FTK Exodia (YGO World Championship 2005 Game)

rare hunter

1x Exodia
1x Left Arm
1x Left Leg
1x Right Arm
1x Right Leg
3x Sangan
3x Witch of the Black Forrest
2x Fiber Jar

3x Pot of Greed
3x Graceful Charity
3x Upstart Goblin
3x Painful Choice
3x Dark Hole
3x Premature Burial
3x Monster Reborn
2x Card Destruction
2x Thunder Crash

2x Backup Soldier

The Ghouls’ Hideout is a realm in YGO World Championship 2005 that has no restrictions on what cards you can use whatsoever. This Exodia Deck is guaranteed to destroy your opponent if not in one turn than at most two turns. How do you beat it? By getting lucky enough to go first and banish an Exodia piece in the first turn.

I have only one copy of each piece of Exodia. Having two or three copies clogs the deck very quickly, reducing its speed, making it actually harder to assemble all five pieces of Exodia in the first turn. Sangan and Witch are obviously staples here. I have one Fiber as an insurance policy if I lose Exodia’s Head. It can also be searched by Sangan and Iwtch.

I have the usual 2005 contemporary draw engines: Pot of Greed Graceful Charity, and Upstart Goblin. Painful Choice exists for two strategies. 1) Sent Exodia pieces to the Graveyard so I can return them to my hand with Backup Soldier. Backup Soldier is a trap, so I need to set it first and wait a turn, which I don’t like. Unfortunately, Dark Factory of Mass Production and Makyura the Destructor aren’t available for this game.

2) I sent copies of Sangan and Witch to the Graveyard. I revive them with Premature Burial and Monster Reborn, then kill them off with Dark Hole and Thunder Crash. This lets me search for Exodia pieces.

Card Destruction lets me easily toss away Sangans and Witches in my hand and, if necessary, Exodia pieces too. Usually I refrain from discarding Exodia pieces because I want to win on my first turn, not on my second. But I am practice enough to realize this doesn’t always happen, so I prepare myself for the chance it doesn’t.


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