AUTHOR’S NOTE: These are not my words. I merely compiled the writings of the most prominent sidereal astrologers, all who give a thorough explanation of the signs as they really are. The works of Cyril Fagan, Rupert Gleadow, and Alex-Blaire are hardly known to the world. They deserve to have their voices heard. Their writing is invaluable to any serious student of astrology.

Manilius, ASTRONOMICA book 4

The Ram, who is rich with an abundance of fleecy wool and, when shorn of this, with a fresh supply, will ever cherish hopes; he will rise from the sudden shipwreck of his affairs to abundant wealth only to meet with a fall, and his desires will lead him to disaster; he will yield his produce for the common benefit, the fleece which by a thousand crafts gives birth to different forms of gain, now workers pile into heaps the undressed wool, now card it, now draw it into a tenuous thread, now weave the threads to form webs, and now they buy and sell for gain garments of every kind; no nation could dispense with these, even without indulgence in luxury. So important is this work that Pallas herself has claimed it for her own hands, of which she has judged it worthy, and deems her victory over Arachne a token of her greatness.

These are the callings and allied crafts that the Ram will decree for those born under his sign: in an anxious breast he will fashion a diffident heart that ever yearns to commend itself by its own praise. When the Ram emerges above the surface of the waves (rising) and the curve of his neck appears before his horns, he will give birth to hearts that are never content with what is theirs; he will engender minds bent on plunder and will banish all sense of shame: such is their desire for venture.

Even thus does the ram himself rush forth with lowered horns, resolved to win or die. Not for them the gentle ease of a fixed abode with none but peaceful cares; it is ever their delight to travel through unknown cities, to explore uncharted seas, and enjoy the whole world’s hospitality. The Ram himself gives you evidence of this: once furrowing a trail through the glassy sea, he tinged it with the gold of his fleece, when on his back he carried Phrixus, bereft of his sister (Helle) by fate’s decree, and brought him to the banks of the Phasis and to Colchis

SUN IN ARIES: Apr 16 – May 14

Aries, the last of the twelve zodiacal constellations, is aptly depicted on ancient Egyptian star maps as a reposing ram… We find that on the zodiac in the Ptolemaic Temple of Khnum at Essneh (September 26, 137 B.C.) and on the two zodiacs in the Temples of Hathor and Osiris at Denderah (April 17, A.D. 17), Aries is represented by a “ram couchant,” that is, in a state of repose or sleep with Aten, the disc of the Sun, above him. It is the only zodiacal constellation so represented, and in Egyptian symbolism, signified sunset, thus identifying Aries with the descendant or cusp of the 7th house…

As to the dominion of the 7th House, the Arabian astrologers, Aedila, Alcabitius, and Morbecca, as well as all the noteworthy medieval writers, concur that it is the house of war, battle, strife, enmity, duels, encounters with thieves, lawsuits, pleas fines, and all contentions; oppositions, contrariness, and things opposed, agreeing with the influence of warlike Aries. But since the Greeks, astrologically speaking ‘turned the zodiac upside-down,’ putting Libra on the cusp of the 7th house, the latter has become the house of marriage, unions, partner in marriage, because the rule of Libra is Venus. This is just one instance of the many glaring contradictions abounding in astrology which must be resolved by astrologers before any real headway can be made in the science – if science it is!…

The characters of those who have the SUN IN ARIES at birth will naturally bear the influence of its diurnal ruler Mars, and the Sun which is exalted in the 19th degree. (Schematicism suggests that Pluto is its true ruler.) It is common knowledge among astrologers that combinations of those two positive bodies produce the most aggressive and dominant of all characters. Mars bestows a lust for power, force, violence and conquest, whereas the Sun when illuminating the angles (ego) makes for ambition and gives a craving for recognition, supremacy, fame and leadership, and a yearning to occupy the most exalted position in the state.

In short, Aries typifies the director, boss, manager, captain, governor, overseer, foreman, shop-steward, sergeant-major and, in general, all those who exercise a position of authority or command over others. In the sphere of power politics, the Arien is in his element. Many of the world’s outstanding dictators, protectors, autocrats, tyrants and despots of history will be found to have the Sun in his sidereal Aries at birth. However, few or none has been found to have it in the purely tropical Aries, Prince Bismarck being a notable exception. Restive is the Arien who is subservient to another.

As the Sun, symbol of the ego, is exalted in this constellation, natives are, generally speaking, egocentric, proud, imperious, intolerant of rivalry or competition, and they will seldom or ever admit a mistake. Highly censorious of their fellow human beings, they resent the slightest criticism of themselves, and, although they may forgive, they will never forget an injury, and all too infrequently seek to avenge it sooner or later; like the other two fiery signs, they are as proud as Lucifer himself.

The word ‘humility’ will not be found in their lexicon. In their climb to power, some will ruthlessly liquidate anyone who stands in their way. Such undeveloped Ariens put ‘self’ first and foremost and not a few become megalomaniacs. On the other hand, when compassion puts self-interest to flight, this constellation can produce a Buddha – the flower of humanity.

So Aries holds enormous potentialities for good and evil, all dependent on how far the intelligence of the individual is unrestricted. But the undeveloped Arien is an idealist, and it is in the pursuit of an ideal – which is merely an idea – that terrible havoc can be wrought, for all ideals are an escape from reality. The present world chaos is the result of conflicting ideologists. Tending to hold extreme views on life, and for the most part unencumbered with sentiment, the diehards among the Ariens can readily produce to their own satisfaction, panaceas for all human ills.

Not a few of them are of the opinion that many sociological problems can be solved at a stroke, to the betterment of the race, if the insane, incurable, aged and criminal class, generally, were painlessly exterminated.

The average Arien is dictatorial, brusque in speech, obstinate and domineering, but withal, fitfully lazy, and, as suits is symbol of the reposing ram, he finds it difficult to bestir himself from bed in the morning. Indeed, much of his vacation is spent between the sheets. Ariens dislike all manual work and like to be waited on, hand and foot. They are not particularly dextrous with tools, nor do they like being in the kitchen, and, in the company of those who are physically, socially or intellectually their superior, they are ill at ease. They have a horror of betraying their ignorance to other people. For this reason, they chose as their companions, those less favorably placed in these respects.

The militarism of Aries is different from that of Scorpio, being more akin to the influence of Pluto, which leads one to surmise that Pluto – and not Mars is the true ruler of this constellation. Whilst the Scorpion will lead his men into the teeth of the battle, regardless of personal risk, the Arien, who is terrified of death or physical injury, prefers to direct operations from a safe distance behind the lines, well protected in an armored train, and with an air umbrella overhead.

Unless the Sun is afflicted by the malefics, the Arien will be found to be scrupulously honest in all his financial dealings, and he expects the same high fidelity from others. Having a horror of debt, he meets all his fiscal obligations promptly and, as far as possible, avoids running up accounts. Thrifty by nature, and inclined to save, nevertheless, when the mood seizes him, can be quite lavish in expenditure. But, should he think he has been cheated, even by only a trivial amount, his indignation knows no bounds. In all business transactions, he is motivated by a marked sense of fair play; he also expects other to meet him on the same level.

Scroungers, exploiters, confidence tricksters, and beggars are anathema to him, yet only too frequently he falls foul of their artful meshes. Punctual in all his assignments, he is highly impatient when obliged to wait for others. When in reduced circumstances, he is usually too proud to seek assistance of charity, preferring to be poor and independent than rich and subservient to others.

Among those born with the Sun in Aries, mention may be made of the following: Catherine De Medici, Adolf Hitler, Catherine The Great Of Russia, Oliver Cromwell, Rudolf Hess, Ulysses S. Grant, Saddam Hussien, Machiavelli, Lenin, Karl Marx, Robespierre, Vladimir Zhirinousky, Napoleon, Napoleon Iii, Charlemagne, Tito, Rudolph Hess, Hirohito Of Japan, Mahomet, Henri II, Earl of Rochester, Admiral von Raeder, Petain, Phillip III, Harry (Give ‘Em Hell!) Truman, Queen Juliana, Queen Elizabeth II, Alexander II of Russia, General Boulanger, Ribbentrop, Earl of Stafford, Dr. Benes, Louis XI, Edward II, Joe Lewis, Sugar Ray Robinson, Willie Mays, Florence Nightingale, Anatole France, Ovid, Leonardi da Vinci, Marconi, William Harvey, Freud, Charlie Chaplin, Teilhard de Chardin, Krishnamurti, Brahms, Dali, Raphael, Ella Fitzgerald, Bing Crosby, Fred Astaire, Peter Ustinov, Audrey Hepburn, Barbra Streisand, Shirley Maclane, Julie Christy, Henry James, J. P. Morgan.

(Fagan, Symbolism)

Signifying the soft, sensuous, meek, timid, yielding, tender, diffident and effeminate elements in human nature, the Moon acquires a certain strength and alacrity of disposition when in Aries; a sign not otherwise congenial to her supine inclination. Therein she is, erotically, easily and quickly excited, and impatient for immediate gratification, and which is, moreover rarely protracted. In both the sexes, her activity in this connection is, even in the course of a single day, quite phenomenal… those who have the Moon therein find it usually difficult to be faithful, and, if the Moon be angular, they tend to succumb easily to temptation, without any apparent show of resistance.

…Always occupied, they rarely relax or take a rest. The advancing years still find them useful members of the community. But in extreme cases, they maybe found to be a little too restless, tending in some cases, to want to change their residence at the slightest whim, an often several times in the course of the year! In company, they find it hard to sit still, jumping up every few minutes to be of some service or other, and as youngsters, they are inclined to squirm so much in bed, that the condition of the bed-clothes in the morning presents a sorry sight.

When occupied, they give their complete attention to the work in hand, resisting all distractions. In the face of domestic or other tragedy, they prefer, there and then, to do something practical, rather than give vent to useless sentiment. It is for this reason that they are often unjustly accused of being unsympathetic. Their vivid imagination works overtime and always fears the worst, so that when the children do not return home from school punctually the distracted Moon-in-Aries parent will go out immediately, without prior consideration, to seek them.


On the whole, then, the character of ARIES is derived…from the rulership of Mars, but not very much from the symbol of the Ram. This is the sign of the dictator, the most political of the constellations, often full of energy and decision, with a strong and at times overbearing personality, sometimes generous and unreliable, capriciously changing and yet thinking it was right all the time.

The Arien enjoys wielding power and imposing his will, and expects to be waited on. Often he suffers from pride, but this vice has its correlative virtue, for he hates to be under an obligation. This makes him extremely scrupulous over money, occasionally too much so; he is not extravagant and always repays a debt. On the other hand no one has ever helped him to his present position; he likes to think he is completely self-sufficient and independent, so he only adopts other people’s ideas when he can take credit for them.

Similarly, he does not forgive those who have obstructed his path. No constellation is so unaware of the feelings of others, none more persistently mistakes obstinacy (a defensive weakness) for strength of character, and he even tries at time to enhance his importance by being contrary. Not for nothing is Aries opposite to Libra, the sign of harmonious relation and compromise.

Present-day astrologers seem to find this the most difficult of all constellations to praise; yet it is hard to believe that its natives are any more unpleasant than any others, although its virtues are more apparent under difficulties than in time of peace. It has great resistance to tyranny and will stand up bravely for its rights…. it may be lazy and unprogressive in its ideas. It can appear strong- willed, but this only means, with most people, to be in the grip of an inner urge, the so-called will being only the dominant desire. Aries often imagines there is some merit in getting one’s own way, whereas the more one does so, the more public blunders does one make. Hitler was an example.

In manner the Arien is straightforward and direct; he calls a spade by its name, is very punctual, hates to be kept waiting and yet is said to be bad at early rising. Being restless and impatient he is not well suited to scientific or administrative work, and may fail in marriage through lack of imagination or not making allowances. But he is generous to his friends and gives himself fully to any cause that he undertakes, not suffering much from indecision.

Of the famous characters by far the largest number are dominant political personalities. St. Francis Xavier has been included with these because converting people is a political rather than a religious activity; the main object is usually to extend ecclesiastical authority. Of the artists Charlotte Bronte is the most typical, for the defiant manner of her poems; she exemplifies how the Arien is true to himself and to his inspiration–as of course everyone should be.

Charlie Chaplin is another good example of this; he had enormous difficulty to establish himself. Like Freud, Brahms and some of the others, Dealcroix was an innovator who laid the foundations of impressionism, and though at the moment not quite so famous yet a far great painter than Dali, who might be thought to be merely putting his personality over.

One of the most amusing examples of Aries is Florence Nightingale (born 12 May 1820), who spent half her life in bed, just as Aries is represented lying down, and yet contrived to make such a nuisance of herself that she achieved a place in history as a great innovator. The curious thing is that Aries, metaphorically speaking, does not take things lying down. One of the most important Ariens was Macchiavelli, who worked out the theory of how a ruler should control the state to his own advantage–but without meaning (as people so often suppose) that authoritarianism is either desirable or inevitable. He showed how the thing should be done, if it must be done. Hitler and Lenin were his scholars, Ariens both.

Sidereal Aries In Depth

Being born in Sidereal Aries you are an essentially positive restless and idealistic character. Always ready to move on to the next thing you display a degree of energy and drive that fills your life with considerable excitement. Your super abundant energy is the envy of your friends and enemies alike. You despise everything common ordinary and mediocre. Life is an opportunity to explore new possibilities to pioneer something new and excel in it.

When young your instincts may encourage you to enter athletics police work or the military. You can easily rise to the top of these or any chosen trade or profession that requires real stamina, drive and determination. You will find the dull routine and boring side of any occupations hard to bear and will in all probability be found bucking the system and trying to change the way things are done, for the better.

You are formidable in any fight or argument and will stand your ground under the severest fire. Intellectual Aries are found at the top of large organizations and institutions. Where they can be heard saying things like “Life is war”.

You often smile somewhat mischievously when you say things like this.
No matter what your current life circumstances may be, you think big and free. If your impatience with the system gets the better of you then you will be found self employed with a valuable skill, or running your own business. In love you are super idealistic and romantic with exceptionally strong passions and capacity for physical intimacy. You like a partner that you can do things with and you like to conspire to conquer the world together. Spiritual life is important to you provided it does not involve anything vague tricky or unsure.

Your spiritual inclinations are idealistic and demanding of certainty. You need to be able to easily defend your spiritual convictions in a debate. There is some danger of fanaticism and a tendency to push your views on others. Also you may embrace a belief system simply because it is revolutionary. You can be seduced by political and spiritual ideologies that promise to save the world. With the Sun exalted in your chart you are determined to change the world, if Mars is also exalted or well positioned you might just succeed.

It is in your fate to see many of the things you aspire to and try to achieve either not measure up to your expectations or unravel altogether. In consternation and despair you will see those around you choose the ordinary, the safe and boringly secure. You will feel betrayed by their lack of faith and vision. But nothing will stop you from aspiring to the ideal and trying to change the world for the better.

The fiery Idealism of Aries is its central strength and also source of its Undoing. As ruler of the Archetypal 12th Star House Aries the exaltation of the Sun quickens all who enter it into a more intensified life. Mars in Aries is highly active impatient and intent upon getting things done as quickly as possible.

The true Idealist is naturally able to understand how any situation, way of doing things, or institution, can be improved and made more ideal. Any Planet that is positioned in or passing through the 12th house is subjected to a highly intense process of transformation. Anything that is not Ideal in that planets natal make up or its aspects will become ‘undone’ in the 12th Star House. Surely this is a good thing.

The deep impulse and demand that life obey an Ideal vision escalates and quickens the karmic process that we find unfolding in the 6th Archetypal Starhouse Libra. The Cardinal-focused action-Starhouses Aries 12th Cancer 3rd Libra 6th and Capricorn 9th are all Cadent Starhouses which is to say that here is where the end results of karmic processes appear for good or ill depending on the kind and quality of that karma. Anything that is not attuned to the Sun, which is to say the Higher Self, is quickened and purified in the Ideal Cardinal Fire of Aries.

Aries and the 12th Starhouse is without a doubt the detriment of Venus-Mercury in the sense that this twofold Planet is consumed and transformed at such fiery intensity that the Native is obliged to act first and think later in all situations. Where the Venus side is influenced by Aries the Native is highly romantic, passionate, impulsive, idealistic and usually lacking all forethought and prudence in their romantic affairs. These events unfold in such a way as to convince the Native that they are fated to them. These ardent feelings in the chart of an Artist will inspire the most wonderful creations. Where the Mercury side of the twofold Mercury-Venus planet is uppermost in Aries the Native will be highly aggressive if limited intellectually.

MARS, means you seize the initiative. Energy is up and a search for adventure ensues. You are brash, rash, and rush in where angels fear to tread. You are ready to participate in the life around you, and you have an eagle eye out for your own interests. Any provocation you offer may be returned in kind, so do be careful what you do and say. You are intolerant of other’s foibles. Emotionally you can be high strung, irritable, testy. Something or someone may really get you angry, since you are laboring under the stress of a short temper and feel the need to let off steam.
Exercise, movement and flexing your muscles both figuratively and literally in constructive ways is called for.

Take action on previously planned projects, sports, or any activity that gets you moving, but be careful not to burn yourself out. Caution with tools or machinery is needed as tenseness or nervousness can make you careless at just the wrong moment. The connection between Mars and machines is acutely illustrated in the phenomenon of “Road Rage”. With Mars, your reaction to affairs can get irritating and perhaps a bit explosive. Great physical activity is indicated, expressed in housecleaning, furniture moving, painting, extensive home repairs, and other heavy household jobs. Relations with parents or a spouse can be quite tense.

Guard against outbursts of impatience, temper and emotional agitation. Because Martian mishaps are usually the result of “too much, too fast” on the part of the individual concerned, try to slow yourself down in order to avoid them. Mars can precipitate clashes that could lead to break-ups or temporary separations, brought about in the heat of anger rather than through considered reasoning… Another usual form of Martian expression is through possible attacks from germs, e.g., virus, cold, fever, etc., or even pests from the insect world. Mars often manages to get your adrenalin flowing in a big way. Mars calls for action, excitement, aggression, and you are usually presented with circumstance to fill the bill, or you present the reaction and change the circumstance.


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