Bernstein, Peter Sellers, Maurice Chevalier, Mae West,

As a class Leonians are large-hearted, liberal, generous, honorable, lordly and brave, disdaining any mean or sordid act, and averse to taking advantage of their opponent’s weakness or defeat. But they are egocentric, with a thirst for constant recognition, and is frequently offhand with money. Their prime interest is in themselves or their achievements, and they become disinterested and listless if the conversation is not about themselves or their forbearers. If the Arien be the captain of Society, the Leonian must surely be its chief ornament and centre-piece, i.e., its king. In company they identify themselves with the Olympiads, and reinforce their conversation with copious quotations from the writings of the great and mighty so as to impress others with his importance.

Generally, however, they speak with brevity, and what they say is spoken with an air of authority, dignity and finality. They entertain with true regality, though not infrequently leaving others to ‘foot the bill.’ Even the poorest scion of Leo dreams of the day when he will come into ‘his own’ and will reward all who have stood by him in his days of trial. Many natives of this constellation take an abiding interest in the study of pedigrees, heraldry, old castles, and fortifications; some of the greatest builders of palaces were born when the Sun was transiting through the constellation, Leo. They are immensely interested in architecture, generally. They lose themselves in awe when within the ‘sacred’ precincts of old ruins, ancient temples and monumental wonders of antiquity.

In matters of occupation they are attracted to all dangerous work. They have an almost fatal fascination for fire; as children they loved to play with it, much to the terror or their parents. Often they follow an occupation where fire is chiefly involved, or electricity, such as the manufacture of explosives, smelting, nuclear-fission or electro technology generally. But it is when taking the chair at some meeting, or presiding over a function that they are most at home, their names usually figuring among the lists of company directors, and the like. They excel as platform speakers.

…Sartorially, the preference is for rich and elaborate ornamentation, especially with regard to the Lady Leonians, usually attracting immediate attention when, with a flourish, they sweep into the room. When this happens, one naturally expects the trumpets to blare out a fanfare. The ‘Sun King’ and builder of the Palace at Versailles, Louis XIV, is a superb example of the Leonine signature. An absolute monarch and one of France’s greatest, he was born under the rising of Libra, with the Sun in the constellation of the “lion” in the 10th house, and the Moon in Cancer in the 9th house, both luminaries being in their dignities. Typically enough, surmounting his gilded throne, is a colossal representation of the Sun, shooting forth rays of glory in all directions.

Fagan (Symbolism)

Those who have the Moon in the constellation Leo at birth are noted for the strength and dynamic force of their personalities. Seeming to overawe and ‘cow’ wherever they go, it is generally found that others make way for them. Although the center of attention, they are fully self-contained, and seem to fill the picture. Demanding attention, they immediately get it. Seldom can they be pushed aside. When they talk others listen and make obeisance.

Often in their rather sweeping statements and tendency to generalize, they strike terror into the hearts of their listeners, and they appear to talk as from the rostrum. Rigidity is noted in all their actions. Rarely can they be soft or sybaritic. Always one is conscious of a certain ‘bigness’ about them. To converse with them is seldom easy or simple; they are too prone to judge prematurely, condemn, exaggerate or castigate, and their prejudices are pronounced.


The nobility and idealism which modern writers have attributed to tropical Leo is noticeably absent from these accounts. This may be because the standard of behavior in the modern western democracies is higher than it used to be under the Roman Empire. Tropical Leo used to sound like a good figurehead, a painted king of beasts who has forgotten his beastliness in the effort to be kingly. Sidereal Leo is no mere painted lion; he enjoys throwing his weight about, is often imperious, and in speech and writing is sometimes long-winded and pompous.

He has however, great capacity for work and is the typical general who can endure all the sufferings of his men–which Aries would not want to do. His fiery temperament carries him on in the face of whatever risk, he despises slovenliness and weakness, but in spite of the traditional connection with the heart he is often too much the man of action to be outstandingly affectionate. He is reliable, not afraid to take decisions and abide by them.

But his idealism is genuine. As will appear in the Appendix, Leo is the most religious of the constellations, at any rate among Protestants. This must be because his ruler is the Sun, the most obvious divine symbol in the whole of creation; and this gives him a real desire to bring the divine inspiration into expression in himself. The correlative vice is found in the less imaginative type of Leo, who fails to make allowances for others because he is too conscious of his own inner drive to feel the reality of theirs.

The contrast between Leo and Cancer is instructive. Cancer succeeds by playing up to the situation nd the public, Leo by imposing himself upon it. Thus many famous Leonians owe their eminence less to their talent than to the force of personality. A good example of this is Dr. Johnson, who was born early in the day with the Sun in Virgo (the right constellation for a dictionary-maker), but with Leo on the Ascendant.

Like persons born strongly under the Sun, Leonians have large ideas, sometimes too large. Having much faith in themselves, they turn up as presidents, prime ministers, chairmen, managers, heads of departments and industrial bosses. Unlike Gemini, they take these positions entirely seriously, not just as a gorgeous game. Their choice of friends is often not uninfluenced by snobbery or ambition. They are not as rule good judges of character because they are somewhat insensitive and too complacent about their own beliefs; hence they can be imposed on. Most of them are physically robust, and tend to the vices of extravagance, unimaginativeness and ostentation. As acts of kindness they prefer to do deeds with a flavor of patronage, and within the limits of a taste, which is usually conventional, they like bright colors, large jewels and massive displays.

The most famous of all Leonians was Louis XIV, the ‘sun king ‘ who made the remark “L’etat, c’est moi. In the tropical zodiac he is supposed to be under Virgo, which is very had to believe! Napoleon and Alexander the Great were typical Leos, and Henry VIII, judging by his appearance, probably had this constellation rising, although, of the two horoscopes known of him, Gadbury gives an hour of birth a little too late for this, Cardan and Gauric a little too early. But although Leo is the type men choose for a king or president–the only American president to be twice re-elected had Leo rising–yet he is not always successful because he overrules others too often and too unthinkingly. This fault cost Charles I his throne, and was very obvious in the South African premier Verwoerd.

Luther, like Churchill, was Leo plus Scorpio, and this combination of constellations is the most indomitable of any, because its native never think it too much trouble to go on fighting. Time therefore is always on their side. And since people prefer authors who are born under the same sign as themselves, it is not surprising that Churchill in 1940 quoted Henley to the people of Britain.

Since the Sun is the center of life, it is perhaps rather difficult for Leo to understand death. He cannot merely accept it, as Taurus does, nor take it in his stride like Scorpio and Capricorn. The dark does not seem quite natural to the children of light, hence the poignancy of some of the poems of Housman and Sassoon, of Les Fleurs du Mal and The Ballad of Reading Gaol. Indeed Oscar Wilde was another of the most highly typical Leonians. Having the Moon in Cancer he never ceased to play to the gallery, and his Sun was on the borders of Virgo and Libra, combining the influences of Mercury and Venus, which are necessary to art; but with Leo rising he, wherever he went, was the center of the circle.

Sidereal Leo In Depth

Radiant you alternating between absolute self-confidence and abject insecurity, the world surely is a much better place with you in it. You are a world bearing being unto yourself. Those who are allowed to know you well understand this. Respect is the very substance of your being.

Your importance cannot be estimated. Any individual or thing gains in importance simply by gaining your attention. At your best you take up a great and worthy work at the center of many and for the good of all. Thus you enjoy all the good in life without guilt or self-doubt.

Your reputation precedes you everywhere and many people you will never know discuss your every move. You like to hold gatherings and surround yourself with interesting creative gifted and witty people. You also insist on being invited to the main event. Celebrity comes naturally although you might disdain it if you can’t have it on your terms. There are many things in life that are just quite simply and naturally beneath you.

You notice everything but choose to overlook a lot of what you see. Those things you overlook have a way of coming back to irritate or embarrass you. The day you stop overlooking and start overseeing and in turn directing is the day your life takes a big turn for the better.

The people around you are expecting you to lead, and are even disappointed if you don’t. The main thing is to overcome the mere feeling of self importance and actually become actively and functionally important. You have terrific energy and can accomplish more in a day than most people in a week. You also have an absolute genius for getting people to do things for you. If inclined towards business or corporate life you are unstoppable and can build a personal empire with an ease that often causes those less gifted to cry foul.

Your innate sense of entitlement and freedom from guilt makes you a natural entrepreneur. Much as you demand wealth it is never only the money you are after, it is the glory and the admiration of your few peers. When offended you can be extremely vindictive, and arrange some legal form of revenge but you usually relent before carrying it out. You disdain the petty the mean and the small minded. You believe in fair play and never try to keep anyone down. In fact you always challenge those around you to do their best. That rare one can appear who is a marvel of intelligent efficiency and loyalty. That one is your protégé.

You love natural surroundings and wilderness areas. Horses and dogs are often important to you. And you can mourn the passing of a beloved creature as if it were a real member of the family. Leo’s have been known to keep a Lion as a pet.

In love you are devoted passionate and deeply sensual reveling in every detail of the love affair. You can be extremely generous and almost sickeningly doting towards the object of your affections. Rhapsodic music and extravagant outbursts of passion are the order of the day. Extravagant gifts the best seats in the theatre, that special private table in the exclusive restaurant.

You may entertain doubts about whom or what god is but you don’t doubt that there is a supreme being. You can be profoundly religious and devoted to the external trappings of your religion. The architecture of cathedrals and temples appeal to you, and you will design or contribute to their construction. You are sure if there is a god/dess that it is aware of you.


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