Utopia (A Satire)


Great civilizations rise and fall, but they all leave a legacy behind. No legacy was perhaps greater than the Aryan Nation. It rose from the ashes of its predecessor, what was formerly known as the United States of America, prospered briefly, and finally fell. However, what the Aryan Nation left behind is an astonishing testament to human will power and social engineering. Join Dr. Maya Angelou Natumba as she examines the ruins of this once mighty civilization. This is her account:


The Lost Gilded Age: An Essay on the Aryan Nation
July 26, 2594

The mighty Aryan Nation rose from the ashes of America. While no one can know with finality the exact causes it seems that I can make a few tentative guesses. During the 21st century America declined economically on the world stage, threated by China and Russia. With America’s decline fear and superstition arose among the people, causing them to reject most forms of bureaucracy and government as well as most forms of science, philosophy, and academia. Out of this chaos rose many Leaders, each promising solutions to the world’s problems and a return to a golden age free of decadence. They all jockeyed for power. One Leader, who we only now know as the Superman, defeated the rest, as he was the most extreme in his beliefs and was most willing to make any sacrifices necessary to win.

In exploring the fascinating culture of the Aryan Nation I will follow the life of one Aryan who lived during the Nation’s golden age. Thousands of surviving records and recordings document every aspect of his life in detail. His name was Quintus Apollo Beldevire, and this is his story: Quintus was not born of a woman, but grown in an artificial womb, for the Aryans believed that any prolonged contact with a woman, let alone gestating in a womb, would lead to female contamination and decadence. Quintus’s genetic makeup was long predestined, chosen over one template over a few dozen. Differences among the templates were minor, as every Aryan was tall, well built, white, and had blond hair and blue eyes.

The fates of the Aryan people were long predestined from birth. Had Quintus been created as female, he would have been sequestered away from all society and would have lived a very different life. The lives of Aryan females will be elaborated on further. Quintus’s class was also long predestined. While all Aryan males were white with blond hair and blue eyes some were designed to be more fit and smarter than others. Thus the Aryans maintained a strict caste system. Social mobility was strictly prohibited; no matter how diligently one worked, for they believed changing social castes was decadence.

It is important to note that there were as few names as there were genetic templates. There were so few names it took a computer to identify and account for even a hundred Aryans. The Aryans solved this problem by giving their children numeric first names; the most Aryans could do to give a child a given first name. Thus many children were called “Quintus”, “Sextus”, “Septus”. The Aryans strongly condemned any conscious form of individuality, because they associated it with American liberal values and thus found it to be decadence.

Quintus was what we would today call “elite”, as he was predestined to be “upper class” and a “soldier”. Both words “average, “upper class”, and “soldier” were forbidden among the Aryans for they associated them with America’s bureaucracies, and thus they were decadent. Nevertheless, bureaucracies supported the back of the Aryan Nation. However, bureaucrats themselves did not exist, as the very thought of a bureaucrat was considered decadent. So all work involving money was given to computers instead. This gave the computers near total control of the lives of each Aryan, as the computers were rarely monitored. Just to do so was considered “bureaucratic” and thus decadence.

Typical of his caste, Quintus was put in a specialized crèche school, training him for his role as a mighty warrior from five to eighteen. In spite of the specialized differences, all schools had a common basic cultural training that was applied to each Aryan equally. Quintus was taught first and foremost the ideals of masculinity, which were closely associated with the Superman. These included values such as uprightness, truth, heroism, meritocracy, obedience, and hardness. Everything not masculine, not “good”, was feminine and therefore “bad”. Such traits included all forms of weakness, ambiguity, lies, individuality, and moral lacking. Even more important than being masculine and a Superman was avoiding being feminine and thus decadent at all costs.

Quintus was taught other basic values as a child. He was taught to hold the strictest vigilance against all form of superstition. Everything was to be seen through scientific lenses, especially through the lenses of the natural sciences. He was equally taught to avoid any form of religion, as it was considered a form of indoctrination. Furthermore, religion was associated with women and thus decadence. He was also discouraged from using most forms of technology unless absolutely necessary, for they believed technology made one weak, female, and decadent. They were fierce advocates for nature, and despised social engineering of any kind, associating it with leftist ideologies and decadence.

As a warrior and ruler, Quintus was given a lavish and full education. When he was thirteen he entered the Lyceum, where he was taught history and philosophy. Intellectual honesty, depth, and critical faculties defined a man. Thus Quintus learned mostly by memorizing quotes, aphorisms, and manifestos from great intellectuals and then reciting them back to his teachers. Adoration of all things masculine and of the Superman while condemnation of all things feminine and decadent were the positions almost unanimously held. Critiques and open-ended answers were viewed with suspicion, as were making an argument and extensively justifying it, since doing so showed doubt, ambiguity, and questioning of absolute, objective truth. Thus it was decadence.

All of their writings were in tracts stored in computers or at most laminated paper. The Aryans did not print books. Books were associated with decadent universities, which they condemned for leftist, feminist historical revisionism and destruction of the West’s culture. Thus all books were burned and almost all literature was digitally erased. The Aryans strongly advised against reading or writing for lengthy periods of time. Reading atrophied the muscles and the brain, they believed, which made one feminine. They equally condemned using the imagination too much and writing fiction, which they explicitly associated with the “modern” women of the past. “Like a modern woman in college!” was a frequent insult given to young Aryans by teachers and peers.

The Aryans taught history in the same way, by having students memorize quotes, aphorisms, and manifestos and then recite them back to the teacher. History lessons didn’t linearly begin at one time and nor follow a chain of events to another time. Rather, history was disjointed, skipping from one time and event to another. Nevertheless, I could piece together a curriculum to uncover many of their most central ideas.

In the beginning, they taught, were the Greeks. The Greeks were first and greatest civilization. – By the time Quintus arrived in the world, the Aryans did not know of the Pyramids of Giza or the Persepolis of Babylon. The Aryans destroyed both and then obliterated any memory they had of them. – The Greeks were the golden age of humanity. Literally. Their buildings and streets were paved from gold. The Greeks themselves were almost golden, for they all were tall, had blond hair and blue eyes. An average Greek could throw a javelin farther than an American Olympic champion and run faster than an American Olympic champion.

Then everything changed. From the depths of the black earth in Africa rose Hecuba the Black Jew Witch. The Aryans blame her for everything bad in the world, all forms of decadence. Originally all humans were white and male but Hecuba introduced women, blacks, Jews, Asians, and Indians in the world. Hecuba seduced a Greek and copulated with him, producing Socrates, the first black Jew transsexual. According to the Aryans this is why Socrates was so ugly. Socrates poisoned the youth of Athens, by seducing them to question their elders. Socrates was condemned to die and Hecuba slain by Perseus, but by that time it was too late. Hecuba and Socrates had together spawned hundreds of black Jew transsexuals who all infected the world.

The next great evils to emerge to threaten mankind were the Marxists, postmodernists, and feminists. The Aryans blame them for the modernity that infected America and the West. Karl Marx was a black Jew transsexual, as was Theodore Adorno. All feminists were black Jew women, or men made into to black Jew women. Out of this chaos role the last great heroes of mankind, Friedrich Nietzsche, Martin Heidegger, and Julius Evola. All had blond hair and blue eyes, and were fiercely masculine traditionalists. However, not even they could stop the feminizing decadent wave of modernity. This necessitated the rise of the Superman, who put the West in its place once and for all.

In the Theater, Quintus experienced limited exposure to art. Art was barely tolerated among the Aryans. They thought it was a necessary part of human expression, but believed it lead to softness, ambiguity, feminization, and decadence. Thus artistic subjects were extremely limited, often depicting very masculine subjects, most often the Superman, doing a great deed. Almost always the great deed was some form of conquering, banishment, or destruction of something considered feminine. Music was completely banned from the Aryan Nation because music was seen as irredeemably feminine and decadent. Aryan teachers pointed to their youth of the scores of musicians of the past. All of them, they taught, were homosexual decadents. Even great composers of the past, like Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Berlioz, Chopin, and Liszt, were derisively called “long-hairs” and considered homosexual decadents.

Along with his artistic training Quintus was sternly instructed to control his emotions. For in the creation of art, the Aryans believed one faced a grave risk in losing control over their emotions. In doing so, Quintus faced a grave risk of becoming feminized, especially with emotions such as sadness, sympathy, and self-reflection. To drive out such emotions, Quintus was instructed to let himself be taken by anger, indignation, and sternness. Humor was especially not permitted since they believed humor made them weak, soft, and “silly like a woman”. Since the Aryans had such an emotional makeup, constipation was one of their most frequent illnesses and laxatives were never in short supply.

Even worse, the Aryans thought art would lead to “originality” and “individuality”, which they condemned as not really existing and being a legacy of Western decadence. By Quintus’s time the Aryans strongly considered with doing away with art all together. They would entrust all illustrating and sculpting to computers who ran no risk of becoming feminized.

When Quintus became eighteen, he graduated and the government provided him with a house. At any time Quintus could go to the Agora and take any accessory he wanted, including women. It is at this time that the story of the Aryan Nation’s women can be told. Women had no rights at all. They were not allowed to have any form of personhood. They couldn’t even have real names. They were given what we call “pet” names or “stripper” names. Women too were considered as pet animals, not considered human, and wore a shock collar with a nametag at all times. Women weren’t even called “women”, because the Aryans thought it gave them too much person. Women were called “girls” at best.

Women were grown in artificial wombs like men, but with much more diverse genetic templates. This allowed women to come in all different races and body sizes. Do not mistake this as any sign of tolerance or diversity. Races were treated as fetishes and accessories that made a woman sexy to the Aryan who bought her. Names such as “black” or “Asian” or “Mexican-American” were not used. Such words were considered politically correct. Thus they referred to races as “nigger”, “chink”, “gook”, and “beaner”. Even “woman” was considered too politically correct. Instead women were called “girl”, “cunt”, or “cumdumpster”. The Jewish race, or “kike”, did not exist under any circumstances.

As soon as a female baby was fully grown, her voice box was surgically removed so she could not speak. She was then taken to special raising centers sequestered far away from any city or town. Aryans ran all the centers for they wouldn’t even allow a “madam” to run the place. Running these centers was a very stigmatized job, and Aryan men condemned to run them were of one of the lowest classes. When an Aryan with such a job reached thirty-five, he was executed to prevent other Aryans from becoming feminized.

Young girls’ education was extremely limited. Girls were not taught to read, write, or even basic survival skills. All of their action, they were taught, was to made in sexually pleasing a man. Thus a girl would learn first and foremost how to put on make-up, dye her hair, and learn how to please a man sexually. A woman was not allowed to leave outside an enclosed space or taught to think or do anything substantial. The Aryans believed women were born to be shallow and liars. They believed anything a woman mentally tried to comprehend would become contaminated and feminized.

When a woman became ten, she would from then on be periodically be taken to the Agora to be sold, hidden in a cell away from everyone except customers. An Aryan could then buy her. Anything “customizations” he wished in a woman had to be fulfilled. Thus it wasn’t uncommon for a woman to undergo extensive “bimbofication”, such as starvation and cosmetic surgeries to make her more desirable. Some Aryans even went as far as having women’s limbs amputated to serve their fetishes.

The Aryan who bought a woman would give her a name that was hers forever unless a different Aryan owned her. Throughout their rearing women were not allowed to wear any real clothes, at most wearing “sexy” or “stripper” clothes to be pleasing to a man. These rules were no different once a woman lived in the house. Women were kept chained in the house, usually in the Aryan’s bedroom. Kitchens did not exist in an Aryan home, since cooking was considered feminine and decadent. Women usually weren’t given any tasks to do in the home, because Aryans believed women would even mess up cooking and cleaning.

If an Aryan wounded or killed a woman, he was to pay a fine to the woman’s owner. White women with blond hair and blue eyes were considered the most beautiful and were bought the most. While buying women of different races was considered fine if an Aryan bought had sex with such a woman too many times he was in danger of being contaminated. The Aryans believed that prolonged contact with a person with a different race would rub off on them and downgrade them genetically. Even having sex with women too much was considered bad because the Aryan risked becoming feminized. Even though Aryans frequently bought more than one woman they had to be careful not to buy too many for a similar reason.

At eighteen Quintus joined the army where he was subjected to the rigid lives and regiments considered brutal even by non-soldiering Aryans. Originally, soldiers were allowed to rise above the ranks, the only exception – and a shocking one! – to Aryan society. However, by later on, even that was viewed as decadence. Army ranks were from then on fixed at birth. Quintus was unfortunately born into the lowest rank in the army, that of a foot soldier or “private”.

The Aryans were in constant war, for they believed all strife was good, no matter how destructive or how many lives were lost. Any desire for peace or aversion to warfare was seen as a sign of weakness. No matter which nation the Aryans battled, the countries in Africa, South America, or Russia, the Aryans characterized their enemy as black Jew transsexuals. What if their enemies were pale-skinned? They explained it away as them having skin diseases that made them look white. No outcome to their constant wars ever came to pass, or was even desired. No matter what truly happened on the battlefield, the Aryan Marshals and kings told their people the same narrative, “The Enemy has encroached on us and is eroding away our kingdom, and thus everything good and noble in the world. But fear not! We have begun a mighty resistance to the Enemy’s tyranny and already we are putting them on the ropes!”

Quintus’s records stop here, for he was slain in his first battle. His killer was the female resistance commander Talia the Dancer. Talia was born in the Aryan Nation as FG-1346780 with a Greek genetic template. When she was bought her Aryan owner named her “Cinnamon”. She earned her name “The Dancer” because she was often ordered to dance exotically to please her owner. Talia eventually escaped from the Aryan nation. She nearly died trying to survive in the wild but she succeeded and endured. She was one of the first women to escape the Aryan nation and she and her comrades’ secretly freed many other women. Talia kept her nickname “The Dancer”, for she made her dancing talents a genuine part of herself as a human being. She was a great dancer both in entertainment as a mighty warrior, as fast, agile, and graceful as she was deadly.

As time went by, an army of female rebels and Aryan sympathizers, ostracized by their own kin, began to develop. Men and women from other nations also began to populate their ranks. Over time, an entire nation and army of resisters grew. They were small but they were forceful, intelligent, courageous, and adaptable. Everything the Aryan Nation was not. Talia was one of the highest leaders of this small nation, a position she held until the end of the war.

At first the Aryans had a huge advantage but as the Resistors learned more about the Aryan’s battle tactics the more they were able to take advantage of the Aryan’s weaknesses. Women’s insider’s knowledge of Aryan society probably helped. Thus the Aryan’s huge initial advantage was lost very quickly, and since then it was a downward spiral.

What weaknesses did the Resistors exploit? Perhaps the largest one was how culturally and biologically stagnant the Aryans were. The Aryans were groomed to except a rigid set of intellectual ideas, social mores, and moral codes as absolute truth. The Aryans completely lacked any ability to be original or deviate from their dogma, since to do so was so vilified. This was true even on a genetic level for they were practically inbred, and thus vulnerable to diseases and biological weapons. Perhaps it was also because their thinking was so restricted in black-and-white absolutes, and false ones at that, of masculine/good and feminine/bad. Worst of all, the Aryans couldn’t learn from their mistakes, because to do so would give credence to their “black Jew transsexual” enemies. To give the slightest acknowledgment was horror and anathema to them.

Talia did not burn the Aryan nation to the ground nor did she sow salt on their fields. She learned from history of the evils of completely occupying and destroying another nation. She allowed the Aryan Nation to live as long as it did not attack the new nation of Resistors. The Resistors developed their own nation, a decent one at least. While the fledging nation was certainly not perfect it did not have the brutalities, ignorance, and ignorance the Aryans had. Each person was respected on a fundamental level as a person with dignity and the power to lead their own lives. Meanwhile, the Aryans faded out of existence. Talia and her armies didn’t destroy the Aryan Nation. The Nation died because it simply couldn’t function for too long. It’s own culture prevented it.

As I look over the ruins and records of the once great Aryan nation, I recall history’s ephemeral nature. I recall how an egotistical person can rationalize xirself into silencing their consciousness and commit heinous evils. I recall how when people are frightened in a mass and abandon reason they tread a road to greater and greater disasters. I recall that demagogues pray on the fearful and ignorant. I recall that when you dehumanize people, treat them as objects, as means rather than ends, you open the door to heinous deeds. I recall that humans live to their greatest, with truth, dignity, and happiness, when they can flower according to their own natures as long as they not infringe on another human being.


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