Blitzkrieg Dice Pool


Dungeon Dice Monsters is one of my favorite Yugioh games ever. I enjoyed playing it ever since I first bought it when I was twelve. As I write this blog I am twenty-four, so I had quite some time to work on a great dice pool. I call my dice pool Blitzkrieg, because it is heavy on warriors and focuses on low-level monsters and high speed.

3x Karbonala Warrior
3x Battle Warrior
2x Energy Disk
2x Thousand Dragon
2x Knight of Twin Swords
2x Strike Ninja
1x Explosive Disk

I usually specific script when playing with this dice pool but thankfully I can adapt if I need to. I usually summon Karbonala Warriors first because they increase the ATK of all warriors by 10. Next I usually play Battle Warriors next. They have an impressive 20 ATK and can attack flying monsters. Furthermore, when he is summoned, he adds 1 Attack Crest, so I can attack with him already. With multiple Karbonala Warriors out his ATK can go as high as 50. So we already have a Level 1 monster that can seriously damage even Level 4 monsters out there.

Energy Disk can increase the ATK of any monster that uses it by 20. Plus it has a lot of Movement Crests. In addition, Battle Warrior itself has a lot of Attack Crests, so already while we roll we ready ourselves with a lot of handy crests.

Knight of Twin Swords is the next line of attack. He has a decent 3 HP, and 20 ATK. But what makes him truly impressive is that you can use many Attack Crests to double his ATK power. His true power is revealed when he already gets a huge ATK boost from Karbonala Warrior. If his base ATK starts at 50, then you can boost him up to 100 and even 200. If Battle Warrior was rough, then Knight of Twin Swords is this dice pool’s ultimate weapon. Use 2 Attack Crests and he can plow through almost any monster your opponent may have. Use 4 Attack Crests and he kills anything.

Thousand Dragon exists to give you the necessary Attack Crests to use Knight of Twin Swords to his highest potential. In addition he has some Defense Crests and Trap Crests. He also is a very powerful Level 2 monster in his own right, with 30 ATK and 20 DEF. Knight of Twin Swords himself gives you some Attack Crests and Movement Crests. (I sometimes consider using Ryu-Kishin powered instead. He doesn’t give so many Attack Crests but he does give some Movement Crests.)

Trap Crests are the third most important crest type in my dice pool. Both Energy Disk and Thousand Dragon have them. Therefore, I use Strike Ninja as my third line of attack for the late game. Strike Ninja is incredibly fast, able to use 1 Movement Crest to move 3 spaces. He has a decent 3 HP, and he can use Trap Crests to evade any attack. Even if your opponent’s monsters are ridiculously powerful you can use guerrilla tactics, having Strike Ninja attack and then back away where your opponent can’t touch him. Or you can just have him go straight to your opponent’s Dice Master. Explosive Disk only exists to give you Movement Crests and Trap Crests to help the deck out.

The weakness of this dice pool is it hardly has any Defense Crests. Only Thousand Dragon gives you any amount. So while you have an amazing and quick ATK, your monsters are vulnerable and can be killed easily. So you must be paradoxically bold and careful at the same time.


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