Tales from the Trenches: I was SWATed

For more details, some documentation, and advice on how to approach the police if you are worried that someone will try to SWAT you, see her post.


I’m writing this statement after 2 hours of sleep. Forgive me if I’m a little incoherent in places.

First, the timeline of events:

Last night, around 10:20 PM, I received a knock at my front door. I live in a secured building, and it’s rare that I have visitors, so it wasn’t any huge surprise to me when I opened the front door and 6 officers from the Oakland Police were standing outside.

citizen-report-1citizen-report-2 Report from January

Leo, my golden retriever, followed me to the door, so I only opened the door partially and was blocking him with my body to keep him from rushing out to make friends. One of the officers asked me if I was OK. I told him I was fine, and I immediately followed that up by asking if a SWAT threat had been called in. They confirmed this…

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