AUTHOR’S NOTE: These are not my words. I merely compiled the writings of the most prominent sidereal astrologers, all who give a thorough explanation of the signs as they really are. The works of Cyril Fagan, Rupert Gleadow, and Alex-Blaire are hardly known to the world. They deserve to have their voices heard. Their writing is invaluable to any serious student of astrology.

Manilius, ASTRONOMICA book 4

The youthful Waterman, who from upturned pot pours forth his stream, likewise bestows skills which have affinity with himself: how to divine springs under the ground and conduct them above, to transform the flow of water so as to spray the very stars, to mock the sea with man-made shores at the bidding of luxury, to construct different types of artificial lakes and rivers,” and to support aloft for domestic use streams that come from afar. Beneath this sign there dwell a thousand crafts regulated by water. Why, water will even set in motion the face of heaven and the starry habitations, and will cause the skies to move in a novel rotation. Never will the sons of Aquarius grow tired of the works which come in the wake of water and follow springs. They who issue from this sign are a gentle sort and a lovable breed, and no meanness of heart is theirs; they are prone to suffer losses; and of riches they have neither need nor surfeit. Even thus doth the urn’s stream flow.

SUN IN AQUARIUS: Feb 13 – Mar 14

Traditionally, Aquarius was said to be Saturn’s nocturnal house, and Neptune is exalted, or in its throne in 18 degrees. The characters of those born with the Sun in Aquarius seem more akin to the influence of Uranus than Saturn. In every phase of human endeavor and emotion, Uranus denotes all that is new, fresh, different, wayward, deviated and off the beaten track. The well-known Aquarian genius for inventiveness springs from laziness. Hating to be disturbed from his preoccupation, the scion of Aquarius endeavors to invent all sorts of laborsaving devices that will enable him to quickly get back to his pleasures. The Aquarian is addicted to putting the essential chores off, and then at the very last moment everything is done with much rush and bustle.

To obviate the necessity of tiresome and unnecessary movement, the Aquarian will surround himself with those appliances that are in constant use, keeping reference books and the like within arm’s length. Being creatures of habit, and as it is not convenient when on vacation or when traveling to have all their conveniences around them, they prefer to remain at home. Notwithstanding their reluctance to be disturbed… a considerable amount of traveling can enter the life for one reason or another…

The average Aquarian is serious minded, sensitive and sympathetic. He will listen to any tale of woe with rapt attention and will offer any help or assistance he can, treating everybody as his equal. He takes an abiding interest in the everyday life and is always ready to assist with his advice and skill. He is soft-spoken, affable, apologetic, humorous, well-informed, and is not adverse to helping in the kitchen, garden, or house generally… he is capable without any great effort of pacifying the hysterical, the excited, and the insane, and of evoking reason in them. Always sensible, he is rarely sentimental, effusive or reckless. Even when not richly endowed mentally, he proves most useful with his deft fingers, and has a keen eye to the fitness of things.

Unlike Capricorn, he tends to be longwinded, and his letters, frequently literary masterpieces, are often ponderous, long and involved. This is probably due to Neptune’s exaltation in the constellation. When given to fits of self-pity, which are not infrequent, his letters make plaintive and depressing reading. But unlike his opposite Leo, he is totally devoid of pose and affectation, and will associate with the lowest in the social scale as an equal; paying little or no attention to his appearance, he is unconcerned as to his effect on people. He is the least egoistic of the zodiacal constellations. As the barriers of religious, caste and color have little meaning for the Aquarian, he will often marry one of another race, color or of a different religious persuasion.

His interests cover almost every conceivable subject. Whatever grips his attention he approaches in a new and truly experimental manner, free of the incubus of the past; and he leaves it wholly transformed by the magic of his genius. In science, mathematics, astronomy, biology, medicine, philosophy, and the arts, the scions of Aquarius have won immortality and acclaim. In the Management of big business concerns and like ventures, the Aquarian is in his element, proving to be highly competent and capable. Keeping an eye on his inferiors and being cognizant of their capabilities and weaknesses, he knows how to get the maximum productivity from them, always spurring them on to greater effort. To his superiors he is invariably courteous, respectful and even obsequious and sometimes artfully flattering.

In about 2377 A.D., the vernal equinoctial point will have retrograded into the 30th degree of the constellation Aquarius, when the time known as THE AQUARIAN AGE will technically commence.

The following are representative of Aquarius: Emperor Hadrian, Copernicus (“Nevertheless, it does move!”), Galileo, Tycho Brahe, Le Verrier, Flammarion, Simon Newcomb, Karl Schock, Thomas Edison, Bell, Charles Darwin, Francis Galton, Henry Burton, Dr. Gall, Emile Coue, Cardinal Newman, Schopenhauer, Rudolf Steiner, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Marlowe, Victor Hugo, Longfellow, W. H. Auden, and Vaslav Nijinsky, John Barrymore, Kim Novak, Eileen Farrell, Rex Harrison, Elizabeth Taylor, Edward Albee, Harry Belafonte, Enrico Caruso, Handel, Chopin, Michelangelo, Renoir.

Fagan (Symbolism)

Deviation of the sexual impulse seems to be the most marked characteristic, when the Moon is in the constellation Aquarius, even to the extent of a complete physical change of sex, which is more common in the East than elsewhere. The attractions are wide and considerably varied, and rarely do they conform to normal expectations. Sometimes, the attraction is to woman many years older; and just as frequently the other way round.

There is always something unusual about the mating instinct and the chosen menage. Even in everyday life, those who have the Moon-in-Aquarius tend to be peculiar and difficult to pigeonhole. Frequently self-made men and women, their tastes verge on the peculiar and their imagination inclines to the fantastic or bizarre. They prefer to mingle with ordinary folk, shunning the society of those of their own status, adopting ordinary dress and avoiding publicity. Not a few have married morganatically or consorted with those of humble birth.


AQUARIUS being the sign of the scientist, one sees from this what the scientific temperament was like before science was invented; there is more than a touch of the absentminded professor, who cannot manage a wife and family, although he is much respected for his intelligence.

The vices of Aquarius are not many. He is misunderstood through being insufficiently expressive; he trusts to time and truth to explain themselves, but they are rarely in any hurry. He may also be insufficiently expressive of love. But his virtues include honesty and patience, he takes people and things quite seriously for what they are, without being impressed by pomp and other extraneous considerations. Equally he does not take advantage of his position to impress others.

Aquarius has certain things in common with Capricorn, namely patience, honesty, scrupulousness, and interest in profound thought and a sense of his own weakness compared to others… On the other hand, where Capricorn is like a crystal, Aquarius is like a great crumbling rock; he seems massy and solid and may look it physically, but in fact is easily hurt… sometimes absurdly touchy, but since he does not readily express his feelings one never discovers this until too late.

For the same two reasons, Aquarius is not very good at human relations… Aquarius is touchy, hates to be criticized, weeps easily and tends to nurse grievances. Aquarius is timid, even if not shy, hesitates to commit himself. Though his outlook is in theory broad and impersonal, he is sympathetic to tales of distress in others and will do what he can to help. He ignores barriers of class or race, but does not much care for social life; he neither talks nor smiles easily, and often takes time to express himself, speaking slowly as he gropes for his ideas; so his style can be rather involved.

He is kind, generous, considerate and truthful, but a little slow off the mark. Because the opposite of Leo he is averse from swaggering or extravagance of any kind; his manner is unaffected, he dresses quietly, talks in a gentle voice and is not in the least impressed by grandeur or officialdom. He acts calmly even if radically.

He is often interested in ideas, absorbs them readily, or at least is a great reader. No sign has more inventive genius or scientific ability; he is interested in how things work and how they are made, for like Capricorn, he is intrigued by the mystery of creation and destruction, but… he is more often agnostic than religious. This is the scientific constellation, but that does not prove it to be ruled by Uranus, for forceful and dramatic action in the Uranian style is not much practiced by Aquarians. They are not violent doers, but somewhat reserved, with more humor than they are given credit for, and not infrequently a little apologetic.

Sidereal Aquarius In Depth

Aquarius is the waterman, who stands on high pouring the Etheric “waters” of life into the growing body of humanity. Aquarius is the archetype of the perfected human being, whose nation is Universal Humanity, without distinction of race, creed, sex, status or color.

In the 7th starhouse we discover our experience of other individual beings, through the various states of mutual or antagonistic desire, creating thereby an astral climate into which the yet-to-be-born freely play. The yet-to-be-born are involved in this way with the archetypal triangle and constantly seek to attune the world to their entry into it. The archetypal triangle is in this way manifest in its microcosmic aspect.

The yet-to-be-born, as beings, are overwhelmed by an erotic desire to manifest themselves in the world of physical sensation. The man and woman in the 7th starhouse experience this as yet “invisible” third point in the triangle as a profound desire for each other. Birth, being this overwhelming need for corporeal existence, is indeed a fall out of the spiritual world – with the result that the man and woman fall in love. The love began in the 5th starhouse, receiving there all the higher grace-filled perfection of a romantic mystical longing to consummate the original Osiris and Isis and to bring into creative manifestation the new Osiris and Isis, who are able to love straight through into eternity.

No state on Earth is more hope-filled and ardently creative than this “being in love” that would take all humanity to heaven with it, if it only could. But unfortunately – and by the mysterious impersonal will of the Solar Logos – lovers and the world are in the cycle of rebirths under the Law of Karma, and so before their love can manifest fully in the world it must pass through the total content of the 6th starhouse. In this context we may observe that the 6th rules Karmic relations that must be “worked” upon in this lifetime – in other words “the path of true love never runs smoothly”. Should the mutual love be greater than the activated 6th starhouse content, then all goes well.

The third factor is, of course, the yet-to-be-born, who, at this stage, having joined itself, through the grace-filled love of higher spiritual worlds, with the man and woman in the fifth, is now actively engaged in attuning its family Karma and facing the emotional, spiritual impact of the life to come. The vibration of resolve permeates all aspects of the lovers’ lives and everything between them becomes a matter of moral integrity.

The Venus-Mercury beings in the 6th embody their capacity to co-ordinate their individual lives in such a way that they are in every way more and higher human beings joined than apart and the yet-to-be-born is filled with the longing to make this new lifetime in every way better than the last.
When the resolve has reached the appropriate stage (depending upon the Karma involved) on the part of all three beings, man woman and yet-to-be-born, conception takes place.

The Karma or destiny is a twofold process in time, in as much as the human being, upon realizing itself as an individualized beings, always finds itself with a past or pre-existence and, simultaneously, with a future filled with the psychomagnetic energy of Karma yet to be fulfilled. We can see the 6th house is quite clearly the starhouse of Karmic manifestations, whereas the 8th is the starhouse of Karmic fulfillments.

The 6th is “realism” in every sense of the word; it is where we first discover ourselves as “Being” in the context of a pre-existing world. The 8th is the power and scope of where our Karma carries us to in the wide world, seeking to experience the future, tempered by whatever grain of wisdom is at our disposal. In the 7th starhouse we are the word made flesh, bound together by forces not always under our control. New worlds seek existence in shared creativity.

Every successful marriage or partnership is a force that heals and recreates the surrounding world, becoming a magnetic centre for “family” in the widest sense. The 8th starhouse is that larger shared Karmic content, hence, it also determines the partner’s resources at every level. The quality and magnitude of what may yet be created in mutual accord is determined by the success of the process begun in the 5th. In the 9th, we discover, if the union is mild, a creature of one or two lifetimes of superficial Karmic adjustment, or, if the union is intense and profound, a deep and ancient connection grounded in eternity with many lifetimes behind it, yet ever present.

Aquarian consciousness is ‘pneumatism‘, which, in this context and simply put, means the capacity to enter into conscious relationship with human beings, angels, gods and the Spiritual Sun through the perfection of the “I am” as presence in the world. Aquarius rules the Etheric, [just a simplified term for all life animating energy] the life state immediately above the mineral. A major aspect of Uranian consciousness is the formation of mutually aware etheric relationships. Mankind as the Solar Logos, who is the full perfection of the macrocosmic “I am”, or archetypal human, in the etheric that we meet the being knows it.

In the past, an exemplary 10th starhouse condition meant the sustaining of what had been realized in the beginning. It was an awareness that looked back to a golden age for guidance. Religions, such as, Hinduism, and, with modifications, Islam, have this memorial quality. Buddhism is the full realization of the importance of NOW as a central mode of man’s spiritual being. The Bodhisattvas of compassion were beings vibrant in a humanness freed from the past and unconcerned about the future.

The first phase of Christianity, with its stress upon the second coming, has imparted to humanity the faculty of being able to actively “FUTURE” and focus psychomagnetic forces upon the new. The Aquarian human being will be able to focus all three modes of time simultaneously. Such is the nature of higher mind that it is able at will to be past / present / future in any combination. The truly human being is a body of time. And so at the dawn of the age, an awareness of reincarnation and Karma flourishes in a still somewhat surprised Western World.

As we outgrow the darkling enigma of death, we enter into a transformed experience of time and, thus, gain eternity. There will soon come a time when only individuals responsible to the past, present and future will occupy any position of status or rank in society – individuals whose life work or career will embody the next stage of planetary evolution.


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