Yugioh BAM! Eternal Return


Since my last YGO BAM post I got the change to upgrade my deck a little. Eternal Return is the best deck I have been able to create for this game. I tried to beat my opponents in the Arena with a 50 duel winning streak. Much to my disappointment, I couldn’t. I got up to 32 wins a row but lost once. I am upset, but it does illuminate my priorities a bit. I have gotten to the point in the game where I expect multiple wins in a row and become angry at just one loss. It does speak of my skill.

3x Zombie Master
3x Curse of the Vampire
3x Vampire Gensis
3x Hieratic Seal of the Sun Dragon Overlord
3x Jinzo – Lord

The deck is extremely simple but is very effective. I decided not to play any spells because they are too easy to destroy by your opponent. Plus they don’t give you any life points by adding them in the deck. So I reasoned that my deck should only have monsters.

The deck works by using Hieratic Seal to destroy your own Curse of the Vampire and Vampire Genesis and gain 4000 LP for each DARK monster killed. Curse of the Vampire destroys your opponent’s monsters and gives you 1500 Life Points. Vampire Genesis gives you 3000 and recycles zombies in your graveyard. Hieratic Seal and Jinzo – Lord are not zombies, which is where Zombie Master comes in. Since it’s a zombie Genesis can also recycle it. And finally, Jinzo – Lord is a powerful 3000 ATK beater, which gains immunity and destroys your opponent’s spells. It also breaks the immunity of your opponent’s monsters.

The biggest nemeses this deck faces are Immunity Decks, all the more reason for Jinzo – Lord. Blackwing – Aurora the Northern Lights is the supreme immunity monster. I am able to beat this monster by getting out a Jinzo – Lord and have Curse of the Vampire destroyed, and usually I do. But I am not always so lucky. Sometimes I can’t get out Jinzo – Lord and Curse of the Vampire on time.

Every other deck falls down easily enough. Most other decks simply run out of cards to play and I outlast them. Because of Vampire Genesis and Zombie Master I can keep recycling my monsters, over and over and over again. Never was I out of monsters to play. Other Immortality decks especially suffer because Hieratic Seal gobbles them up and gives me over 10000 LP to work with. But there have been a few smart Immortality Players that gave me a hard time.


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